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  • I just want to point out that what you call "common sense" telling you that flare up and coil can be linked may be the same logic as antivaxx, who think their child got autism after the shot. These two happened at the same time, common sense is telling you these two are linked. In your case that's what might be the case, it just reminded me of those arguments and I had to point that out. No hard feelings tho.

  • I watched all of sex education season 2 in one day while coloring the January coloring page. A perfect marriage of the two activities. Thank you Hannah for sending the page out again because I missed it the first time!

  • When I heard how much money that woman raised my first reaction was "dang she has a lot of pictures to take" I mean, a picture for every ten dollars? I assume that she doesn't want to send the same picture 70 times to the person who donated 700. Idk, maybe she will but assuming she won't, she's gonna be taking pictures for days…. I bet she regrets saying every ten dollars. Next time she should make it like every hundred or something. Of course she probably never expected to raise this much.

  • Hannah, please read the book This is Your Brain on Birth Control by Dr. Sarah E. Hill! I'm reading it now and it is mindblowing the effect hormones can have on the brain/ body in ways that never get talked about. They can, in a way, fundamentally change who you are as a person. The tone of the book is a little annoying but the content is paradigm shifting.

  • That's really interesting about the coil. I experienced strange symptoms on the pill and implant and also had more Crohn's flare ups when I was on them. No one thought there was any connection, and I realise the coil theory is to do with how it works, but it still feels weird to me. I think there needs to be far more research into how IBD interacts with hormonal contraception.

  • Re: The purpose of the clitoris – Channel 4 did a series about the science of sex more than a decade ago, including internal camera shots whilst couples were having intercourse. It suggested that stimulating the clitoris and the resultant contractions from female orgasm increased the chances of sex resulting in a pregnancy as it helped any sperm reach the egg more easily. This isn't a hard scientific fact, but all the available evidence strongly suggested it.

  • @Hannah Witton Can you do a video on like, eco-conscious sex products or sex and the environment or something like that? For instance, a few years ago I found out that the leather tanning factories create a lot of air pollution and was looking at alternatives. A lot of 'vegan' leather is actually made if plastic ( pleather, etc). I found a company that makes leather from mushrooms but they weren't really in production yet. So I just look for old leather at second hand stores. I heard that sometimes at kink conventions there is a second hand booth. I haven't had a chance to go check that out yet though. I also wonder if glass sex toys are recyclable and how sustainable is silicone? I think latex and rubber are from trees? I thought it might be an interesting topic.

  • I’ve found this medical research, which has linked coil to increased risk of developing or worsening rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is like UC an autoimmune disorder, so I think that your feelings are highly likely right.

  • Will you ever do a speech in your previous college/sixth form. i'm currently in lower sixth of that college (I wont say the name for your own privacy) but I noticed your an alumni of the college and became interested in if you would ever come back to give some sort of speech.

  • Slight spoilers for Sex Education season 2

    Ace twitter was freaking out about episode 4. And so having never seen the rest of the show, i of course watched only that episode and had no idea who it was and what was going on, so i'm glad i couldn't tell which character was possibly ace. So yay for that. Might watch the show, but it's really not my style preference.

  • Loved Sex Education, but I need a little rant:
    1) in the fingering episode, they didn't mention clit at all! Most girls enjoy mostly/at least some focus outside the orange!
    2) When the get to the clit, it is the tiny ball, instead of the gorgeous thing we now know it is. I get that it was just easier this way, but ugh.
    Other than that, I adore the show. Loved Adam's storyline, Aimee's one was sooo powerfull, the representation of asexual, pansexual and bisexual people, ah, this show is a must watch by teenagers and aspecially parents of teenagers!

  • Sex Education season 2 also has some references to 10 Things I Hate About You which is one of my favorite movies.

  • Just a sidenote here, but in theory male orgasm isn't needed for 'natural reproduction' – the two things can become misaligned and you can ejaculate without orgasming.. this I tell you from experience, it's incredibly strange

  • I truly appreciate your mentioning the idea that putting a foreign object in the body could cause an immune response causing a flare up in people with immune disorders. I have eczema, when it's bad my hands bleed frequently throughout the day. I've been considering a coil, but I've had terrible mental health issues with hormone birth control so I've gone back and forth.
    I'm pretty against it now that I think it could keep my eczema constantly inflamed.
    I'm happy with my current birth control methods (I prefer to use multiple options at once) but people keep trying to convince me of using alternate methods. Now I feel more validated that I don't need to experiment more with my body when I'm happy with things as they are.

  • Nature vs nurture is absolute bukshit.
    Your genes are not fixed, genes can be disabled and enabled depending on the environment, if you are born/a child in desperate times you're hungry genes will be turned on and may stay on for the rest of your life.
    If your parents love you more different genes are turned on compared to if your parents are always gone.
    Of course this is hard to test on humans, but the first example has been proven using children born around natural disasters. The second one has been proven in mice, where I think more "love" meant eating less.


    the fact that there is no research on how the coil could affect immunocompromised people is a horrible oversight

  • For your own research regarding the auto immune disease and the copper coil; my wife who is type 1 diabetic since the age of 9 had the copper coil fitted when she was 24. She had it in for about 4 days but had to have it removed because she was in extreme pain. She went for a check up to see if it had been positioned wrong but the GP told her that her body had reacted quite violently to it and advised taking it out ASAP.
    Within a day of it being removed she was back to normal.
    She was watching this with me and when you mentioned about the connection between the two we both looked at eachother and the penny dropped haha. Hardly conclusive information but surely someone has looked into it?!
    Great video btw 🙂

  • There was a brief flare up in the 1990s about silicone breast implants supposedly leaking and the silicone gel they were filled with allegedly causing auto-immune diseases in a very small number of breast reconstruction patients. I don't know if there were any follow-up studies on this, but silicone is supposed to be biologically inert for carbon-based organisms. There are websites out there claiming a link, but you know better than I do how much medical misinformation is out there, and how much easier it can be to find than medical facts when the misinformation sites have super-effective SEO. Bringing this up in regard to the possibility that your coil triggered your life-threatening colitis attack. If you can't find studies re IUDs in patients with autoimmune diseases, you might find relevant studies regarding other types of implants.

  • Honestly I worked for a short time in a pathology lab and all the coils I saw that had to be removed really put me off that form of contraception. It seems like something that could really benefit from a bit more research, especially in regards to chronic illnesses and disabilities…

  • Ohhhhhh shit I need to go watch that birth control episode now. I have chronic migraines which got worse when I started full time work, which was coincidentally a few months after I got the IUD inserted. I've been told by a migraine doctor that that won't have caused it but she couldn't explain it particularly well. I'm not sure migraines count as an auto immune disorder but I think I'm going to have to do more research on this!

  • Now I have the Beatles stock in my head…
    Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?
    Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
    The sun is up, the sky is blue
    It's beautiful and so are you
    Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?

  • OK so the copper coil is all about that inflammation — like that's it's job, but hormonal IUDs shouldn't cause supermuch inflammation after they've been put in

  • Pretty sure How the pill changes everything: your brain on birth control by Dr Sarah E Hill cited some research around contraception's effect on the inflammatory response. though i think it was about the hormones effect on the immune system rather than the foreign body. an interesting book all the same.

  • Can we do more on the science behind Transgender, Non-binary, and Intersex. Did you know 2% of the world is intersex?

  • Lily is my favourite in sex education. I LOVED how they talk about her vaginismus again in such a natural way and showed her dilators ❤️

  • i loved sex education s2 otherwise but absolutely hated the storyline with eric and especially how it ended. making the "ex" -homophobe date the other gay character is such an old and problematic storyline i think otis worded it quite perfectly on the show and that gave me a lil hope but nope :::D would love to hear other ppl's opinions too tho!

  • If you don't want to hear anything about Sex Education Season 2 because SPOILERS but do want to watch the rest of the video, Hannah starts taking about it at 8:05 and stops at 11:00

  • I stayed up WAY too late last night binging sex education 😂 I'm really glad it exists for today's teenagers. I wish I had had it when I was in high school.

  • Hi! About autoimmune diseases and intrauterine devices: there is some evidence that IUDs could increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. I'm a researcher interested in (among other things) sex differences in diseases that have a large immune system component, e.g. cancer and autoimmune diseases. Here's a paper we wrote on pregnancy, immunity, and autoimmune diseases:

  • I’m abit new to experiencing sex and trying new things I wanted to ask what things you’d recommend getting a girl for Valentine’s Day for the bedroom

  • People with EDS are advised not to use hormonal contraceptives (which I was told far too late) and the M Coil is included in the no-no list.

    As you said, there is no proper research. Just the overwhelming horror stories from people with uteruses that have EDS.

    So when I first heard you were on the M coil, I was surprised, because while EDS is not your issues, there is some overlap with the digestive issues.

    But who knows. People with uteruses are brushed off routinely when they complain and supposed to just suck it up.

  • Bought my wife one of these to help with the Australian Fire relief…

  • I think you should watch this video by Nibbles making art by taking very close up photos of her partners and her bits. It looks cool:

  • lesbian who loves the new lesbian pride flag here! (although, definitely my opinion that the 5 stripe variant is way better visually than the 7 stripe)

  • I was perfectly healthy (to my knowledge), until about a year into getting a hormonal iud. Then suddenly I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I don‘t know if the two are connected, but I‘m switching to a nonhormonal iud this year.

  • there's a religious discrimination bill currently being debated in Australia that could have wide reaching impacts specifically on people who can get pregnant and LGBT+ people.

  • I do think it is cool that the woman sent out nudes for charity – but isn't it kinda sad that we live in a world where that works so well!? (and would be much less effectiv if a man did it)

  • I have a question for everyone I’ve always heard about how men don’t like to go down on women I’m a 18 year old man and I never knew why other guys don’t in joy it if anyone has a idea why I’d love to hear

  • I've heard about luxury taxes on period related products 🩸, but I've never actually considered searching to see how the situation is here. Well, I just looked it up and in Belgium the taxes on period related products have gone from 21% to 6% in 2018. 🙌

  • You made me remember the baba ganoush scene and I had to pause the video to laugh again😂😂😂that one killed me

  • I actually learnt in a level biology that female orgasm does have a reproduction purpose as well! The muscle spasms an orgasm causes actually helps to push the sperm up towards the egg

  • Does anyone know what happened with the porn ban in the UK? It seemed all over the news a while ago and now there’s nothing? A mystery!

  • 21:16 additional information about the lesbian pride flag, the reason there is a new one in the first place is because the old one didn't include representation for butch lesbians and trans women, but the new one does! The old purple-pink one is only representative of 'lipstick lesbians', but now there is a more communal flag everyone can use! 🙂

  • I did not notice a single one of the movie quotes or homage to 90 movies in sex education season 2. I think it's cause I'm still buzzing about the asexuality representation and how well Dr Milburn handled it.

  • It makes sense to me too that putting a foreign object into the body is a recipe for disaster. A mechanical blockage of body function just seems like classic medical idiocy. The male sterilization of simply tying some tubes seems amazingly idiotic to me too. Doctors are all too often complete morons, case in point CTscans which cause a ton of cancer. Ironically so do mammograms. Also xray based and a large dose. Sigh. Medicine has a long history of super idiocy. The discovery of bacteria being one of them. In a maternity ward. The doctor that figured out there was an infection at the hospital that killed the mothers got committed to an insane asylum. True story.

  • I watched the sex explained series and I really liked that they were short nuggets on information. I especially liked the episode on sexual fantasy, I thought it had some really interesting stats. The thing you mentioned about the clit having a reproductive function is super interesting, i'll definitely do some more reading on that.
    I love love looooveee this series Hannah :))

  • Here in Austria, they are planning to reduce tax on tampons etc. as well. HOWEVER some companies now want to increase the prices on their products, claiming to improve their materials. Some other good news though: A local organisation, who are working to inform girls about periods, have started to provide schools with free tampons – I even found one of their boxes in the girls' bathroom at my uni institute!

  • I actually don't want Maeve and Otis to be together, I don't see it and I don't think they showed them really having feelings for each other until they said it. I think they would be better as friends than together.

    Also I agree with you on how contraception can flare up IBD, because didn't your doctors say if you want a permanent stoma or J-Pouch start your family sooner as it can cause disruption with reproductive organs but they aren't sure why? I'm sure the coil can do it as well, it's actually a question I am going to ask my IBD nurse as I'm looking into contraception other than condoms.

  • Would love to hear your opinion on the HPV vaccine for boys, it’s something that I haven’t heard many people talk about it.

  • Don't forget that the new season of Sabrina is out on Friday 🙂
    I have never understood why other countries (non-US) put a special tax on menstrual products…here in the US everything is taxed the same amount as far as those items go.
    Be very careful using TikTok…it is owned and operated by the Chinese government…everything you say and do on the platform is collected by the Chinese government.

  • I'm not too sure that I liked the introduction of a disabled character who as of the finale, is pretty explicitly villainous. Like we have one wheelchair user and he's awful? I dunno maybe I'm being overly sensitive, I just feel like we have one physically disabled person and he's a liar, a thief and a jerk? Sorry to be a downer.

  • Shit, is the implant also inflammatory? Because I developed Psoriatic Arthritis around the time I got the implant and I already had psoriasis which is autoimmune. But then like you said I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist about the because there's so much guff surrounding autoimmune diseases like liver cleanses etc

  • Omg yes!! I love Goddess Ambrosia!!! Her quote "I'm still going to be spoiled it's just who I am it's just what happens" is the type of energy I want to have in my life

  • Also I think generally the period tax money should go to making sure people who can't afford/get access to menstrual products should get them. So almost a cycle like that- we buy a pad and the tax is given so someone else can get one too!

  • Huh. Now I'm concerned that my IUD has something to do with my inflammatory arthritis in my spine (because they happened at essentially the same time…) UGH

  • Hey Hannah Witton I like your videos. But I have a few questions. You said you support abortions but what do you say a girl who is against abortion? I wish America had better sex education. All I was told was don’t do it till your married.

  • I would love to research the effect of the coil on autoimmune diseases! Right now I’m doing an internship at a group that researches IBD.
    I feel like there isn’t much new research about contraception because it’s already in use so why would someone give you a grand if it already ‘works’ and is safe.

  • I love Sex Education, but I was kind of disappointed when Jean talked about the clitoris as being “a little button”… I would have thought the people who made this series would be better informed and/or would want to convey correct information. (I haven’t finished the series though, so maybe this is addressed further on?)

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