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Rockford Marching Band Scrip Testimonial

Fundraising with scrip is a really easy fundraiser. I already buy groceries, I buy gas, I go to
the restaurants, I use Amazon, I use all of these things on a regular basis, so I feel that just getting a rebate back and watching that add up every month is a really big help. I kind of have been anticipating on our school year, so our school year will end at the end of
June, so this school year, the 2016-2017 school year will make over $30,000 I hope, and last year we made $14,000, so we’ve
more than doubled our program. So I’m anticipating from July to September hopefully to keep that momentum going so my guess is at least another $10,000, that’s when our final payments are due in
September, but students can continue raising, and with
this whole momentum built up, they can still be doing scrip and they’ll
be able to pay for marching band fees into the next school year.

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