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Sutter Health kicks off its 2011 March of Dimes fundraising campaign

Sutter Health kicks off its 2011 March of Dimes fundraising campaign

Across Sutter Health every year, nearly 40,000
babies are born. Thankfully most of those babies are born healthy and they go home with
their families. But, all too often, we have babies in our NICUs that are fighting for
their lives and by participating in our fundraising campaign and helping the March of Dimes fund
the research and the programs to give these tiny babies the shot at a healthy life, you
are truly truly helping the people in our communities and that’s what our mission is
all about here at Sutter Health. Emma Studer spends her days like any other
normal two-year-old…playing with toys and wondering who’s watching what she’s doing.
But she’s more than just a miracle baby. Emma was born three months early and weighed
just over one pound. Her little arm fitting through her Daddy’s wedding ring. There
were multiple complications and eight surgeries. Emma spent her first 423 days at Sutter Memorial
Hospital. Emma is home, but still challenged. She needs a ventilator at night and is developmentally
delayed. The family says she’s alive today because of the care she received. It’s the research and the studies made possible
by ttinyhe March of Dimes that is a big part of why Emma is here today. Our employees are extremely passionate about
the March of Dimes and not just about the fundraising, but really about the connection
to our overall mission. We physicians, clinicians and nurses who are involved in programs to
really help end pre-term birth. Over the years we have raised a total of nearly $5 million.
In fact, in 2010 we raised our most amount ever—$633,000 and I know we’re going to
beat that amount in 2011. From our clinicians to our support staff,
the creativity to bring awareness to this fundraising campaign is amazing. We have people
putting on wine tastings. We have people developing cookbooks. We have people doing nachos sales.
We have folks that decorate their workstations in a way that you can’t possibly miss the
fact that we have a campaign going on right now. March for Babies is the premier fundraising
campaign of the March of Dimes. It is a walk that takes place in 20 different locations
all over Northern California. Sutter Health has a team at every one of those locations.
Hundreds if not thousands of people show up—moms, brothers, sisters, dads, grandparents—all
walking in support of helping newborns have a healthy chance at life. Whether you’re in the Central Valley, East
Bay, West Bay, Peninsula Coastal or Sac-Sierra Region—or working for one of the Sutter
Health Support Services offices, go on, look for your Sutter Health team and sign
up to walk on the team. Secondly, look around your facilities and participate in all the
many fun fundraising events to your colleagues have put together to draw attention to this
very worthwhile cause. It’s fun. You going to have a great time and you’re going to
make a difference. Together Sutter Health and the March of Dimes can make sure that
every parent knows the joy of taking home a healthy newborn.

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