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Starfish Initiative, IUPUI, and the United Way

Starfish Initiative, IUPUI, and the United Way

>>Hello, I’m Stephan Viehweg, Co-Chair
of the IUPUI United Way Campaign. And today I’m talking with Dan Johnson from the Starfish Initiative,
the United Way Supported Agency. The Starfish Initiative is dedicated to
making a difference in the lives of at-risk and economically-disadvantaged
high school students. It assists students of promise to overcome the
barriers of poverty and develop cultural capacity and leadership skills that prepare them
to graduate from high school and college. The goal of the Starfish Initiative
is to fill empty caps and gowns by improving graduation rates in Indianapolis. Dan, we’d like to know more about how IUPUI
is partnering with the Starfish Initiative and how our supporting the United Way
Campaign helps people in our community.>>Yes, of course. IUPUI is an honored college ally
with the Starfish Initiative. And it’s actually an organization
that really just gets our mission, of course, in the higher education. And IUPUI is really one of the top
destinations for all of our students. That’s the top third of designation
for students who choose a college, make that college selection among
high consideration for all students. And IUPUI has actually also partnered with us
to host a number of our events very graciously. And so that’s been our college
for the last four years, and IUPUI actually also hosted our first
fundraiser called The Incredible Journey, which has been a big important event for us. And it was first successful
here on campus at IUPUI.>>Wow, that is awesome. What a great connection that we have getting
some of our high school students prepared and ready to come to such a great campus. I want to thank you for helping us learn
more about the Starfish Initiative. The United Way supports over 90 community agencies
that provide services across four major areas, including early childhood,
education, health and basic needs. Be sure to watch our other agency spotlights
to learn more about IUPUI’s partnerships at our community and the United Way.

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