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Scrip Fundraising for Your Church | ShopWithScrip

Scrip Fundraising for Your Church | ShopWithScrip

What is scrip? Scrip is an easy way to fundraise while you
shop. For churches, fundraising always meant writing
donation letters, creating an endowment fund, running capital campaigns, and of course,
the passing of the offering plate. But these fundraisers take a lot of time even
for well-established churches, and members of the congregation are tired of being asked
to reach deeper into their pockets every Sunday. Luckily, scrip can relieve some financial
stress for your church. So how does scrip fundraising work? Let’s talk about Joyce, who is raising money
for her church. Joyce logs into and orders
a $100 grocery gift card that has a 4% rebate. Joyce paid the face value for the card, and
the $4 rebate contribution goes directly to her church! Joyce receives the gift card and takes it
to the grocery store and uses the full amount to stock her kitchen just like she normally
does- the only difference is that she used scrip to pay instead of cash or a credit card
and she raised money for her church! No extra time or money, that’s what we call
a win-win! A bonus with scrip is that a church can structure
its program so rebate donations qualify as a charitable contribution. So in addition to Joyce not having to spend
extra money out of her budget for fundraising, she can even get a tax deduction on her earnings! And the cherry on top? ShopWithScrip has over 700 retail partners
with great rebates, so you can use scrip for practically anything. Plus, you can order and receive electronic
gift cards immediately, redeem your gift cards in store and online, and in some cases, do
it right from your mobile device! So what is scrip? Scrip is an easy, convenient, fit-with-your-lifestyle
fundraiser that will help you earn money for your church.

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