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Tailored Fundraising Solutions

Tailored Fundraising Solutions

Once every month or two, that’s a standard
frequency for a letter update. It’s a time-honored tradition to share news
from your work in the field with those who partner with you in thoughts
and finances. But what if you’re missing something big by
waiting that long to communicate good news or even share a challenge? Your financial partners are a huge factor
in helping you stay in your work in the field. Without their partnership, you might have
to come home. And, believe it or not, they are thinking
about you while you’re away. So, indulge them a little more regularly. Because if you don’t, here’s what you could
be missing. 1- True Partnership You’ve heard us talk about it. Your financial donors are partners. They don’t donate just to check the box of
“feel good about my charitable gifts.” They want to engage in your work on the field
and be a partner in accomplishing it. Invite them into the everyday! This connects both you and them to the impact
of your work on the field. 2- A Real-Time Petitioner in Challenges When you don’t constantly communicate via social media or text or emails, you miss the
chance to share real-time challenges with your funding partners back home. You could ask them, today, to lift you up
as you meet with someone to share the good news in the next hour. The third thing you might be missing. 3- Long-term Engagement It’s the little things each day that build a relationship. Whether it’s someone new to your funding partnership
team, or someone who has known you since your earliest days on the field. Think about your face to face friendships. They take regular, yet spontaneous, intentional,
deeply entrenched communication. You can’t grab coffee with your financial
partners when you’re on the field. Well, usually. But you can use a spontaneous email or update
to Facebook as a close second. 5, 10, 20 years from now, you’ll be remembering
the joys and challenges of your work today, and looking forward to what’s next — together. We may have lots of ideas on what to say when
we communicate on a very frequent basis. But sometimes, it takes a new view of things
to follow through and communicate more consistently. So, think about an update frequency that’s
a notch up from what you’re doing today, and still fits your schedule. Carving out just a few minutes at the same
time each week can make a huge difference!

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