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Republican Party Chairwoman Nearly Cried When Accused Of Corruption

Republican Party Chairwoman Nearly Cried When Accused Of Corruption

For the last two days and all through the
rest of the day. Today, the RNC and their officials are meeting
in Charlotte, North Carolina for a little three day chat about fundraising. And this event kicked off on Wednesday, you
know, closed door meeting and it began with GOP chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, almost
breaking into tears, defending herself from accusations from these other RNC officials
that she is profiting from the new, uh, donor system that the Republican Party has chosen
to use. That donor system is called WinRed a much
like the democratic system is ActBlue. Now the reason that the Republicans have decided
to go with this new WinRed donor system where all the candidates, we’ll get into this one
system. It has a list of all the people who’ve given
money. They can reach out to them if they’re in their
state or if they’re running for a national election, whatever it is. This is basically the big donor database,
just like ActBlue is for the Democrats. It’s a way to reach out to the small donors
to target them. And after the shellacking, the Republican’s
token, the 2018 midterms, they realized they needed something to counteract the Democrats
ActBlue. And they said, hey, here’s this WinRed thing. Donald Trump is endorsing it like crazy. Let’s go with this. And when McDaniel decided, okay, yeah, let’s
go with this. It raised some eyebrows because Republicans
already had a couple other systems in place that did the same thing WinRed was not as
effective, did not have as big of a database. So why would we go to something that’s smaller,
that’s less efficient, and we don’t even know if it works yet. But Ronna said, nope, we’re going to do it. So it immediately sparked fears among RNC
officials that Ronna McDaniel was somehow profiting off of it. And I’m going to say this. And I hate to have to say this, but after
I read this original article here on Politico, I did a search for it because I wanted to
find out, well, why do they think she’s on the take? You know, why do they think she’s profiting
from this? I couldn’t find anything. It’s just accusations. So far from what I was able to find. Then if you, honestly, if you have an article
or something that talks about this, please do send it to me. You send it to me on Twitter, whatever. But I, cause I want to see it because I have
no doubt that that’s probably what’s happening. I just need to see the evidence before I can
actually say that. But folks, I couldn’t find evidence to suggest
or any article linking her to WinRed or any of the companies that WinRed contracts to
run these donations. So it’s a little bit confusing here as to
why she is being accused of these things when people aren’t out there making the connections. Again, I’m, I’m sure they exist. Republicans are corrupt to the core, but you
got to come with a little bit of evidence. And again, Ronna was defending herself at
the beginning of this meeting and according to those in attendance, she got choked up. She, she almost a, you know, started crying
because people had been accusing her of this. But here’s something that I did find in my
research, something that did not show up in this political article is that there are people
who are profiting off of the use of WinRed, because, and this might seem a little complicated,
so bear with me for a second. Whenever you donate to an online campaign,
your credit card has to be processed, your debit card, whatever it is, has to be processed,
right. You know the, the DNC doesn’t do the processing. The RNC doesn’t do the processing for their,
WinRed ActBlue, they don’t do the processing. You have to contract that out to a third party
company. Companies like stripe for example, they get
a cut of it then. So if you give a $25 donation to WinRed, only
$20 of that is actually going to the RNC. $5 is going to the processing company like
stripe. Cause that’s who, WinRed uses. You know who’s invested roughly $30 million
into stripe? Oh that would be Jared Kushner. His brother invested 30 millions, a 30 million
into this company back in 2014 so, so he’s got a big financial holding in that along
with a, what is it called? Thrive capital is the name of his company. So the cushions are making money off of this,
you know, who else is making money off of it? Man by the name of Gerrit Lansing who uh,
owns a firm that is profiting off this as well. He is
“…A former RNC staffer who left his White House job only three weeks into the administration
after reportedly failing his FBI background screening.” So we do know that people close to this administration
and even former members of this administration are profiting off WinRed, which is likely
why Donald Trump was pushing it so hard before anybody had even heard of it. But Ronna McDaniel, I’m waiting on the evidence
of that. I’m sure it is out there and if anyone can
find it, do not hesitate to send it to us here at ring of fire because I definitely
want to see it so that we can definitely report on it.


  • Awwww poor sweetie. A little advice: if you don’t want to be accused of being corrupt? Perhaps don’t be corrupt!

  • Awwww poor sweetie. A little advice: if you don’t want to be accused of being corrupt? Perhaps don’t be corrupt! And don’t be a member of an organization that is corruption defined. And they’re accusing her probably because she might be the only one in the party who isn’t and she’s a threat?

  • She got busted just like Moscow Mitch, both doing underhanded shit and didn't think anyone would find out… who cares if she cried, she has stuck by trump and unfortunately none of them can be trusted, everybody who is in his administration can not be trusted..

  • If you identify as Republican but you find yourself lately feeling a bit disillusioned, by "all the crap going on", it means you may be starting to wake up. Either you haven't had your daily guzzle of GOP (Goofy Orange Punch), or you are simply becoming immune to its psychotropic effects. Your mental state is returning to normal.

    What you need to do now is simply this; stop taking the red pill. Start taking the blue pill. In this case the blue pill won't keep you enslaved and oblivious to reality, it will free you from the enslavement of ignorance and stupidity known as 'Trumpism'.

  • Trump isn't making enough money from it and she probably won't let him steal from the cookie jar. So stands to reason.

  • Republican female mouthpieces all have a bewildered slightly dead look in their eyes. A disconnect between mouth and brain?

  • I wish Bernie wouldn't use Act Blue. It's how the DNC style the last primary from him. They shut down polling sites that had heavy Bernie donations, they used the data base for other dirty dealing as well.

  • tRump has destroyed the Republikkkan party. The only thing keeping it on life support, like cardiac paddles, is followers continuing to project into the "Values Party" qualities that are dead.

  • Would an article in which she admits to being a republican be enough to prove that she is a criminal or at the very least a sociopath?

  • 2016 was the greatest thing to happen to the USA. People are being awoken to all the Corruption & Nt giving a fuck about the poor. Bees are dying on this planet. If they die we die. Thank Republicans for letting rich people kill us all , since trump deregulated all the chemical companies. So enjoy what's left of you life will be dead because idiots believe in TEAM DEAD/RED

  • This fat cow RNC Chair lady is Mitt Romney's inbred niece. She's been a racist bigot fatass a long time. That's why she got the gig.

  • Let me suggest you research Trump's Inauguration Committee corporate donors. Ivanka couldn't skim to Trump Family Charity unless she has internal RNC help.

  • So obviously she's Romney's daughter and that's why I've never heard of the woman before. Yet, of course, she's another daughter sitting in a position of power in the Republican party. I'd heard a little about others but this woman is totally off my radar. Add her to Ivanka Trump, Liz Cheney, Meghan McCain, Sarah Huckabee, and I'm sure I have forgotten one or two. Now we have a fourth to hear whine about herself while she sits in a position she has no experience or qualifications for. Just Daddy. It's so sickening and pathetic. That's exactly why I don't want to see a Chelsea Clinton, etc in politics.

  • It seems superfluouus worring about the intricacies of Ronna Romney's possible connection to Win Red nwhen the all the GOP candidates every four years go to Vegas to publicly kiss Shedon Adelson's ring. And his wallet. And what his wallet sits on.

  • To be fair, she doesn't have to be corrupt to be profiting from WinRed. Maybe it makes her look good in the RNC, maybe this whole controversy is getting her name in the news cycle.
    Unfortunately, she's Republican, so it doesn't matter if she's corrupt, she's working with the corrupt, she's complicit in the corruption, and she's profiting through others who're corrupt.
    So, even she isn't corrupt, she's profiting from corruption, and that's basically just as bad.

  • Both parties are BS and corrupt! Dems are undercover Racist supremacist with it's sellout Bootlick PUPPET so called Black FOLKS doing mas'sa bidding! REAL TALK

  • Gangsters think like gangsters, they figure everyone assumes other Republicans are gangsters because that's what they do. If RRM isn't directly profiting from it she directly profits from the Republicans who are a gangster party. Every rich person profit from them, even Democratic rich people, they might want to stop what the Republicans do to profit them, no Republican does.

  • All these corruption crooks should be in jail. Trump and his organization,family and administration. Jail for all corruption crooks. Especially first place for trump.

  • Corruption in the Republican Party? Say it ain’t so? They are suppose to be fighting for the middle class and getting rid of the swamp!

  • They're just judging her by their own standards, probably. If they were in her position, they'd be skimming somehow, so they assume she must be. It's possible this is because of some internal power-play, someone wants rid of her for some reason (they're all ambitious, backstabbing bastards, so who knows?) , but it may be as simple as they expect her to be corrupt because she's a Republican.


  • GOP making baseless accusations? I can’t believe it🙄🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️ USA gonna be a 💩🕳 of corruption

  • Trump's America, more executions, more child deaths and abuse, more suicides, more walls, more cages, more hate, more hunger, more for the 1%, more death

  • Trump is the Terrorist leader of White Nationalism. Deep dive background checks on social media for associations with White Nationalist or other Terrorist groups. Take their guns away!

  • Off with her head ! She and the likes of her are prime example of shit rolls down hill. Now, let the shit hit the fans because from the President on down will reek of the shit that's splattered on all, Republicans for Trump especially. We need to get rid of Trump and his whole family and Empire.

  • A conservative evangelical scholar attempted to break off his relationship with a not so smart lady who he dated for a few weeks.
    He sadly expressed his desire to her, telling her that he want a woman with a good head on her shoulders.
    She, while not being a smart enough woman stood before him and dropped to her knees.
    I think he's been married to that dumb ass republican "B" for about four or five years now…I think.

  • Today’s shooting in El Paso, Texas was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice. And I know cowardice I am one. I stand with everyone in this Country to condemn today’s hateful act. There are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people…. unless there not from here!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 4, 2019

  • I honestly hope its not true at all. Mostly because I'd feel happy if we learned a republican wasn't corrupt, at least not in this sense. But also because it will make the accusers look like even bigger apple eating assholes.

  • Republicans Republicans Republicans… same would be on a Republican channel…. Democrats Democrats Democrats… are you people that f*ck*ng people that dumb???
    Wait a second… don't answer that… 😎😎😎

  • People are just plain scared for different reasons and good people get used and blamed for the dysfunctions of others. I need to learn more to. I did the same at my hospital. I can discuss this part with you. She might be acting as a lighting rod. Dysfunction makes the corruption. No one want to be the villains in their own story. My nurses and security people who watched me at night were the only people in the hospital who heard my pain and they took turns, my doctor never had a time. That's where I accepted that I might just be smart. I say might still because is makes me physically ill to brag.

  • She got $87,000,000 from RNC Super PAC.
    A Matt Orfalea video, "How Much Pro-Israel Money Politicians Attacking Ilhan Omar Received"
    He has a source listed, but I couldn't find the Ronna source.



  • To all GOOD PATRIOTS of AMERICA!!!… The NEO-CONFEDRATETS and TRUMPANZEES!! Are trying to start a RACE WAR!!!💯💯😔🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • International Conglomerates are taking full advantage of the Republican party by receiving full access to USA military and after using Mercenaries to start the wars in sovereign oil producing countries the USA military finishes it so the same Mercenaries can waltz in and take over the oil fields. All tax free, not paying a dime for our nation's hero's, dead and wounded. Of course a few CEO's wives will support PBS or have few fund raisers so they can have a come back when confronted and it may help the wives sleep at night.

  • She’s Mitt Romney’s niece. She no longer uses the Romney name though. Trump asked her to drop it and she did. She basically sold out her family for Trump. Naturally of course everyone knows Trump has a strong dislike for Romney because he’s Not a blind loyalist. She now uses her husbands “McDaniel” last name whenever defending Trump and attacking her Uncle. She’s TrumpTard scum. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Putin's Party never had evidence for anything. They spew a bunch of word salad to rile up their short bus cultists …. See birtherism……

  • Do you nearly cry when people oint out that you wear the same freakin clothes every day? or when they point out that your a bald ugly fuk?

  • Wake up Amerika !!!!! I've been in your audience for Decades !!! Myself as well as Millions admire and respect those who present the facts and that if it looks like shit, smells like shit, we really don't have to taste it, we'll take your word for it. Great job investigative journalists ! I've made comments in every possible venue of our vast media , and I am 70 years old with a lot of idle time to watch more than my share of everything !!!!!!!!!! I've presented a simple solution for our Gun problems and have never seen or heard anyone mention anything similar. !! Ok, I might have missed it during my 2 hour nap. I'm up at 330 am every day , I' live in Phoenix Az and it's f—-king boiling by 9 am in the Summer !!! And for those with the next question of why the hell don't you move, is that my 30 year pension went down the drain with Bush and into the Wall Street Banks assholes and left myself and millions of others f–king broke if not homeless !!!!!!! Well Amerika, here goes !!!. The infrastructure and personnel are already in place !!! Everyone will keep their standard handguns and hunting rifles, and ammunition. A Federal Law to recover all Military type riffles and accessories held by citizens, to be turned in at newly reconditioned Military Shooting Range strategically located throughout the Country. After thorough background checks, persons will be given credit in the form of membership for these Military firing ranges, hunting, fishing , national parks , license, permits ,etc. These Military Type shooting ranges would offer a wide variety of Military type fire power and for those who just can't get enough, conveniently placed Military Recruiting Personnel will be available so you can join our Armed Services and really feel the adrenaline when someone is shooting back AT YOU !!! And for those REALLY AGGRESSIVE ARROGANT SOB'S, a one way first class ticket to Putin's Paradise, 'RUSSIA: !! And as a token of our appreciation for removing your bigoted racist ass from OUR COUNTRY, the American People, gleefully, will gift you with a AK-47 as you step off the plane !! Good Luck, and GOD BLESS AMERIKA !!!!!!!!!!!!! That's how it will be spelled if Putin's clown, Mob Boss Trump & maggots take over our Country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Republican Party has turned its back on ALL of its principles: national security, family values, law and order … there is nothing left for it to fight for except corruption, the 1% and an orange-faced grifter and conman.

  • All these connections and
    Entanglemens and enlacements
    were kept pretty quiet like a
    swimming pool with a big blue
    tarp covering it. There were
    currents and creatures under
    there, but they didn't advertize.
    All it took was one of the minor
    players to rise to the suface and
    thereby expose those connections.
    Now the pool is a roiling cauldren of
    vermin, clinging to each other
    for all to see.
    The network of corruption runs deep.
    And I have an unhealthy fixation
    on water metaphors.

  • Projection. They're all on the take so they think she is too.

    Kuschner hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • blblblblblblblbl talk about you and all the demorat lefties who are for killing unborn babies in the womb whose heart is beating franticly when they start cutting it to pieces. strange world man can kill the unborn but if he destroys a eagle or hawk egg he goes to jail .

  • Is she the DWS of the Republicans? Her hair looks like Ramen noodles. I know that's not nice, but fuck her, she stifled democracy.

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