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Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley .5K Charity Race

what have you drugged me to this early
in the morning it’s the point okay don’t worry you get donut although their pair
of peeps and welcome to another episode of our haunted travels I am your host
Sean Donnelly that’s right it is early in the morning on a Saturday and Mary
Ann’s drugged me out for some charity event charity event but before we get
into that if you’re into the paranormal history of forensic type videos so we
are here at the white house fruit farm okay
wait house of fruit for me 0.5 K I have been promised a doughnut and white house
fruit farms has the most amazing doughnuts in the world this has to say
that normally by the time we get here they’re sold out but let’s see what
happens so this is going to be a vlog that’s
probably going to go on our regular channel because we’re taking a little
bit of slow down break get caught up on some videos we just got back from our
little trip of the High River Valley haunted Ohio River Valley they actually here’s the parking we’re
way over there five cars down they actually sold out this event they
actually sold out this event because they feared there wouldn’t be any more
parking they actually figured how much parking and look at how much they’ve
made but yet they think of those won’t be enough so a good thing I didn’t train
yeah so the sun’s behind us so that probably won’t come out but it’s not
very this for a second so as I was saying we need to get caught up on
videos a little bit we’re gonna get a little bit ahead of videos before we
start posting on a regular basis but this will probably come out on Tuesday
so we’ve already had our live at five which is gonna be today which just hey
I’m on vacation I’m so confused well show you some clips
from today and popped in from time to time okay guys in the typical panicky videos
hurry up in weight fashion we’re all checked in actually we’re number 13 and
14 and there’s some numbers that’s up here now let’s see 66 seconds so we’re
this week for the race has started I think we got about 30 minutes so we’re
gonna keep this short because there’s music playing my background we don’t
want a copyright strike seven-six all the way till the waste coming if you’re encouraging everybody with the
signs for the donuts beautiful big damage so honey we should have done a live
stream from here we’re almost halfway we’re almost
through the don’t touch the plate almost a taker can make it I think do you think you for your first point 5k
quite well so long as we followed a nice Orange arrows on the ground I don’t think we
don’t get lost either getting a little backup here at the donut can we keep
going and just come back and get the door maybe we can that would suck it will get
our line and can’t come back I think you’ll be fine I’m here for they’ve done
that think you’ll be fine right 800 feet 820 feet and neither refresher who is for a water bottle to get a
waterfall we have finished a race then we’ll have ler ordinance did you get a
picture there this now we so was Fidel not worth it absolutely
climbing to the top of the Empire State Building or gonna yeah might have to go
outside hmm
all righty guys we’re gonna wrap it up here Marian’s gonna finish her donut
that’s right so we did it the first annual point five
cake we’re gonna come back again next year yeah all right so any guys out
there in the area want to join our team next year right be kind of cool to have
all kinds of our hona travels going around that all right folks
until next time thanks for watching and happy honey let’s know if you like this video by
hitting that thumbs up also if you like to see more videos from us in the future
support our channel by hitting that subscribe button
hang in that Bell so you get notified that next time there’s a video from an
Aggie video thanks for watching happy honey

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