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That’s Where You’re Supposed to Go | Home Episode 1

That’s Where You’re Supposed to Go | Home Episode 1

So here I am waiting, just waiting
and knowing that it was going to happen but what proceeded to turn fold that year
was the most unbelievable act of God When I was younger, the only thing that I
cared about was that I was gonna restore my old farmhouse back in Winamac that was the only thing I cared about So, the real estate thing I know that I had
thought about it as a kid but it’s even even after I sat for my license
and even three months into it I still jokingly tell people I never thought I
was going to do this. Did you interview with other companies? No, because I never
thought I was really going to become a realtor So my great-grandmother was
raised here. She wasn’t born here per se but her and her…
she had four sisters two of them which lived in
the house all the way up until they passed It was a working farm in the
1890s and 1900s They had an orchard.
There was a barn on the hill My dad lost both of his parents by the time he was in his
teenage years. He was raised by two gradients and a great uncle in the big
house that was built in the early 60s On Sunday mornings, we used to be over in
the big house and we’d visit my great aunts and dad would go and
check the dealerships and we’d play gin rummy with the aunts and I would always ask
can I go up to the old house I wanted to go up to the old house Loved it. Used to be filled with
lots of family antiques Yhere was a huge box of hats at the top
of the stairs from the 40s that I just wanted to play dress-up It’s timeless to me
I can’t imagine it any other way because it is and it will always be
the greatest place on earth Well I guess I should start out that
I was actually a licensed CPA out of the state of Illinois. But about in the fall
of 2011, it really felt that it was time to come home like I felt that the
corporate grind wasn’t my thing and that I just wanted to settle down and be part
of a community. I knew that it was time to slow down and I knew that dad really
needed me and so as time went by like I helped in the accounting department but
I wasn’t quite sure what to do in 2015 it really hit home that I had nothing
going on I needed something. I needed something
and I thought wow you know I could sell real estate on the side. So I sat through
an Indiana realtor, it’s a broker class there’s a 90 hour class you have to take
so that I could pass the test and I’d have my real estate license. That was
really scary because I’m an accountant I’m an accountant who and who in their
right mind would think I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna hustle real estate
you know The upstairs is I’d have to say would absolutely be my favorite part
careful on the third step When I got to be in high school,
mom and dad finally gave me a key but I come up here and I loved it I loved every minute up here
and I had privacy. I’d pray I think tough teenage breakup right
I sawed my heart out and I always came here and then the toughest moments of life I still I’ll
take the afternoon off and I’ll go sit and look out over that field and think
I’ve got this So in March of 2017, a fellow agent got
up at our spring award ceremony and was sharing his story about how his little
girl had had an incredibly tough fight down at Riley’s Children Hospital and
how much of the difference it had made in his life and why CMN was important
to him and giving back This is when I knew It was just this understanding of that’s where you’re supposed to go and then I had this fire inside of me And I thought wow you know
if I could just raise $20,000 if I could just raise $20,000 like wouldn’t that be great
I wanted to raise $20,000 in closed transactions that I could then donate on to CMN Hospitals What preceded 10 fold that year was the most unbelievable act of God By the end of the year it was $5,300 and I thought
wow So I just keep going every
every year It’s my goal to send at least $50,000 to Riley and I’m just so pleased they got us
nothing but open those doors there is a great importance for all of
us to do our part We need to work together and invest in each other Every child should be able to chase their dreams Every child should have the opportunity
that I have sitting here today to go out and to make a difference
in their own way right and that starts by getting them home There’s no reason that
they shouldn’t be able to come home

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