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Streamlining the Grants Process with Blackbaud Solutions

– We’ve actually been a customer with Blackbaud since the late 90s. We use a lot of the different modules including the budget and the application and grant reporting
modules, and we really like how it’s transformed our grants process. The more we are able to streamline and make things automated,
the more we are, as a staff, able to delve
into different areas and look at trends, look
at where things are heading that we need to get ahead
of, that we need to address. So the more our staff has the ability to actually analyze the data, and look at what our grant making is doing and can do, or maybe needs that need
to be met, the better. So we’re excited about streamlining and using technology to allow our staff to be more analytical
rather than just data entry. We really like to focus on how our funding helps our grantees achieve their work. And so really, us tracking
data from the grantee allows us to better tell their story. On our website and through
our communications department, we work with grantees to
tell stories of our grants and we want to use data even
more to show that storytelling and create really a visual
data story of our grants and the work that they’re achieving through the different outcomes that each program is working towards. From a grant making process perspective, it’s a commitment to quality data, and we are seeing that commitment to data increase our ability to tell our story and our grantee’s story. I think for people of all ages, really seeing the
transformation in people’s lives is what’s important to them,
and that’s what they wanna see. And so we focus our
stories on our grantees and on their work, rather than on the funding that we’re doing.

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