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Simple fundraising with AmazonSmile

Simple fundraising with AmazonSmile

– We’ll do one at a time. You have to relax. Remember, strong ankles, OK? – I know I have to practice in my heels – OK, pretty ladies. Are you ready? – Yeah! – It’s showtime! Here we go Woohoo – I’m Caitlin, and I’m a dancer at Dancing Dreams. – Dancing Dreams is a dance program designed to allow physically and medically challenged children to to be the star, to experience the joy of movement, the joy of being on stage, the joy of being the person that all the eyes are on. – It’s really opened up her eyes to the possibilities of living a full life. Just because she has cerebral palsy there is nothing that she can’t do. – I am so proud of myself. – AmazonSmile has been a tremendous help to us. For a small organization
such as ours, it gives us the money
to buy dance shoes. It’s the easiest money
that we earn, honestly. A shoe goes beyond being
just a shoe in our program. They’re a symbol of being able to do something that everyone else does. The dancers are backstage
and ready to go, so on with the show – It’s just a beautiful thing as a dad to see
my daughter on the stage like that. – It gives me a freedom. I couldn’t imagine what
my life was going to be like. And look at me now.

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