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Romney’s Pricey Fundraisers in Hamptons

Romney’s Pricey Fundraisers in Hamptons

over the weekend mit romney has three
ever fundraisers and a hamptons if you don’t know the heck is of course
uh… very upscale neighborhood in there long island where all the fancy new
yorkers goin vacation and so in this case it well ronnie had a
lot of the present places including the holding of ron pearlman uh… with a
yachts pulling out there literally for our ease range rovers portis b_m_w_’s all pulling up uh… to bribe mit romney assuming it
whatever business feel that they like ron perlman was one of the uh… fundraisers and other a fundraiser
was packed up only look at this the home of david told i didn’t see that
coming also uh… clifford sobel former u_s_
ambassador day uh… brazil also had a fundraiser for
by the way if you went to the problem one you made the right move if you are
the croat when your soccer brownlee because the promo one cost twenty five
thousand per person whereas the coke one cost seventy five
thousand per cup now once per person on those per couple but you just gave more money to the
cokes when in reality of course you any of the
same access which is actually in reality not that much to run
his furnace say hi to use in the usa mouse and speaking out leaving at the cm uh… and uh… million and dollar donors are gonna get all
access to the world so mit romney and but it doesn’t matter to sit in one
day the way this works actually caring about that access on
that day in the hamptons when you need a favor and your own mind the staff of the
president paid by the way you twenty five thousand
i was right in the seventy five thousand hours we take this fall on do what i tell you
too well that’s one access matters and that’s when if he wins the president will listen that’s why you bride these candidates
saying get those favors later on my favorite part of this is that that new york times an l_a_
times they went and they interviewed the people go into these fundraisers and the things
they said were let’s start with uh… the woman named me egg it her name right here holes into the the premiere of course
uh… who anonymous that’s like that don’t have
time to bar and other whereas electric so let me start with a woman who is an
honest talking to the l_a_ times a you see why she’s announced a second uh… she talks about as she pulls up a
mirror bridger well actually let me quote the l_a_ times up i don’t think the common person is
getting it she says nobody understands why obama she said this according to the lead times from the passenger seat of a range rover
stamped with the east hampton beach for she lives in the hamptons she pulls up in a range rover and she talks about like overblown i don’t think fall in brussels earlier inspiring words of a reference on well which explains why she thinks she’s
further calm person shoes quote but we’ve got the message
referring i guess the rich people but my college kid the babysitters the nails
ladies everybody who’s got the right to vote
they don’t understand what’s going on just think if your lower-income one
you’re not as educated too they don’t understand how works they don’t understand how the system to
support they don’t understand the impact hadn’t ever seen a more condescending
court in your lodhi the common people of the mails lady
equipment does my emails they’re allowed to vote almost look like this they like by which
they weren’t allowed to look but they don’t understand how the system works the system is had all the tax breaks i get all the advantages i get the by
this politician has come here to sucked up to
me he doesn’t need all these favors and then david trickles down to the nails lady
while she doesn’t my nails they don’t understand how it works tuk tuk tuk the common people that’s what we have to go and buy these
politicians so they’ll do the right things which is now on they talk to michael’s umbrella uh… this couple apparently him his
wife peggy two o_ bombing two thousand neighbor they’re disappointed they didn’t get what they paid for so here’s what they explain it’s not helping the economy to pick
people for that engine of the economy yes the people who rely on that engine your testimony saying you are not the engine the middle-class
implies the products the sorting out the engine of economy michaels on rally and his which friends are there is a very common the ratio of all i wasn’t on there then
ship and you know you rely on them yumi either rich people howling jerry you
question that don’t you know the politicians must help the rich hope
first and foremost as they are the engine if you were just a lonely guy relying on that entry but he’s not done yet continues he’s basically been biting the hand that fed in in all day i would bet twenty five percent of
people here were supporters of all bomb in a way and they’re here now referring to the
romney fundrace in other words how gary when we bought shoe we thought that you would stable but you would be aired the pipette and of the rich that feed not by much
minute you gave us the same exact doesn’t watch
that literally input any of us in jail letter in the
financial industry for committing the largest fraud in american history certainly one
of the largest financial frauds along with the great depression you know any of that but you know what
every once in awhile he didn’t barrier had like we wanted to touch that we’re
going to book a rock and by both who cares we’re gonna give all the money to ron me
so that he can win well that’s very clear there’s another couple that’s attending
it is my favorite part ted conklin own samarkand hotel aside
harbor proudly and his wife this cross of carol simmons uh… and they talk about how they help others and that the common person again does not understand president bomb is a social assessment at
conferences and then in fact the ritual ones that
are character they say this as they are literally in
agle mercedes but that’s fine no problem the rich
there goblins becomes of my fair so carol simmons cells are wasn’t held over for her who’s staying on our young person tom was saying on our yeah and i’m thinking okay so you’re about to make a point
about how generous york issue i don’t know how you brought on middle
class people poor people teary-eyed you’ve been helpful and are you part of the big brother big
sister programmers someday i one frame it that way wouldn’t talk
about my ya as i’m telling you how much i am for the average man as i’m sitting in my gold mercedes but i’m curious who is it’s executives for miramax studios who are also incredibly wealthy but they didn’t have couldn’t get a
hotel room because people too late in the hamptons because it was stopped with rich people going to donate money
to met ron and her idea of generosity is his she’s having other incredibly
rich people on her seventy five point ya while they’re both giving money away the
politician that they have bought so that he gives them tax cuts and more breaks the sort of average guy that’s the idea of generosity and we’re supposed to die how down of
these people be like although you are right the i’m sorry micah nails lady i don’t
know establishes that works out dog tracks watched our middle class make sure they don’t get a minimum wage increase make sure they pay more taxes i have
recently rob me best who has been lisa quarter of a billion dollars but this is the shipping rate in favor
of you and your gold mercedes and against oslo i don’t understand that that must be mindful now of course it doesn’t matter what we
understand it doesn’t don’t understand because these guys have the money they give to the politicians they find
those guys most politicians don’t work for us they work for them they work for the
guys on their yachts in the gold mercedes and
in the hamptons etcetera this happens right in front of our the eagle any pull into these events net lobby got four million
dollars azad estimate this weekend he got brought four million dollars by
the richest people in the country at our meeting goes along like well of course
it’s all good job mit romney played a raise more money all the end of the no
bomb in this regard cassie out raised obama all a lot of to record ride taker
here’s graduations on those products and that we expect that to do what’s good for the middle class of course are not going to do what’s
good for us they could do was go to for the people in the morning and how often does your media tell you
that this mit romney and all these politicians who take these bribes from dr gold was
savings in the late in the range rover or working for the they’re not working
for you they don’t represent u how vernier than the mainstream media almost never our system is nearly one
hundred percent corrupted and the band played on

  • you had better learn the difference between Federal/State taxes

    the services you mention are provided by local governments

  • Here again you prove how much of a moron you are. Obama has stuck with the deficit that Bush handed him, roughly $1.2 trillion. If I hand a business over to you that is losing money, is it your fault that it is losing money or, more accurately, mine?

    FYI by far the largest contributor to the deficit, and by extension, the debt is the huge tax cuts, which Obama with pressure from the republicans has kept in place. It is a myth that the debt has increased due to increased spending

  • He doesnt blame the rich (when has he ever – give me examples) He simply says we should stop cutting their taxes as it is obviously not helping the economy to grow as the republicans so adamantly maintain (again, without any evidence)

    But I can see this is wasted on you. Either you re a moron or brainwashed.. or both

    Eitherway I pity you

  • nobody objects to paying taxes to keep this Government operating properly, keep all vital agencies going, the infrastructures, the military, everything

    however, when a community organizer President with far left ideology tells me I should help fund his perverted views on income/wealth redistribution, that's social engineering which i don't buy

    the idea that far lefties create an entitlement mentality with deadbeats everywhere and productive people should pay "fair share" for this is nuts

  • He act's like Democrats don't do the same thing and hold fundraisers that require ridiculous amounts of money to buy into…

  • out of the 1.2 trillion you refer to, 700billion was TARP monies to be recovered, Obowma spent it

    you really don't understand the goings on do you?

  • He's talking about an specific event that took place last weekend. He also
    mentions that some of these people gave money to Obama four years ago, so
    stop with your partisan nonsense.

  • Actually he doesn't act like Democrats don't do the same thing. That's his problem with Obama. The only difference is Obama is like 80% bought compared to Romeny who is 100% bought. Obama is the leser of two evils.

  • I believe Henry Ford figured this out 110+ years ago when he decide that he had to pay his employees a high enough wage so that they could buy the cars being produced in his plants.

  • Or they might just like it that way, they might want the economy to go crappy because then they'd be even richer in comparison. What these people really want is status, not money. Because they already have all the money they could possibly need. Now it's just a status thing for them.

  • wishing/accepting pain that is done onto others because of their prejudices, is terrible, whether or not they are bad people is irreverent, show some humility and be a good person

  • Not really no. Your idea of "a good person" is a fallacy brought upon the old notions of old society in which even if you are already being oppressed/hurt by someone/an institution, people were taught to bow down and just take it and let them hurt you. So go ahead and "be a good person" while we normal people strip ourselves from stupid notions of "if I remain good to a person they become good to me".

  • I am a middle class citizen and to this day do not understand WHO represents me in the halls of Congress! Pity the truly indigent, who represents them? Who represents the uninsured? Who represents the family fighting daily to feed their family, pay their rent, find a decent job, pay for education. I lend a helping hand as best I can. Millions spent on political campaigns could so benefit those in need. Our priorities are so out of focus.

  • Your an angry fool, I do not bow down to those that hurt me, nor was I ever taught to, I was taught to be a good person, not take away the whip from them and lash out at others, or to grin as they fall, to do so is immoral and wrong, pain is never good, and those who cause it, are just as bad as those who except it, MLK jr. never took up a hose and sprayed his oppressors, nor did he ever support the use of violence against them.

  • that's just sad, a violent murdering vengeful ignorant man, is outrageously more terrible then a greedy condescending man, please be a better person then that.

  • Although I'm only 16 years old, I can't judge or bash the super rich because I want to be one of them so badly, I still plan on keeping my morals and helping others, but Their lives are so awesome, I only upper middle class though, My dads a plastic surgeon and my mom owns a spa, but they say they're voting for president Obama, I don't understand voting and politics very well , which is why I watch this show 🙂
    But you have to admit, a gold Mercedes and a yacht sound awesome!!

  • Aspiring to be wealthy is great. It motivates many people to work hard and innovate.

    Here's what you need to understand about the way the economy really works (and what the republican's won't acknowledge):

    Job creators create jobs when demand for products/services require more employees. They don't create jobs just because they have extra money.

    Demand comes from the middle class. If the middle class has no disposable income the economy remains flat.

  • I understand that plenty. I'm merely satirizing Miss Anonymous' ironic and self depreciation quotation.

  • Ah my old nemesis returns; not you mind you, but the then/than usage rules. I cannot tell you how often I get caught by Microsoft Word making that mistake.

  • No, I'm just not advocating violence against them, I never said they were right, but they certainly are not deserving violence against them. be the better person

  • yea yea, that's when they were so poor they had nothing and their only hope was thievery, we don't need to steal from them now a days we just financial reform, that balances it all out about 30% of your income no matter what u make, no loop holes no tax breaks, and no sales tax, boom problem solved.

  • Romney is a serious candidate? I thought he was a temporary candidate to lose this election so the GOP can gather themselves and try again in 2016

  • Yes he does, you obviously are not paying attention. Also, if you don't like
    the show feel free to get the fuck out of here.

  • But, the rich people gave us Obama. I haven't heard Cenk say a damned thing about the over $1 Billion in campaign funding, raised by Obama in 2007 – 2008. I wonder how many favors Obama still owes?

  • Shh! But lets not talk about Obama hanging out with all the Hollywood billionaires, having $40,000 a plate dinners! LOL! Liberals are such hypocrite fuckin scumbags!

  • No Cenk is by no means rich.
    Rich is like my boss who has tons i mean tons of moneys.

    And if Cenk is rich he is one of the better guys.

  • well i said no sales tax, also a flat tax with no tax breaks wont hurt the "poor" as much as you think it would effect them the same, it would balance the budget, since the richest will now be paying fair taxes, more programs can will have the funding to continue there work to benefit the unfortunate.

  • Like I said, you're delusional.

    Logic itself proves it.

    I'm pretty sure you are just a try hard troll though.

  • I hope the richs pay all that money and Romney dose not win and will not win. because god love the love the Middle Class and Working Poor and how much you love in God We Ttrush now rich A wholes now! The Middle Class and Working Poor pay their fear shair in taxes and figth wars that the Repubicons start and come back in body bage for you rich A Wholes.

  • You have no clue what Capitalism is.

    It does not exist without the government period.

    The government enforces contracts, regulations, and sets up the currency and the framework for a Capitalist system to function.

    Our current problem is that the government has been utterly deprived of the tools to regulate the health of the markets and co-opted by the special interests.

    It's like our system has Cancer, doing what you say would be akin to stopping the treatments and hoping things work out.

  • Some do, but most don't. Maybe in your opinion moving around a little money or exploiting people is just as much work as building a house?

  • Well, in that case they'd be a part of the engine of the economy AND parasites at the same time. It's impossible to get rich from manual labor alone.

  • AWSOME!! I agree 100%……… Thank fucking Jesus!!! We have enough lazy, whining, useless, brainwashed, communist pieces of shit as it is..

  • You have way too many fucktards fighting against their own interests over there though, and way too many exploited people who think that if they suck enough banker cock they'll be getting their own cocks sucked one day! It's really quite sad and pathetic!

  • WTF are you talking about? You're so eloquent in your speech. LOL! Sheeesh…… Maybe you should educate yourself a bit before spouting off & acting a fool?? Or you can keep listening to the bullshit you're spoonfed by your media………

  • If I ate up the bullshit "my" media tries to spoonfeed me, I'd be a capitalist feminist. Or, if I tried some right-wing media, a capitalist sexist who tells poor people to get a job and thinks Islam is the number one problem in the modern world. Maybe you should take your own advice.

  • LOL!! You're too funny! So poor people shouldn't get a job?? Just sit around on thier asses, smoking crack & getting getting drunk all day while others work for a living to pay for them to EXIST? Is that the way you see it?
    And if Islam(AKA TERRORISTS) aren't the problem in the "modern world"(As well as the past 4000 years of war, murder & oppression), what is?

  • Thanks for proving my point. Your comment is just flawless, from start to finish. xD

    By the way, Islam is only 1400 years old. xD

  • Thanks for not anwering EITHER of my two questions! Whats wrong, can't do it or show yourself to be an idiot? LOL!!
    Islam may only be around 1400 years old, but those with the mindset in the middle east have been at war for the past 4000 years. Read a history book. Murder, mayham, fear, misery & opprssion is thier National pastimes……….

  • I felt no need to answer the first question because you said exactly what I said a person brainwashed by the right-wing media would say, I felt that you proved my point perfectly. I did answer the second one, because I found it hilarious. Fucking idiot. xD

    Nope, they (assuming you're talking about other Semitic peoples here) were never the main problem in the world. Also, there have been raids and wars all over the world since the beginning of recorded history. Huns, Vikings, Mongols etc…

  • And to answer the first one (I know you're a lost cause, but I want to be nice), no, all poor people are not lazy crack addicts. Are there some people who don't have a job simply because they're lazy and smoke crack all day? Probably, but personally I think they're about as mentally healthy as a schizophrenic, and we take care of those. I don't think any sane person would rather sit on the street and smoke crack instead of having a job, a home and being able to live a normal decent life.

  • "I don't think"?? LOL! Thats where you are mistaken, dumbass. I work with these type people everyday who look at having a job as "being a chump" when they can live off the Gov't tit! Wake the fuck up, dumbass!

  • "I felt no deed to answer………….."…………LMAO!! You're such an idiot. Read a little history about the middle east. War is a way of LIFE for them. Others fight wars when they have to…

  • Thanks for answering like a faithful Fox News watcher with an IQ below 70! War was a way of life for pretty much any successful civilization in the past, and I'm willing to bet 50 bucks I know far more about the ancient Middle East than you do, based on what you've said so far. Islam isn't even the biggest threat in modern times, the Amurrucan freedom fighters and capitalism kill more people. Now kindly fuck off back to the pro-cousin-fucking, Jesus-fearing, anti-science hole you crawled out of.

  • ROFLMAO!! NA, you're no liberal at all are you? They typical "FUCK FAUX NEWS" crowd! You know why you fucks hate FOX? Because they're the ONLY news left who actually tell you the news & aren't a bought & paid for propaganda machine for the fuckin Democrat party! Sucks when FOX puts the truth out there? You keep watching MSNBC who edits audio & video to LIE to you, the buffoons who actually watch them! LOL!
    I guarantee I have a higher IQ than you, a typical filth spewing, street shitter.

  • We the People understand how the system works and We the People want to change the system.

  • Shhhhhh!!!! Lets not talk about Obama hanging out with all the Hollywood billionaires, having $40,000 a plate dinners, winging it on Air Force One to Europe, Africa, & Hawaii for "romantic dinners" at our expense………..all while the middle class looses homes & jobs & our Debt has been increased under this POS more than EVER IN HISTORY!!!!! Liberals are such hypocrite fuckin douchebags!
    FUCK DEMOCRATS! You're all so full of shit, your eyes are ALL brown!

  • LOL!! Yet MSNBC, CNN & ABC all get BUSTED editing video & audio to LIE to the buffoons who actually watch them! Dan Rather anyone?? I don't recall anyone from FOX getting busted LYING. Oooops!

    Full of shit idiot……… "Better educated tend to be liberal"? Thats some grand shit! Watch "how obama got elected" right here on youtube you freaking idiot. Liberals are ignorant, uneducated buffoons. Drop outs, union members, ex cons, welfare rats, abortionists, auto workers, welfare recips. = libs!

  • Jenk, come on. You shouldn't be discussing the criticisms of 'anonymous'. This is the man on a sidewalk argument

  • Hhhmmm…interesting thought. I can't imagine they would be that dumb (but you never know.) They are just setting themselves up for failure and the inevitable revolution if they keep it up. They don't seem to understand who actually buys the products they sell so they would be hurting themselves in the long run if they continue in this direction. I kinda think they just think that they literally "make" money and that what they take won't affect the economy.

  • her kid, the babysitter, and the nail lady against her vote, that's 3:1 in a rich household, that just tells you the direction this election is going to take. We're going to win.

  • I think that anonomous lady tried to tell the reporter something…that the common people dont get it. They live in fantasy land. I agree with her a 100% I dont think she was trying to be condacending. OBAMA IS HURTING THEM meaning the common folk. YOUR SCREWED IF YOU DONT DO REVOLUTION!!!

  • Her second quote tells it as it is…the common people are dumb if they continue bending over to the aristocracy…

  • this guys right i dont vote anymore the system is fuckd the usa is done i am just trying to save up and move out of this shit hole usa before its too late

  • Quite the contrary all the rich people are relying on the middle class to buy their products and services and when they cant afford to all businesses fail which is why the booming middle class represents a strong economy because more things are being bought so wealthy owners of buisness make even more unless shes refering to people who dont work at all and live on welfare and foot stamps yes we are feeding them but no the working man feeds himself. Although they do employ other Americans and give them jobs business owners the majority of them wouldent have a business to run if no middle classed people consumed their goods and services.

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