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Sustainable Health Enterprises –  Classy Awards Winner 2017

Sustainable Health Enterprises – Classy Awards Winner 2017

One day I went out to visit an entrepreneur we were supporting and what I found out was that 20% of her workforce was missing 30 days of work per year while they were menstruating because menstrual pads were too expensive In Rwanda alone, the loss in work productivity
and schooling contributes to a potential loss of $115 Million in GDP per year. SHE28 is a micro-business model that manufactures
and distributes affordable, eco-friendly menstrual pads by sourcing local, inexpensive raw materials. By launching in areas dominated by foreign
aid and pad donations, SHE28 is providing economic opportunities in local communities. They also deliver training to local entrepreneurs,
invest in product distribution, and increase access to startup capital. To date, SHE28 has provided pads to over 15,000
girls and trained over 8,000 girls in menstrual hygiene. With SHE28, young women can go to school and
work, contribute to the bottom line, and propel their communities toward social change.

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