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Stop Veteran Charity Scams (open captions) | Federal Trade Commission

Stop Veteran Charity Scams (open captions) | Federal Trade Commission

Speakers – Maureen Elias, Jai
Caron Lenoir, Lois Greisman [MUSIC PLAYING] It can be kind of
scary or overwhelming when you hear about
charities that are scamming people
to promise services to veterans who need it. And not deliver on that
promise is reprehensible. This is something that’s going
to affect the life of you and your family,
and someone wants to play games for their
own personal gain. Scammers have little
moral compass, and they’re preying upon
people’s good hearts. But don’t let that
keep you from giving. Don’t let that scare you away
from providing for others. What makes a difference
in your donation is that it gets to a
legitimate charity. Ask questions about how your
money is going to be used. “Who exactly are you? Where are you located? And how much of my money
is going to go directly to that program?” So that you know that you’re
giving money to someone that’s really going to put
your money into practice rather than their pocket. Charity scams can come in
a bunch of different sizes. If anyone calls and asks you
to make a charitable donation by wire transfer, by
prepaid card, stop. That’s an immediate red flag. Go to There you’ll find
information on how to research to spot
the good charities and how to identify
the scammers. We all have an
opportunity to contribute to the greater community at
large and make this world a better place. Take your time, do the research,
make sure your donation counts. [MUSIC PLAYING]

  • All Charities are scams. That's right even the supposedly legitimate ones. Catholic Charities, United Negro College Fund, World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, The United Way, Etc., Etc. are full of BULL—-.
    I don't give to any of them.
    One of the best ways to launder money is within a charity and file that 501(3)(c) tax-exemption.
    Only help with 10% of what is collected towards perhaps Your cousin(s) of a different last name(s) to appear like You are helping the less fortunate.
    Or go to piss poor countries and pass out some starchy slop to say how they thankful they are to have it.
    Pay the people who is closest to You in Your charity so they will be quiet, get as many bleeding-heart volunteers to work for free, Jesus freaks are the best to utilize, pay for the office space/overhead. Pocket the rest.
    Whoever is at the top of a charity is skimming & scamming.

  • Aren't 98% of charities a fraud? Name one charity who's owners aren't having over $100k in admin expenses..Most the time owners salaries alone are 6 figures separate from expenses

  • Is it fair to question the charities credibility and require them to show past actions in order to receive a donation?

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