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Simon’s Cat ‘Off to the Vet’ Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo!

Simon’s Cat ‘Off to the Vet’ Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo!

Hello I’m Simon Tofield, you probably don’t
recognize me but you might have seen my cat before. Simon’s Cat is full of mischief and he will
do anything to be fed. Since I made that first cartoon six years
ago, Simon’s cat has been causing all kinds of mayhem for his long suffering owner Simon. Well Simon is me really and the Simon’s Cat story ideas are based on what my four real life cats get up to at home. This is Teddy, who’s the kitten in Kitten
Chaos, and he is Hugh, and Hugh is the one that gave me the idea
right at the beginning for Cat Man Do. There is a Simon’s Cat film I really want
to make and it is about a situation that many cat
owners will recognize. It’s that time where we have to take our adorable
pets; our fluffy cats, off to the vet. I have been thinking about this film for a long
time and judging by all the comments and messages I get on Facebook and YouTube I think it is a film that a lot of Simon’s
Cat fans are going to want to see too. As I have been developing the story with the
Simon’s Cat team, we have realised that there are so many gags
and ideas that we want to put in, it’s going to be longer than our usual two
to three minute episodes that we normally make It’s going to be more like eleven minutes
long! And we are planning something very special
for the look of this new film as well. We are really excited about the idea of making
this film, but what Simon hasn’t mentioned is just how much work is involved. The Simon’s Cat episodes take between two
and three months to make. Each film is animated by hand, frame by frame, and it takes a talented team of animators,
cleanup artists, production staff, and a top sound designer too. So producing this new longer film will be
a huge project for us. It will actually be like making a whole year’s
worth of Simon’s Cat films in one go. It’s important to us that we continue to release
the classic Simon’s Cat films for everyone to enjoy online for free. But to do this and make Off to the Vet we
are going to need to expand our team. So we are asking you, the Simon’s Cat fans,
to support our crowd funding campaign and help make this very special Simon’s Cat film
possible. Everyone who supports our campaign will get early access to watch the film when it is finished. Plus we have some exclusive Simon’s Cat goodies, including your chance to own original Simon’s Cat artwork too. We are really looking forward to making Simon’s
Cat Off to the Vet, and we hope you are looking forward to watching it too. Meow!

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