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Recovery is…Getting A Bike

Recovery is…Getting A Bike

– The best benefits of
riding a bike for me, as someone who’s a client
at Connecticut Mental Health who suffers from depression, is getting to get your
mind cleared a little bit. If you have troubles at home, you escape, you forget about that. It’s got a good release. (light upbeat music) My name is Johvanni Colon, I’m a client at Connecticut Mental Health Center. I’m also a peer support. I got my bike form CMHC Bicycle Program. I really like the bike that I got. I like the frame, the way it looks. To get the bike, you first have to be a client at CMHC. And after that, you do the paperwork, it’s easy from then on. Bradley Street Co-op
had a training course, with helmet, lights, and everything. A lot of people don’t know
the laws of bike riding. There’s not that many
rules, it’s very simple. Hand signals, light signals. The course took about 20 minutes. I help other clients also,
who were trying to get their own bike. I mainly use it for
transportation for work, or anywhere where I
need transportation to. I do use it for exercise, and sometimes just to get fresh air. It’s always good for sight seeing. Sometimes, I use the bike
for grocery shopping, or if I need any necessities. It’s very easy, just
to get on the bike, and you don’t have to worry about gas. You don’t need no bus,
or Uber, or anything. You don’t feel no restraints,
when you’re on the bike. You feel healthier, you have more energy, when you’re done bike riding. And, you know, the endorphins release. And it does help with
depression, or whatever you’re going through at the moment. Not from the long run,
but at least for a moment. Everything just weighs off.

  • Beautiful video. Congratulations to Johvanni and to everyone involved in making the CMHC Cycles program amazing and magical <3

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