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Staying Up To Date With Your Fundraiser

It’s always important to be current no matter if it’s on your website or social media and that can help you with your fundraiser. I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs and here’s today’s 60 Second Fundraising Tip. Now the reason you want to be current and up to date with your website and your social media when you’re talking about your fundraiser is because it makes it easier for people to navigate and to find out information if you’re not telling them. So if you’re directing them to your website
you want it to kind of look like this. See how it is nice and neat and up to date,
and it’s easy to scroll. You want to do that with your social media as well so make sure that you’re kind of updating it, doesn’t have to be every day
but make sure that it’s current. Every couple of days maybe every three days, that way people know what you’re doing.

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