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School Fundraiser – Best Spring Shopper – 88 Unique Gifts at $8 Each – JustFundraising®

School Fundraiser – Best Spring Shopper – 88 Unique Gifts at $8 Each – JustFundraising®

great gifts is your perfect spring
shopper brochure let’s jump in and have a look at it it’s got a really nice
spring themed cover as we jump inside we can see these various items there’s 88
items in here they all sell for only $8 each so very affordable
we’ve got flower bulb collections really nice ones we’ve also got some spring
themed gift wrap we’ve got some nice Mother’s Day items here which is perfect
obviously for Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day etc world’s best mom coffee mug for
instance then we’ve got some nice jewelry picture frames mugs etc that
will be appealing to moms and other people as well
we’ve got other great Mother’s Day gifts here world’s best mom lollipops
gummy slices few kitchen gadgets you jump to this page here we’ve got some
things for dads after all Father’s Day will be coming up in June so there’s
some nice barbeque type items and snacks designed for Father’s as well then we’ve
got some items here some gourmet chocolate items that appeal to everybody
of course and then we jump into the jewelry great stuff for moms for
daughters etc really nice looking jewelry
once again all at only eight dollars each so jewelry here that summer and
spring themed as well and then other stuff for children and the family so
what makes this program really great is that everything is only eight dollars
each there’s a great selection in here and they’re spring themed items which is
perfect for this time of the year obviously if we look into the percentage
profit you’re making forty to forty five percent profit it’s free to get started
and as well you get free pre-packed per seller or student
so we will mail you will ship to you once you’re done with the fundraiser it
will be shipped to you broken down per student making your delivery and
distribution super easy and convenient if you go down here and see the profit
when you sell up to $5000 you make a 40% profit when you sell $5,000 or more you
make 45% profit once again that includes the free pre-pack so how does it work
exactly we’ll just click on this tab here
one order one spring shopper order-taker fundraising participant they’re
completely free of charge then number two have your group members go out there
ask friends family neighbors co-workers etc to make a purchase or two to support
your organization 3 collect all the order takers and the funds raised from
your group members at the end of your fundraiser and then place your final
product order with us like mailing in all of your order forms and then we will
go ahead and process that once again per student count your profits you’re going
to be making forty to forty five percent profit and then we should be the goods
so it’s really simple so to get started basically let’s just say you’re a group
of fifteen let’s just say your group of twenty five fifty whatever just put in
your number here click start now and proceed through the checkout or you can
give us a call at our toll free number 1-888-440-4140
and we’d be very happy to mail these brochures out to you thanks so much

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