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  • "Wine cave " ? Is that a Cambridge, Mass. thing ? Is that where all those Boston area WEAKlings and cowards hid when the Boston Marathon 'bombing' didn't happen ?

  • Warren as a representative of a professor at the university of Harvard sure brings down the reputation as a learning center as it deserves.

  • 0:57: "I didn't really know that there is such a thing as a wine cave – I've heard of a wine cellar – but I didn't know there was anything called…"

    such a comment, apparently arousing a sense of mirth in all the parties to this conversation, shows a remarkable lack of lexical awareness; "cave" (the french word for "cellar") being regularly used to describe a "wine cellar", or the place where the wine is stored, it is quite commonsensical to describe such a place as a "wine cave" – a person who finds this funny is simply revealing a deficiency in his perception of language.

  • Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
    Warren has the Genuine Fake policies though and none of the Democrats are trying to knock out their competitors like Trump has been accused of ?

  • It’s all a big build up to Hillary running in 2020 as the nominated to run again. She a machine. Sick, but still a machine.

  • Elisabeth warren who in the hell is she ,shr don't even have a chance ,this is just a job or something ,I can even call it what it is this runners got nothing On Trump so get out ,get out ,get out …

  • I think her advisors told her that he was the one taking the most support from her. She's loaded ? ? she can buy $1,000.00 bottle's of ? wine. What a hypocrite!

  • Yeah; Rank Hypocrisy and yet another example of the Left eating its own. Eventually they start turning on each other as Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine and David Horowitz, ex-red diaper baby, points out.

  • Noah was white; with perfect genes, and God was doing a new thing in the earth with Noah, because all flesh had corrupted itself, and wickedness abounded in the earth. Noah was of the royal family of God. Ham's son; Canaan, was black as night, hence the Canaanite peoples were a very dark, black skinned; people. Hagar; whom was Ishmael's Egyptian mother was also black. The native Egyptians; hence the Nubian's were black. Which is most likely how Cain via the Canaanites, snuck his seed in through her; both being a black skinned peoples. Isaac's twin sons; Jacob and Esau were both white. Via the Scriptures it is established that they were both of (of means offspring) Isaac through his wife Rebekah.

    Esau, a white man, took a wife from his half uncle; Ishmael's, daughters. And he also took for wives from the daughters of Canaan. So all of Esau's wives were black. How else was Satan sneaking his seed in? Through the so called handmaids. Sara, because she was barren; gave of her Egyptian handmaid to Abram in order to get children. And Jacob's wives; Leah and Rachel, both had handmaids, whom they gave to Jacob during the times, that they were not able to bear children themselves; and these handmaids bear children to Jacob. These handmaids were slav_s and they were black. Which is why, when Jacob was returning home, he put them and their children in front, when he was going to meat Esau; and Leah and her children in the middle, and his favorite wife Rachel and their son Joseph in the rear to protect the Holy _eed.

    Who was cursed to be a slav_ to both his brothers Shem and Japheth? Canaan! And who hated; and to this day, still hates his brother, passionately? Esau hated Jacob, because Jacob was chosen by God to rule over his older brother; Esau, and Jacob received a double blessing! Just like Satan's son Cain; killed his half brother, Abel, out of jealous hatred. Wonder who killed off the Indians? Esau or Jacob. Esau has a habit of doing wickedness and then pretending to be the victim and then blaming his little brother. They are a mixed race of people; tainted/corrupted by the Serpent's seed, the illegitimate bastard seed of Satan, who can claim Abraham as their father; and therefore also claim to be chosen of God and to have the d_vine right to rule over their brothers. Many of the _ews in Is-RA-El today appear as they do, especially in the eye brows, due to Canaan. Those brows tend to carry over no matter how light or dark the skin is; but not always.

    Hence big broth_r is watching you. Saudi is not Arab; they are Esau-white with Canaan-black mixed in. Some of them appear to be very white, while others are very dark skinned, even black and many of them have the hair of a black man and are very hairy. "I know those who say they are _ews; and are not, but do lie, I will make them of (of means offspring) the Synagogue of Satan." They try to tell us that you cannot get white from black and that the black skinned peoples were here first. Yet Enoch; the seventh from Adam, who was a prophet that walked with God, tells us that Noah was a white man and the Bible tells us that Noah had perfect genes; hence perfect in his generations, therefore his DNA/bloodline. And a white man can have children from a black woman and his children can come out looking very white, just as they could also come out looking very black, or a mixture; hence light, medium, or dark brown.

  • this 1/1000th of a 1000th fake Indian is as dumb as the rest of the Dems…they tear each other to shreds and theyre on the same team? How many commercials are they giving to Trump?

  • Wine caves are such an important issue to American voters. This is going to be the big issue for the Democrats heading into 2020. I wouldn't be surprised if CNN comes up with some cool "Wine Cave" intro graphics for their big bombshell wine cave scoops.



  • WHY DO WHITE EVANGELICALS IDOLIZE TRUMP? In their eyes, he is “the chosen one” who can do no wrong. The second of the Bible’s Ten Commandments specifically prohibits the creation of idols; the evangelicals break that commandment by idolizing Trump who regularly breaks the last four commandments; specifically, the ones prohibiting adultery, lying, cheating, and coveting. The white evangelicals idolize Trump because they are white nationalists/supremacists like him.

  • if Warren taught at Harvard I am very glad I did NOT waste my $$$$$$$$$ going to that school if Warren is the caliber of instructors/professors!  I would be asking for a refund!!!!

  • All politicians love wine caves. That's why I like Trump! He doesn't drink and get stupid with Americans money. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Trump 2020.

  • Elizabeth Warren will never be President. She isn’t presidential material and her ideas will bankrupt America. America would never be the same. All of these Democrats will bankrupt our country and allow our borders to be overrun by illegal immigrants!

  • I don't care what Spicer's POV is on any of this. Warren and Buttigieg aren't great candidates in my opinion. Only Sanders or Yang are worth any time on the Democrat side to me. All good if you disagree!

  • We seen enough of this crap with Hillary, fake, fake, fake Warren, Bernie the Socialist , scarry he should live in Venezuela or Cuba just go there with that ideology, of all the Dems i like Tulsi, she is strong and i feel if Trump does win 2020 she will be called to help work on Defense military policy, she is smart and Trump Team likes smart .

  • What Hypocrites Democrats are- Warren is wealthy she is mad coz she is just a millionaire and not billionaire. Build you a wine cave Liz so you can have billionaires in your cave, don't forget the crystals.

  • They're doing their best to reelect The Orange Criminal by being complete doofuses! VOTE FOR THE ORANGE CRIMINAL IN 2020 BECAUSE AMERICANS LOVE BEING RULED BY THE CRIMINALLY INSANE!

  • Basically people who drink wine are exactly what we thought they were, democrat Idiots who think they are better than everyone.

  • Well this is fake indian… why be surprised about her lying on this one?. Every dems out there seem to be a pathological liar.

  • Elizabeth Warren is a walking mental caseif a normal average person can't see that as countries doomed the woman totally nuts. I guarantee she's a trust fund baby. One of the strangest women I've ever seen in my life at least Hillary's just mean and nasty and doesn't care about anyting. Elizabeth Warren is a flat-out psychiatric Trainwreck she shouldn't I be able to run our country it would be a disaster.

  • Bernie had a heart attack. He's
    Not getting the nomination , could you imagine if Donald Trump had a heart attack but still ran for re-election the media would never stop

  • Nothing the Democrats say would be anything to vote for them on .. there goals are to run everyone down and take jobs and money for the American people. And by doing that they turn America in to shitholes like the Democrats districts. TRUMP 2020

  • Comey, Strzok, Hillary and Obama are Russian spys so obvious and the FBI don't investigate them. Is Russia paying off all of FBI. Either way Comey is a Russian Spy. Why he went to such extreams to satisfy Russians with a Hillary win. Start with his overseas bank account's. USA is most corrupt country only Trump is trying to investigate and bring justice.

  • This lying goofy broad is a nut case. I would vote for her to clean toilets. She’s I lying lunatic and her supporters are sick twisted liberals asses

  • four and a half minute segment and no one comments on the statement from Warren itself. Yes she is a hypocrite, and yes she is right that the candidates should not be chosen by billionaire donors. Very disappointed that the main media outlets are ok with big money controlling the political process.

  • Either Warren is in denial, or she genuinely thinks voters are stupid. Anyone can go on Google and find whatever they want out. So to flat out lie and then double down on it, is pretty alarming. Trump exaggerates, he doesn't lie. There is a huge difference. Warren thinks she is the Trump for the left, thing is Trump was famous BEFORE the Presidency, Warren is not, and the more people see her the less they like her. She is completely phony and an annoying scold.

  • Elizabeth Warren is the biggest hypocrite she used to represent many many giant corporate institutions that were screwing over American citizens! This is simply a two-faced which that is lost your mind it is time people like Elizabeth Warren be removed from the political scene through impeachment or shining or simply letting everybody know the truth about her hypocrisy it is stunning she is a liar and a thief in the night and she is mentally ill !This woman is no more qualified to be the president that my dogs

  • Elizabeth Warren such a hypocrite and such a liar, no one's going to listen to her and this is only giving more credit to our President Donald Trump who everybody loves and he is definitely going to win in 2020 and everybody knows it. America loves Our Beloved President Donald Trump.
    The Democrats Politicians are just so very desperate and are pulling at anything to make themselves look halfway decent.

  • Warren is such a nerd.
    She tries so hard to connect.
    You know the sad part ?
    Imagine if she took all that energy ( endless) and actually worked for the people, instead of tricking the poor with her extreme fascination of being a Alinskianite .
    She loves this community organization crap. They all do. But it’s so fake.
    We could use her energy and passion.
    To late. She dug her own grave. The older she gets , the more crazier she will get. She’s a type that will never admit she was wrong and switch paths. She’s in to deep.

  • How Dare you act like Biden is even a viable candidate! The man doesn’t know what day it is; he thinks Christmas is tomorrow!! And the Democrats believe the last thing they hear! Bloomberg and Biden and Warren don’t have a chance & Bernie doesn’t even have a chance anymore! the only people that are going to vote Democrat are the illegal aliens who can’t speak English who take their orders from headquarters and then they get their money! that’s all they care about. that’s why they are flooding America with people that don’t speak English and don’t understand! Why not speak the truth? that’s why nobody listens to the news because you’re all readers of scripts! we get our info from Doing the ACTUAL research! You ought to try it


  • What's wrong with billionnairs and millionnairs voting in our country or even running our country? Those are people who are successful and understand success..

  • Mr. Hostile, arrogant, unprofessional, demonized Spicer comes out of hiding. And yes Fox to the fore front with interview.

  • Rumor is that FOX/Disney is going to require that the male personalities start dressing in drag for two weeks out of every month, especially Leland Vitter.

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