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Robocalls, Judge Beats Daughter, Keith Olbermann Suspended

Robocalls, Judge Beats Daughter, Keith Olbermann Suspended

today in David Pakman show history what
were we talking about years ago it’s always good to reminisce Louis one year
ago today robo calls were targeting Democrats
falsely claiming that the election had been postponed to
wednesday and they were received by people across
the country of course it is November 5th so we are just about one year out run the 2012 election two years ago
today republican texas Judge William Adams was
caught on video brutally beating is disabled daughter with a belt and it got us into a broader discussion
about this proper Christian child-rearing cult-like thing
that has been going on that story was absolutely horrible Lewis
said IIIB feels like it was way more recent than two years probably because
it was so despicable yeah that was one of the
crazy ones and I that was the incident where the neighbor
film that right I think it was where the neighbor film that and then there were
we we found out about this quiver full manual if you haven’t seen this clip you can look it up on on YouTube which
Google the quiver full manual three years ago today Keith
Olbermann suspension from MSNBC the ended the suspension his donations
all other factors which we now know eventually led to him no longer having his show at
MSNBC that’s been three years and four years ago today Rush Limbaugh
said in a car a total softball interview with Fox News that Sarah Palin was ready to be
president I wonder if he would still say the same
thing after she’s shown himself to be one of the most incompetent politicians we’ve come
across in the last the certainly last 10 years I don’t
think that’s an exaggeration at all now I i think even at the time rush was
certainly incompetent for thinking so

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