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Saunders Field Trip Expectations

Saunders Field Trip Expectations

Hey Saunders as we get ready for a field
trip let’s go over a couple of rules. While
there certainly will be a lot to see let’s refrain from touching any of the
exhibits. Additionally there should be no running
at all on this field trip. Please keep your voices low as they’re more than
likely we’ll be other guests in attendance. There should be no earbuds
headphones or airpods used during the presentation of our field trip no social
media or communication during the presentation of our trip as well. For
safety purposes you must stay with your assigned chaperone and group at all times.
When on the bus no trash should be left at all on the bus please empty all of
your trash in the appropriate trash receptacles. Any students who violate
these guidelines will be taken to an administrator and appropriate
consequences could follow don’t let this happen to you.
Thank You Saunders students and we’re looking forward to a great field trip! you

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