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Suburban Horror Story: Solicitor | ShopWithScrip

Suburban Horror Story: Solicitor | ShopWithScrip

I’ve got my Halloween bowl
Best time of the year! Gonna be some lucky trick-or-treaters! [phone ringing] Unkown? Hello? Caller: Hi, is this Louise? Louise: This is she Caller: I’m wondering if you have a minute to talk
about a product that will change your Louise: Here we go again Caller: I’m sorry, but you’re going to want to
hear the offer I… Louise: I’m not interested in what you’re
trying to sell! I’ve been so good on my diet, I can justify
maybe one or like three of these, it’s fine Time to see what all the hullabaloo is about
about “Stranger Things” [Screams] That’s weird, a little early for trick-or-treaters Voiceover: This Halloween, don’t take candy Do you want to buy some candy!? [Screams] What?! From children [knocking on door] Stop…please…stop And remember… there’s nothing scary about

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