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RIT United Way Campaign 2013: Poster Families

RIT United Way Campaign 2013: Poster Families

>>Well RIT has been a tremendous supporter
of the United Way of Greater Rochester. Just last year as an example, your employee pledge
dollars were up from the previous year as well as your special events, a great effort
on the part of your student body as well of tremendous involvement.>>My daughter is Julie Covey. She was born
at 25 weeks, a pound and a half, 12.5 inches long. Thirty-four years ago, I delivered her
right at the hospital; they didn’t send me anywhere because they didn’t expect her
to live. She has seizures, she had developmental problems and she has cerebral palsy on her
left side. But she keeps us young. She believes in Santa, she believes in the Easter Bunny,
she believes in . . . well, no longer the Tooth Fairy because obviously she has all
her teeth. (LAUGHTER) But she just loves to be part of a normal society. And the Arc
of Livingston County has really helped her with that. The programs that they have and
the support for myself and for her have been phenomenal.>>And I’ve always given to United Way but
I never thought that I would benefit from their services until about this time last
year when my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Our first meetings with a surgical
team said he was not a candidate for surgery. And then a social worker at the hospital mentioned
Serenity House to us. Sat down with the director and was told you bring in whatever food you
want to eat and you have to pay for any prescriptions‚mostly just for pain control‚ and I kind of braced
myself and said well what’s the rest of the cost. And she said, “There isn’t any.”
I said, ”What do you mean there isn’t any?” And she said, “No, this is a United
Way-funded organization and through volunteers our services are free.” I’m very grateful
to Serenity House, because for his last days we were able to enjoy him and he was made
comfortable and I am very grateful. Thank you.

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