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Reisevlog #23 – Georgien Teil 2 / Tiflis / Arbeit für Unterkunft / Handy verloren / anders reisen

(Georgia part 2) default now we are in Saguramo a little village close to Tiblisi straight now we are in Georgia by our new hosts namely at… do you know the name? – nope! the names are a secret our hosts are called Dato and Mariam they have built themselves up on this property over years, everything themselves at the same time, they manage supervised living for young people also a kindergarten and in the next time they open to found a school the question is: how do we get this contact?! How did we get here? our colleagues from KUKUK we meet in Batumim couldn’t consider a property because the distance was too far so they ask us to go there and consider it for them do you want to look at a plot where we can build a playground? to the KUKUK yes! we drive now in Tibilisi to a potencial playground plot where KUKUK maybe wanna build a playground in the future AHHHHH – treat yourself – what?! brake is still working yes we consider this plot now and send the pictures to KUKUK. Finish Dude! Should we run over the cow or damage the car? clearly: run over the cow!!! otherwise we f*cked up bell? hello? hallo? is David here? Ahhh its you! – yes with the circus … come in the daughter from Dato and Mariam visit the waldorf school in Tibilisi so they know us and our circus truck Mariam is from Germany, Dato is from Georgia but he speaks also german so we watched the whole property and after that for Jan and me was clear we want to stay for the Christmas time here that was no problem and thats the way we came to Saguramo we will isolate the garage with Dato as compensation that we can stay here dam clear out and so on and they are happy about our support thats also cool for us because we have a home we install now the oven in our new home tinker, so we have it warm now we live in Saguramo but we commute every day to Tbilisi to meet our people but above all we do circus with the upper school students in the waldorf school the last few days we stay in Datos home in Saguramo and as compensation that we stay here we isolated the roof with him that means we put cotton in the space between the gable and close it with rigips what’s left to do now is this side caulk Plates and rigips … this side also and this fancy framework is maybe older than us it’s … subtly trustworthy but it works! so the work is fun! If the tools are here and it becomes slowly colder … no it becomes colder! the snow is here herer we want to celebrate gohappy christmas that did not work but you’ll see later finally your f*cking music is out look: its Santa Claus the georgian Santa Claus is here! – ehhh look… he got some presents ahh sweets nice dude – probably its like a centershocker as Christmas is celebrated in Georgia on June 7th we hang out with our friends at the 24th of December in the evening we return by cab to the Pinz to go back to Saguramo to celebrate Christmas there following situation: Jan lost his phone in the cab and the probability of getting it again is zero because this cabs are all working for themselves we wait for the cab driver if he return its Christmas and Jan’s phone is lost juhu – the cab driver didn’t return but the police came and bring us to the police station always with police light sure overtake … normal 4 persons in the back of the car … normal standard let’s see what he do with the traffic light – ohh he stops! nope… we continue and all this at the 24th… why not! colleagues the search for the phone continues – the whole police is involved they go there to surch these colleagues are also involved if the cab driver escape…. that gives trouble washing machine and fridge in the police station we fill up documents to get MAYBE Jans phone back luckily Nini help us she fill up all the doc’s and the chief of police takes care of the good conversation in person here a case is opened in georgian ohhha it doesn’t get it focused. Georgian is to hard… Ah now all the action was without success… the phone is missed all the photos and videos were away that is really shidddy hey dude is this shit on your knee? yes… its shit! the students get out that I’m a ski instructor and they invite us to go skiing for one week but you will see that in the next video

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