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Sex Parties Thrown By Romney Fundraiser

Sex Parties Thrown By Romney Fundraiser

mit romney held this fundraiser a got
caught on tape that everybody’s talking about now in boca raton is is i think a
lot of you know uh… it was uh… fifty thousand dollars a plate to attend a
fundraiser about forty to fifty people attended just thinking on that met with his
legalized bribery could be will say okay dot his fifty
thousand dollars how you think you know us on a dark
chocolate myths of course in finding in his
private regcure day with there i mean that’s when he was
explaining in that case that you’ve all seen now uh… where he says he doesn’t care
about half the country center he’s answering to his bosses is the people who bought him is
basically is more teases c_e_o_ and he said all right listen thank you all for your brides
today fifty thousand dollars a bs in a bare minimum now let me tell you what my real plans
are that i don’t talk about in the press as they got we’ve been cameras hoops there was a camera in there anyway so the guy who through that extravaganza was marked leader he’s also
project when in fact he got into private equity after i think i was a time when
they were on the and he said publicly discussed thank you
so much money it’s insane solicited in this business and then so what did he do in that
business well like a lot of uh… firms in
private equity not all of them their plenty of good firms in private equity being capital as we’ve shown you uh… has bankrupted many companies that
made profits anyway they don’t care if the company exists or
doesn’t exist of employers got fired or i don’t care is as long as they make
money part of the way did they do that is they
suck up the money by putting dead on the company taking
that money is a dividend putting their parliament jobs that didn’t come
together it spells and every other well apparently mark leader is on a
plane times himself because twenty percent of the companies that he bought went bankrupt twenty percent is a gigantic number and one of them by the way was
friendlies you know the place where you get ice
cream i love their peanut butter cup a bit and
i certainly was a little messy spilled on the sides my friends got jim dandy but we love the
place pat bankrupt because a market leader you don’t want one of the reasons he
bankrupted the company or droguett into bankruptcy because he didn’t want to pay the pensions of the workers now they could have been the rest of the
company businesses according to new york times reports news like it who wants the rescue again i’d have to
pay all these employees who’ve been working here for so long the passions of the earned that they deserved i want to do
that academy connection echo so screwed up throw them out of business no gemini’s
for a snippet no patience for that but mark leaders
happy so what’s his current stance while he’s got four hundred million dollars now now look that was before is two thousand
nine divorce where apparently was hurt pretty badly uh… someone to bore some of that
unhappy about uh… fifteen thousand score for
admission is got near boca raton withheld the fundraiser for mit romney says the house of ramayana spin as at
the end there he’s got a stake in the philadelphia
seventy six as that sounds fun but the one before that is the one that
really stinks effort he rented a house in the hamptons last
summer for five hundred thousand dollars that is dean standing the man five hundred thousand dollars um but these guys i want to pay the taxes
these guys they all are well the bottom half of this country has had
to do it they’ll reduce them too much r_u_ kidding me and this is the same guy who didn’t want a paid attention to
those families workers all over the new get the retired pc de
facto work i’d i read the house members were finally bells on mon so what do you do it that house
apparently going to new york post sex part stifle offsets faulted apparently so so here’s a call from the post the depreciated home that leader rented
for a while the public has a month jusco born in the nude in a pool and
perform sex acts while scantily-clad a russian women
dance on platforms this is of the party also to coral
flaming torches to booming beats this is might literally the last days of pompeii is this something you see in the movies
right before that great stock market crash in
nineteen twenty nine in the great depression sets in and people like me yahoo papa father
twirling porches in this circuses in satara writing when and sex in a ball what don’t you know i have it sells for it’s fifty but this is how they spend
the money and they got by campaigning where hiked evalu democrats who want to
try to many more taxes itself perhaps failing on seventeen russian strippers
at this party what do you think by or what i guess naked until they have a point
fourteen or fifteen russian occurs i mean strippers mark leader when asked to explain his
sex parties said quote i think the betrayal of me as having
wild and crazy parties is absolutely incorrect i spent a small percentage throwing some
parties attending some parties i like music i liken this i like tacos not repeated measurement douglas part
but reporting in how i spend three hundred and forty days and nights of my
ear the media lesser report on the other
twenty five in other words those twenty five days importing pretty
frickin heart according to the reporting he got real burned on the divorce and
this is a way of acting out bug i got no probs with that manhattan
at a cost of any team i think he’d make me like you a little bit more but what i can tell by is that while you’re having the time
your life and strongly down the fruit like there’s no more utility as a friendly so wrench in nine
year old company ’cause i don’t wanna pay the patients that you burn your whole
life that’s what bothers me about mark here
and that’s the guy who’s given already over two hundred and
thirty thousand dollars the mit romney and his packs that organizes boca raton fundraiser and i basically says the mit romney hey
you get elected do you do you guys like me in even bigger tax cut and that’s exactly what prompted plans
to do and i can abide by that either

  • Wait, Obama charges celebrities 25,000 a plate..Obama charges MORE money than Romney does for these "fundraisers" why are you not calling Obama out?

  • I understand your point, but if you think Obamney is any different then I'm affraid you're in for a big appointment. Why Cenk carries water for criminals and crooks like Clinton or Obama is beyond me. The only reason Obama didn't invade Iraq is because he didn't have the chance… YET. If he can… he will.

    We need to get RID of government and their corporate cronies.

    To deal with Mittens of the world we need money that is NOT the US dollar. We make use of alternatives: bitcoin, silver, ect.

  • That is absolutely wrong. And by absolutely wrong, I mean – 180 degrees from reality. Non property holders weren't even legally allowed to vote for Christ's sake.

    You really need to do some research IF you even want to understand economics. I'd suggest Professor Tom Woods as a starting point. Type his name into Youtube he offers some free classes. Then I'd move on to the study of Ethics … although that's a LOT deeper understanding of property and ownership.

  • I see what you mean now with the superstition comment. I have to say that I dont agree, if you take away government you take away the only thing keeping these corporations at bay. These guys sell chemicals to babies in countries that dont have the same regulations as the US, could you imagine the slave conditions, low pay, no leave, no overtime, the price gouging, the speculation, the carpet bagging etc. if there was absolutely no body to keep it in check? Government needs reform not abolition

  • Well, I'd suggest (if you're interested) checking out or Prof. Tom Woods (lots of good stuff).

    The truth is private property Laws and market demand can easily deal with corporations. I personally think 'Corporations' (a legal definition) are immoral. I do support business.

    I'm in no way worried Apple is going to harm me if I buy Samsung. And the US Government has nothing to do with my freedom to chose a phone. I do OTOH worry about the US government restricting my Civil Liberties.

  • All I can say is I started studying this about 5 years ago. I have a PhD in Medicine (so I know how to conduct proper literary research). To really understand the economy you must understand basic philosophy, basic ethics, property rights, history, some math, have a decent understanding of the concept 'money' and different theories of economics (ex: Keynesian vs Austrian) and maybe the limits of corrleation study versus Scientific Methodology (macro econ can't apply 'Science' and can ONLY model)

  • Governments can and are becoming oppressive I agree 100% on that but reform is the answer, something closer to Australia which has a great economy and a high standard of living. We've seen what happens in industrialised societies that dont have regulation, in Britain during the industrial revolution, paying children a couple pounds a year to work 18 hour days in mines, look at the third world, Id sooner pay more tax than live in a country like Bangladesh. This regulation came about for a reason

  • cont. I mean small businesses can, and often do, exploit workers just as much as a big corporation can, they can arbitrarily fire workers, they can demand sexual favours, they can pay below minimum wage, they sell dangerous products etc. if they didnt have to worry about the law it would become endemic. Not to mention how would property laws work without a justice system to administer it? A justice system needs tax, tax needs beauracracy, beauracracy needs tax

  • Funny you should mention AU. I moved to AU 12 years ago 🙂 AU has HORRIBLY mismanaged their economy! I personally know some people in government who recently (within the week) quietly mentioned that the 'Citizens will need to get used to a lower standard of living'.

    AU has almost ZERO innovation. Nothing. It's hardcore 'Socialism' here. BIG government with a LOT of power. NO Bill of Rights. Gov has a lot money coming in from minerals which they make a lot of money selling to China. That's it

  • One more mention about AU.
    1. Do NOT go to public hospital. Buy private insurance.
    2. Forget buying a house if you don't own one. You will probably rent your whole life. A single bedroom crappy apt in the subs is easily $300,000.
    3. Tax is HIGH. Real high.

    There are some great benefits. If you are a miner, you can make money here. If you are poor, you will live as good as middle class. But, this is not going to last much longer. Gov is all powerful here and have cut services quickly and deeply.

  • Really? I live in Australia too at the moment, Canberra to be precise, are you in Sydney? Canberra has a great standard of living, low crime, good hospitals, good schools etc. I dont have a problem with the government, thats whats keeping it good. Its expensive here sure, but I make way more money here than I would in the US so I still come out ahead. I dont see whats wrong with the economy, their dollar is worth more than ours and their credit rating recently got upgraded cont.

  • They were also one of the very very few countries that experienced net growth through the GFC. What do you mean by no innovation? They're one of the leaders in the agricultural and enviromental technology sectors. I admit Im not too up to date with the economy, but why are the standards of living going to drop? Is there an economic reason or is just that they're slowly succumbing to deregulation? Also a bill of rights is worthless, look at the Patriot Act or NDAA, I dont see that as a critique.

  • Makes sense to me too. When ever the repubtards hit a town for a convention. The local sex industry trucks in extra workers. Plus the local boys only bath houses open for longer hours. Hiprocracy what a gass.

  • Believe me I have read it. But we don't need an emendment. We porbably have a much better chance of ratstacking the supreme court next term (4 justices are in their 70's) and overturning this precedent. This is one of the worst supreme court decision in U.S. history. I mean if money constitutes speech, why would I get thrown in prison if I tried to give a cop who is wriing me a ticket $1,000? 🙂

  • That's not a logical response. What you really should be asking is: How do we PAY for universal healthcare? Which major medical technology and pharmaceutical companies are Australian? Which industries actually make any of these medical products? Lastly, everyone knows Public Healthcare in AU is of a MUCH LOWER quality compared with Private – and this is why most Australians pay and get private.

    Australian PRIVATE healthcare is NOT Universal.

    ALL Americans get "free" emergency treatment.

  • I lived in Canberra for 4 years (about 7 years ago). Where does the money come from that goes into all those Canberran schools, hospitals, etc…. the only thing Canberra produces is regulation. IOWs, sure, Canberra is wealthy because the Federal Government taxes the other people in the States and uses it to make their life pretty good.

    Where do you suppose all this money is coming from? Innovation? Industry? or is it mainly coming from the mining sector?

  • If China buys Australian resources you will have a pretty decent standard of living.

    RE: The Gov
    It isn't "The Government" that is providing you with a high standard of living in Canberra. It's taxing the labor of workers in the AU States This means the Australian Citizens in the States have a LOWER standard of living so that you can have a higher standard of living in Canberra.

    You may want to keep that in mind.

    (I've lived in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane)

  • Sorry if this is a double post (pc crashed).
    I've lived in Canberra (4 years), Sydney and Brisbane.

    How can Canberra this nice hospitals, schools, and high paying jobs? What is it that Canberra produces that is in such high demand? What industry does Canberra host? Where is Canberra's silicon valley?

    Your high standard of living is paid for by taxing the workers in the States – which reduces their standard of living. That's something you should keep in mind and ask yourself if that is moral?

  • On a side note, over the last 15 years public medical care in the States has went into the toilet which is why almost all Australians I know (actually all of them) pay for private healthcare. The public hospitals are literally a training ground for green surgeons. For the Gods sake, if you can help it, do not have surgery in a public hospital unless it's routine stitch.

    AU obstetricians OTOH are excellently resourced and well trained. Which makes sense given the structure of Public healthcare

  • I don't know, dred scott (ruling that Blacks couldn't be U.S. citizens) was pretty bad! 🙂 And it is true that Supreme Court justices tend to wait for likeminded leadership in the whitehouse to retire. But Scalia and Kennedy are right at the average age of retirement for the Supreme Court. And Ginsburg is 79…she will likely retire in the next term regardless.

  • Hey last time I looked millions of Americans are unable to afford private health care. Unlike Australia which has affordable health care because we have got a good public health system. As for most Aussies having private health insurance. I know that to be a furphie because the private health industry keeps advertising over here because, especially amongst the under 40's very few do have private health care.

  • This guy mweibleii is another of those far right trolls that believe in a make believe reality. Where the super rich will do the right thing by the rest of society. In regards to workers rights, the environment and so many other areas. If we get ride of all regulations and tax. I find debating morons who lack even the semblance of common sense, a large waist of time. Notice how he uses his so called qualification in medicine to give him authority on economics.

  • I notice how quickly and ignorantly people respond to comments that question their God or State.

    Big God, Little State (GOP).
    Little God, Big State (DEM).

    What I said 'States' I'm referring to the Australian States. Which should be obvious by the context as I was discussing Australia.

    A little clearer now?

    A connection in Canberra stated last week privately "Australians are going to have to get used to a much lower standard of living". I was thinking… even LOWER?!?!

  • Sex parties at the Hampton house, in the words Craig & Smokey on "Friday" "Daaaaamn", I wonder if Marc Leder's doorbell was the theme to "The Benny Hill Show"?

  • Even if those numbers are a little bit accurate, that is crazy. And isn't there a law against owning a company that borrows to pay you, and bankrupting it there by ?

  • If someone purposely bankrupt a company I had worked 20+ years at just to avoid paying out pensions I'd make sure that MF'er never got to see their pension.

  • IMO all politicians are equally vile. Doesn't seem to matter what banner they claim Republican or Democrat same shit. my belief is that the baby boomers are most of the middle class. Your really rich, don't give a damn about working class Americans and I agree a country (historically ) that has no moral compass fail. Why don't you cover Mrs Obama role working for a non profit hospital in Chicago serving the poor. Made tens of millions by charging uninsured patients 2-300% more than those with insurance ? Because despite your claims of exposing the greed and corruption of Republicans (I'm not defending nor denying their guilt ) I'm simply pointing out that all of them are crooks and perhaps about 6 of them give a shit. They're all robbing us blind, how can you turn a blind eye when the future of our children has been passed away ?

  • Marc Leder is one of the biggest crooks out there. He throws sex parties with the pension money of cashiers and warehouse slaves.

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