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#ThankQForTheHope | Charity Fundraiser

#ThankQForTheHope | Charity Fundraiser

I know that I have said this before, and it
probably sounds ridiculous i just wanna help. I am the official sidekick to
whatever it turns out you are. you’re parts of one whole because we are all listening to each other we’re speaking to each other, all eight of us. no one can do this alone that’s what it is, it’s unity! the IDEA of fillory is what saved my life! what kind of system is that? there has got to be some power in that! why can’t it run on, shouldn’t loving the idea of fillory be enough? love?

  • Thank you for taking something that hurt so many of us and bringing some light into the darkness. This is why the fandom is so beautiful.?

  • Oh wow! Beautiful ♡ Thank You so much! I also clicked the link on twitter. A Huge Thank You for that as well. What a beautiful idea. Im going to give what I can! Also, The Tribute your Friend did was incredible! You're amazing! I'm forever grateful. ♡ Tauney

  • Hi there! How are you doing? I haven't seen anything from you in awhile. But this is NOT about the videos. Its about You. I know this shit hit you hard af too.. I'm honestly just wanting to see how you are. And I'm never going to forgive the writers, a month later. Still raw. Anyway please let me know how you are doing. I know, I dont I really know you. But though this. I kinda do. I actually genuinely just care.. I hope your okay and i hear from you soon [email protected] or TauneyElysia on Instagram and twitter. Love always ????

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