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Should Spirituality be Separate from Charity, Politics? | Sadhguru

Should Spirituality be Separate from Charity, Politics? | Sadhguru

Kavitha: Why don’t spiritual gurus leave
the charity part to Bill Gates (Sadhguru Laughs), and go on with spiritual
teachings? But are we, on a serious note, Sadhguruji,
are we somewhere confusing our people? A spiritual leader is supposed to be spiritually
enlightening people and not continuously crossing paths into charity sometimes, offering solutions
sometimes, making a political comment sometimes. I mean what is this
all about? Is this more to be, you know, more well-known
(Sadhguru Laughs), be… make a…just create a controversy and be well-known or what
exactly is this? Sadhguru: I don’t want to comment about
any individual. But generally, whether you are political or spiritual
or you are in a commercial venture or you are doing nothing, you are citizen
of this nation. You have rights and responsibilities of being
in this country. Each person, according to his understanding
of his rights and responsibility and his intelligence and capability, should act to better everything
around us because we’re all benefitting from the platform of nationhood,
isn’t it? We are not living away
from it. Just because I am spiritual, I am not walking
in the sky, I am still driving on the road. If the road is a mess, should I not
talk about it? I am asking? Right now we got stuck in the traffic for
ten minutes. It’s so simple. There’s not enough automobiles on the road…
for the road, the width of the road, but because everybody’s driving so haphazardly, it is
a mess! So should I not talk
about it? Because it is impeding in my spiritual activity
also, the traffic jam (Few Laugh). So similarly, people are malnourished in the
village, should I not talk about it? Because if they’re malnourished, if they’ve
not even eaten properly, should I talk to them about enlightenment? It’s obscene!
I will not do such things. When somebody is hungry, I will not go and
tell them, you must get enlightened, that is a solution
(few laugh). No, I think he must be given fundamental
thing to eat. So the question is
about life. The question is not about area of function
that you have chosen. If you want to enhance life, all aspects are
involved. Somebody wants to get directly into political
space; I would not do that, not because I think it’s wrong, simply because it doesn’t
agree with my aesthetics, that’s all. My focus is elsewhere, my competence
is elsewhere. So I focus on that but somebody wants to stand
for election, let’s say somebody who’s wearing saffron clothes, wants to stand for
election, it’s his prerogative. As a citizen of this India, he has the right
to do that. I don’t think we should get overly perturbed
about these things. If he has earned people’s respect, it will
happen otherwise it won’t work. In all these things, are all spiritual people
perfect people? Unfortunately they are not. But it is not necessary
to go on making this judgem… “Let Bill Gates do it!”
You wait for Bill Gates to make hundred billion dollars, then come and give it to you; it’s
just stupid. Everybody has to do the best they can do,
wherever they can do, only then something
will happen. You want an American business success to come
to India and do charity for you, you must be ashamed even
to say that. Every one of us, whether you can help one
or ten or hundred or a million, is just a question of your capability but everybody
must do what is needed in the society, isn’t it?

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