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SOLIDARITY 2.0 | Ztudio Asia | Fundraising Fitness Day Convention 2017 (Official VIDEO)

[AJ Zoomer Productions Present] The thought of us being weakly ill Dying alone on the streets No one to care With nowhere to get treated at Once in a lifetime you know We are supporting a cause that is bigger than all of us It’s an ongoing cause I’ve been involved as a participant in the first round I still remember the first Solidarity Event That happened about 2 years ago This was to raise funds to Rebuild Nepal after the earthquake disaster Many people had perished in that disaster And it was one of my first few events There was a time where I met local ZINs All held hands at the beginning
Holding hands and while watching it I was quite emotional It was in 2007 on my first trip I was staying there about a week And in such a short time it’d seriously impacted The way that I looked at the world [Music]
♬ Sarah McLachlan ~ ANGEL ♫ Mother Teresa’s Home of the Pure Heart Also known as ‘NIRMAL HRIDAY’ Formerly Kalighat Home for the Sick and
Dying Destitutes in Kolkata, India Those on their limbs of life The poor the ill To take them home
Take them off the streets Have them a place to die with dignity ♬ In This Sweet Madness ♫ ♬ Oh This Glorious Sadness ♫ ♬ That Brings Me To My Knees ♫ ♬ In The Arms Of The Angel ♪ ♬ Fly Away From Here … ♯ Mother Teresa is one of the great
humanitarians of the 20th century Because of her ability to love Those who were the most vulnerable in society The work she did in India Really challenged entrenched notions Off-casts in gender roles And she worked very closely with lepers
and other people who were Disenfranchised… Marginalized… Dispossessed! ♬ You’re in the arms of the angel ♪ Solidarity is a reunification of fitness instructors From various fitness programs Forming together an exciting fundraising event With 4 hours of Fun Fitness Day Convention! To really look into the process and
To know the bigger picture that That you know why are we doing this? Definitely is not for the frame or for the glory! 🎼 [Orchestra Score] 🎼 Mother Teresa who cares about people She recognizes their spiritual dignity She takes care not just their spiritual needs But their bodily needs as well And she gathers other people to help her do that That in my mind is a good humanitarian! [10th December 1979]
Our poor people are great people… Are very loveable people! They don’t need our pity and sympathy They need our understanding love They need our respect they need That we treat them with dignity
That we have in front of them Who may be dying for a piece of bread But they die with such dignity! What solidarity means to me… It’s really gathering people or at least Fitness instructors from all walks of life! We don’t have to be Mother Teresa to be humanitarians We can go the extra mile Through purchasing tickets for the fitness convention Create awareness of the plights of
the poor and the destitute in Kolkata… … Uhhh…
Less fortunate &… Who are really much less fortunate! [Music]
♬ The Justice Collective ~
He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother ♫ Well that really never crossed my mind Because I’m blessed We are in countless of ways… There was one guy who’s asleep on the train tracks The train ran over past his legs While his bottom half of his legs weren’t there… He didn’t survive the week when I was there And that just changed me Th-The whole experience… so… What better way to get fit and have fun To free yourself from stress all for a worthy cause To be united with this goal in mind To raise funds to help the needy and the poor In fact the poor is way poorer than
The poor in Singapore… Where all proceeds go towards
Funding their home supply with Food,
Cleansing Detergents,
Clothes Milk Supplements,
Medicine &
Treatment of Wounds Poverty is an ongoing issue so I just hope that when you come You come with a heart that
You’re here to give as we give… One thing I knew I was there to make a difference… To bring some happiness to those People who are still in Kalighat and… Hundreds and thousands of… People who are gonna be there in the future… So please join me and show compassion To our brothers & sisters in Kolkata… I hope to see everyone
Support this event for a good cause… You get to choose attending a single session or two Or you can simply attend ALL FOUR! Buy a ticket for yourself or buy it for a friend… And to just give back you know
Paying it forward in life… And please please spread the word! They may not know you…
Who you are…
Where you’re from… Just that sense of satisfaction that
They get goes a long way! Let us hold hands together as we raise awareness Reminding to put ourselves in their shoes Helping those who are less fortunate than us And to appreciate the blessings in our life We often take for granted. Let’s get together and be the difference… TOGETHER
WE ARE SOLIDARITY! ♬ ♪ He’s My Brother… ♯ ♫ [[ Captions & Lyrics Sync – Andy Joshua Lim ]]

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