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Thanks a Billion!!! CSU Hits Fundraising Goal of $1 Billion

Thanks a Billion!!! CSU Hits Fundraising Goal of $1 Billion

– [Kim] And we set a goal
of one billion dollars knowing that we had a lot of work to do but a lot of worthy programs to invest in. – Because of those efforts
I have the ability today to make a very special
announcement to you. Last week over one and half
years ahead of schedule we met that one billion dollar goal. (crowd clapping) – And to be here 651 days
early in reaching that goal just is a testament to Ram Pride. – I think it does speak to the fact that people realize this
place is a success story. – People can use their resources
in so many different ways and for them to invest in
us, in this university, in our students and our faculty, in our staff, in our programs
and the things we are doing means that they know
that this is important and they wanna be part of it. – There’s a considerable
excitement on campus given the donor interest
in our research enterprise. The passion of the students, the faculty, their projects and the
facilities that they use to take those funds and
really make an impact in our community and for the
nation and for the globe. So it’s making an impact on
an individual student bases all the way to projects that are being expressed, implemented
and having impact in Africa, India and Asia. – Every level of giving
makes a huge difference for students in so many different ways. The first thing that comes
to my mind is just access and maybe because that’s
such an important value as a land-grant institution about access. That’s really important
to me because I know without scholarships I
would not have been able to get a college education. – Another way that we see
impact on academics is in support of our faculty’s, efforts in research and in impact. Whether it’s buying new equipments for, the labs are supporting research project, establishing a new program,
establishing an endowed chair or endowed professorship in a department. – Also people have invested in programs as services here as well. I think about our
Fostering Success Program. Almost 2 million dollars
have been invested in that. Rams Against Hunger is another
one that I think about. I could go on and on with the programs around diversity, around inclusion. – In the area of Virtual
and Augmented Reality we’ve been a first-mover on campus and it’s nice to see that
the campaign is contribute to that first-mover advantage and helping us construct the
Richardson Design Center. Clearly in the health area
of the building of the Translational Medicine
Institute is a great facility for our researchers to
really expand a new frontiers around geneting, around
generative medicine. This will have an impact
in animal and human health. – The gift of naming the
college of engineering from Walter Scott, really
transforming that college in terms of it’s academic rigor, The Scott’s Scholar Program. – When you walk around this campus now people are learning,
studying, discussing ideas in every corner of the campus and those buildings are
creating learning spaces for students and work spaces
for our facility and staff that are second to none. – We’ve raised over 250
million dollars for facilities on campus and you can feel it and see it. Transforming our alumni
experience with the Iris and Micheal Smith Alumni Center. (crowd cheering) Our stadium project and so
many more are standing here in the Micheal Smith
Natural Resource Building, to see the transformation of this corner of the academic spine of campus. – We are aiming to be one
of the best land-grant universities in the country and one of the best research
universities in the world As we get closer and closer to achieving those dreams we are seeing
people coming together, wanting to work with us,
wanting to collaborate with us and wanting to invest in us and that’s what happened
during the campaign. – The campaigns not over. That next phase of the campaign
is beyond a billion portion will be a true gift for Colorado State as she starts her second 150 years.

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