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Support Our Fundraiser – Papusza, a dance production on the late Romani poet.

Support Our Fundraiser – Papusza, a dance production on the late Romani poet.

The world we live in is the dance of the
creator. Dances come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. Hello everyone, my name is Debapriya Das. I am a professional belly dancer and choreographer from Bangalore. Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. and today, it has become my voice to communicate and my medium to express I have been belly dancing since 2012 In these last seven years Belly dance has taken me to various parts of the world. For studying, training, performing and observing If there is one thing I will take from belly dance it would be the art of adaptability Belly dance is one of the oldest dance styles in the world In whichever place it went In whichever era it went it molded itself, it adapted itself and it remained contextual and probably because of that, even today it is so popular universally With all this knowledge and training in my backpack I started a belly dance performance house called Nrityakosh in 2017, in Bangalore In the last two years of our existence as a group We have attempted to bring belly dance to our
audience in a manner they can relate to while remaining true to the spirit of
the art form. Be it our first endeavor the Ras Project where we narrated the Ramayana
from the perspective of the often sidelined female characters – Sita, Surpanakha, Mandodari and our most recent project Safar-e-Raqs where we
unveiled the many faces of belly dance by walking our audience through the
journey the dance form is taken from the late 18th century to the present day.
Even in our monthly event the Performance Lab where once a month for
the last two years we have provided an experimental platform for Bangalore
belly dancers to show the many faces of belly dance and flirt with what the
future of belly dance could be. This November we are embarking on a most
ambitious project to date “Papusza”. This is the journey of one of the greatest
Romani poets. Her life as a Polish Roma writer is both
fascinating and tragic she was a path breaker, a female poet in a culture that
deemed literacy unsuitable for women while her art made her the first Roma
woman to be included in the Polish Literary Union, it also led to her
being exiled by her own people. This is the story of her relentless spirit and
her quest for freedom to express herself through her art. This journey has been
emotionally hard-hitting to narrate the story of someone torn between her people
and her art has pushed us both physically and mentally but in the story
we find a tale that mirrors the story of the time we live in. Artists being shut
down for expressing themselves through their art. Papusza’s story highlights the
battle of artists everywhere for questioning and pushing cultural norms will always be the first tenet of art. Nrityakosh is at a point where we want to create work that is socially, culturally and politically relevant We are a young belly dance company and we want you to give wings to our ideas. We not only want to use Belly Dance not only as a medium of expression, but also help in contributing to the growth of this art form in India We want to gather as much support as we can to stage Papusza and to meet the minimum
cost of production- from auditorium space light and sound design, costumes, stage set up
we need to raise a minimum of 1,70,000 INR We at Nrityakosh are small but
dedicated bunch of individuals and artists and we have been working
relentlessly for the last several months to work on the Papusza
I sincerely hope that you’re going to give us all the
support we require to take this project forward. Thank you so much

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