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Republicans are Fundraising off Iran Letter…

Republicans are Fundraising off Iran Letter…

a Republicans are now actually doing
fundraising based on their traitorous letter spirits
they I’m making this up they’re actually
sending out letters to their butt and I mean if they have actively right
now they have right-wing hey radio and Fox so-called
news the you know the GOP TV both working
very aggressively to say that these republicans to doing wrong they’ve they’re the ones who
had the courage to confront an out-of-control president right and O’Keefe and Mike DiBiase
report this search over-the-top daily cuz today Marco Ruby always proud to be one other for
senators to sign the letter Sanomat message written by Ruby 0
advisor that included a link to a donation page Lindsey Graham told supporters we cannot
trust a ran for one minute when they claim they simply want a peaceful
nuclear power program is he added to his potential financial
donors we hope I hope you will stand with me
today by making an immediate financial contribution to get a craving this is for steak they they violate the Logan
acting commit treason they kick the present a united states in
the teeth they tell our enemies don’t negotiate with us don’t trust this president this would be like like tip o’neill sending a letter to and I mean very much a tip o’neill when Reagan was president sending a
letter to corporate jobs sane don’t negotiate with ronald reagan
because anything he works out with you regarding the dissolution of the Soviet
Union regarding the strategic Barmes talks regarding nuclear
nonproliferation and the works out with you we can blow up we can screw it up for
him can you imagine if the Kratz’s Senate a letter to corporate
shop same that nineteen eighty 687 whatever your was that reagan
started seriously having these meetings with gorbachev I mean can you imagine and then if those democrats started doing fundraising letters to
their base saying hey look at this we sabotage the but president reagan’s attempts to to
wind up the soviet union with president gorbachev please send us money New York Daily News
calls these forty seven senators traitors White House spokesman calls them
reckless irresponsible and misguided I mean this
is just genuinely astonishing truly astonishing

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