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Setting your #1 fundraising priority for the next 90 days

Setting your #1 fundraising priority for the next 90 days

– Hi there! I’m Emma at Blue Sky
Philanthropy, and I’m here to talk about setting your number one fundraising priority for the next 90 days. So, I know how it is, if
you’re like most fundraisers you’re being pulled in a million different directions right now, so you’re
wondering, “How can I pick just one priority to
focus on, especially as we enter into this busy
year-end fundraising season?” But, hear me out, setting
a top priority, and making the commitment to set
aside time for it for the remainder of the year can
make all the difference to your 2019 results. So there’s two things you need to do to make this work. Number one, you need to
decide on a measurable goal and write it down. No one else has to see it,
it’s for your eyes only. So, here’s an example I’m
going to pull out of the air. I want to call our top 10
donors, I want to call 10 top donors each week, for
a total of 150 donor calls by December 31, 2019. So that’s a good example of a
measurable goal, so go ahead and write this down. Don’t type it up. There’s something powerful
about actually handwriting it down somewhere, so, go
ahead and write down what you think might be your top stretch goal for the remainder of 2019. So second step is, you
need to block off the time you need to complete this goal in your calendar each week. So, sticking with our
previous example, if I want to do 10 donor calls each week,
setting aside two hours a week and blocking it in my
calendar would be generous. It would give me time for
those calls, would also give me some buffer time to
do follow-up as well. So, even if you feel stretched
to the limit, I’d guess you can probably carve out
two hours a week at some point in your week to focus
on the fundraising priority that’s really going to
make the most difference for you in 2019. So, go ahead, get a pen and
paper, open your calendar, go do this exercise right
now, and if you feel like you’re too busy to get
this done, I feel like it’s even more urgent that you
focus your time on this, and get that time blocked out
in your calendar, so you can make sure that you’re
spending your time and focus on what’s going to get you
the best results between now and the end of 2019. So, I’d love to hear what
you set as your number one fundraising priority for the next 90 days. I’d love for you to post a
comment below, or if you’re a little shy, you can
always direct message me, or send me an email. Sharing your goals can be
a really great way to stay accountable to your commitment. So, thanks for watching,
and I’ll look forward to seeing you next time.

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