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Revisiting the Impact of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation in Ghana

It was just over a year ago that we brought a group of Wellness Advocates here to help complete this small clinic here in Sankubenase. Today happens to be a day where they have invited women and their small children from villages all around they’re doing some monitoring of children’s weight, some immunizations,
and checking on these infants and these small children. It’s a great program they have
here where they track these children for the first few years of their life trying to keep
them healthy and strong. But it’s because of your donations to the Healing Hands foundation
that this clinic is here in Sankubenase. We actually met with some women and their children on this visit that explained to us that before this clinic was here they didn’t
have options for emergency situations for their children. Your director told me you work long hours. I work 24 hours Do people come at night to get help? Yes, for emergency cases. The other nice thing is for those women who aren’t able to pay for those services they would offer those services for free here.
So they have the confidence that they can come and get the services they need, and previous to us making this clinic they didn’t have those options so they’re pretty happy we’re here. Looks like you guys are using it and it’s
busy. We had to step outside here to do this interview because of all the children inside. That’s a good thing, right? That’s what we want to happen here. Yes, yes. Here we are in Abomosu in the elementary school that we completed last year. Since we’ve been gone your funds to the Healings Hands foundation have financed a playground up here and it’s also nice to see they used to have
an open sewage pit here but that’s all been covered and they have indoor plumbing and that was also installed since we were here last with our Healing Hands foundation funds. A great addition to their school and to their community here in Abomosu. In addition to the humanitarian projects we started a year ago, this past year we started with a micro lending fund in the Abomosu area and it’s kind of our foot hold on the African continent when it comes to Healing Hands micro lending. They’ve laid the groundwork this last year they’re starting to make loans.
They’re goal is to have 1000 loan recipients by the end of this year in the end of December. We’re excited about what is going on here, and again this is the start of the Healing
Hands micro lending projects that does go so well with the Healing Hands projects we have going on in this area. I’m here with Gladys. Gladys is the actual
loan recipient here. She’s in charge of this palm oil manufacturing center. She has used her loan to buy more material from the farmers. More material means more jobs for her neighbors and more profits for her. Right Gladys? With her increased profits Gladys has been able to start a new business employing her neighbor in processing the Cassava root, which is a staple here in Ghana. It’s wonderful to see how Gladys has taken advantage of this micro loan to grow her business and employed her neighbors and is making a great future for not only her family but for those in her community. Just loaded into the truck to see the farmer that we loaned money to, to help him with his crop. Had to switch cars because we’re going to go over some rough roads, but we’ll make it. So this is Samuel, and he owns this Coco farm here. They’re after the seeds and they grow in these pods on these trees. But they get
a blight which is a fungal blight. You see if the pods turn black they are useless to
them. So Samuel with the micro loan that we gave him, he purchased a simple anti-fungal spray that he applied to the outside of the seedpods. Thanks to this micro loan this is his best year in 15 years of harvesting these coco pods. Here we are in a community bakery. We’ve given the proprietors a loan and what they’ve done with the loan they’re able to buy flour in bulk. Previously they were only able to buy a small amount. But with our credit now, they can buy large amounts of flour and can increase their production and their profits. Thanks to the generous donations of our dōTERRA Wellness Advocates we will be able to extend micro credit loans to small business entrepreneurs in Africa for many years to come.

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