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Steamboat –  Amy Charity

Steamboat – Amy Charity

Steamboat is an incredible place to be a
cyclist. There’s a lot of skepticism out there because there is without a doubt snow for quite a lot of the year. But um, regardless of your level of cycling it’s a place that you really can do a lot of training. We have rolling hills, we have flat roads, we
have some nice climbs like Rabbit Ears. So, there’s really something for everyone if
you want to train in Steamboat. I have so much pride in living here. Every time you go out of town people ask
where you live and I say Steamboat Springs. Just about everyone knows where it is and say
“Uh! I would love to live in Steamboat!” And they’re right. It’s an
incredible place. This is in our backyard and it’s a ski mountain. And it’s also a
place where you won’t believe how many people who aren’t skiers live here and
do so many other activities. So, for me it’s the right size place. It’s a great community of a nice size. People really come together whether it’s
in sports or any other aspect of their lives and
it’s really just a nice place to live for for people who want to be active I always describe the Pro Cycling
Challenge when that rolled through town two years ago as my favorite day in Steamboat. And i maintain that it still is. It was the most energy i’ve ever been to in a cycling event and i’ve i’ve watched some Tour de France stages and Giro stages and the energy in little Steamboat Springs was unreal. They literally canceled school in the afternoon so that all the kids could show up and go to the
race. They closed down most businesses
and so people would line the streets. And we were at least five people deep all along the main road waiting and anticipating for the
cyclists to come in. Everyone was energized and everyone was excited. It literally brought the entire town together to watch the race. As a cyclist you feel that energy you hear the cheers you hear the
screaming and it gets you pumped up. There’s nothing better and I think we’ll
have a really strong welcome for the the pro men and when they come through

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