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Scale-up Fundraising Tips – Episode 1 | Outsourced CFO

Scale-up Fundraising Tips – Episode 1 | Outsourced CFO

Hey guys, welcome to our seven part series on fundraising. Over the course of seven videos, We’ll be sharing some of our key
learnings on fundraising for scale-ups. You’ll learn about financial modeling,
company valuations, and more. We’re kicking off the first episode with a
topic called “first, build a great company.” Our Outsourced CFO team has
worked with dozens of companies going down this path. We trust that this series
will help you gain insights that you can use to hack the fundraising process for
your scale-up company. If that sounds interesting, hit subscribe now so that
you don’t miss the next episode! Our first episode will be focused on Build A Great Business. Let’s dive in! The best way to raise finance from investors is to build a company that is so good that investors come to you. You can try to be
investment-ready really hard but if you don’t have a great company first, it’s a
really tough exercise. There are many building blocks required to build a good
business. The ones that I’ve seen investors value the most are the following: First, is value proposition. You need to solve a real problem and you need to be able to articulate that solution flawlessly. Can you describe and showcase the gains your clients get from using a product or
service. Can you connect to the client pain points that your product helps to
solve. A strong value proposition is at the heart of every investable company. Next is customer engagement. Make sure that you have a well-defined target client. Then make sure that you have multiple channels through which you can
reach them. And lastly make sure that you have good relationships with those
clients. Do this by getting regular client feedback and making sure that you
deliver on what you’ve promised in your value proposition. Third is partnerships and relationships. Doing business is all about people. Build a strong network of
key partners and suppliers that are raving fans of your business. Referrals
have a much higher conversion rate than any kind of marketing. Next is operations
and execution. Your company’s future growth will be confined by the execution
ability of your leaders. Build a solid leadership team and make sure that they
are aligned. Then both the processes and procedures that can make sure that you
deliver on client expectations each and every time. Point number five is people
figure out how to attract retain and train top talent. A team that works from
within a great company culture and that are bought into the vision of the
business will deliver on client expectations every time. Lastly build to
scale. Make sure that every aspect of your business can be ramped up
significantly. Identify the things that currently constrain your growth and make
sure that you let down those hand brakes. Investors love a scalable business model.
When you have these six things in place, you’ll be ready to start building the
tools and strategies that are needed for a successful fundraise. In Episode 2
we’ll discuss expansion strategy Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out

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