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Thank You Shoe Drive Fundraising Partners | Thanksgiving 2018

Thank You Shoe Drive Fundraising Partners | Thanksgiving 2018

As friends and family gather across
our great country this week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the Funds2Orgs
group wants to thank our shoe drive partners for trusting us with their
creative fundraising efforts. “Thank you drive partners! Have a happy
holidays!” “Hey, this is Tyler from your logistics team at Funds2Orgs. Thank
you to all of our partners and Happy Thanksgiving.” “Okay, so here we are at the
holidays again. I just want to say happy holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy
Thanksgiving to you and your family and I hope you have a wonderous and safe
holiday season. Thanks for being a partner and thanks for having a great
year with us.” “Hey everybody, it’s Donna from Funds2Orgs. I just want to say thank you and happy holidays. Thank you for inviting us into your lives and having
us be part of your lives for the time frame of the fundraiser, build some great
relationships with people and we love what we do and we love what helping you
out with what you do. Thanks for your passion and making a difference,
Happy Thanksgiving!” “Hey, I’m Kevin from Funds2Orgs. I’m one of your fundraising coaches and I just wanted to give you a quick message to say thank you for doing your fundraiser with us. We do appreciate it and we are thankful for
your passion and have some great holidays. We’ll talk to you soon.” “Hi, this is Brandon with Funds2Orgs. I work in our sales department. We’re very thankful for
all of you as our partners and we wish you a very happy holidays
and we want you all to be safe!” “Hi, I’m Jim and I want to say thanks so much for being great partners with us.” “Hey, I’m Tom. I hope your fundraiser was a slam dunk!
We appreciate you.” [So close!] “Good morning, this is Debbie. I answer
the phone here at Funds2Orgs. I just want to say happy holidays to everyone
and thank you all so much for your support and we are glad to be here to
help you!” “Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Nicole, I’m one of the
fundraising coaches here. Many of you, I’m sure, speak to me on the phone. We just
want to wish all of our partners a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re so grateful
for everything you guys do and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.” “Hey, I’m Amanda. I’m a fundraising coach for Sneakers4Funds, shoe drive fundraisers. I just want to say thank you so much
for all your time in doing the shoe drive fundraisers at your store. I know
you are very, very busy and this is great that you’re able to give back to the
community in this way. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!” [Speaking spanish] “Hey everybody, I’m Wayne Elsey, the
founder and CEO here at Funds2Orgs. I’d like a thank you guys for a great year.
Understand that thousands of people around the country have raised money
using our shoe drive fundraiser. Again, thank you and have a great 2019!” Everyday we have people collecting gently worn, used, and new shoes across the
country. These help fund their schools, nonprofits, animal shelters, adoption
drives, churches, and medical fundraising. We are so very grateful to be a part of
your stories and raising money for your needs and causes in your community and
around the world. So again, I’m Eric and I want to thank you for letting us into
your house and watching our videos every week and I’m Kristy and I just want to
say thank you to all of our shoe drive partners. We love working with you and
we’re so glad that we get to be a part of your lives and your fundraising
causes. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Bye!

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