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The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

do children’s hospital in West made is a special place caring for the
sickest children from New South Wales Australia and across the Pacific Rim
over 70,000 children and their families turned 21 Spithill every year the
Children’s Hospital at with maybe stop the Sydney Children’s Hospital as chief executive the network I’m proud
to be leading the team with professionals international reputation for providing very busy sick children and the family at the Children’s Hospital at with me
specialist medical care advanced technology and groundbreaking
wastage i’ve landed enough positive healing environment with fun in lockdown
like the right to recovery children with a leaping major hot
tradition and liver and kidney every 30 we now leading specialty you the hospital and hospitals recent charm needed three stitches she is a cobble 103 sage dedicated final kill Rangers series childhood illness its 50 he’s got nothing from it right its
medical mysteries that generation and the breakthroughs will have a global said we’ve been caring children say g’night healthcare has changed dramatically time that ass strong federalist to still held precious young lives be made so the Grace center is a newborn
intensive care unit and based in the Children’s Hospital at
Westmead and then we don’t have to sum up the sickest babies in the state of
New South Wales and they come to have cardiac surgery
general surgery or they may have a very complex medical
conditions that require the services of Children’s Hospital this particular place we have X’s two
all other specialties within and tertiary referral center and
so we can bring all the resources it with me too to look
after the most complicated by these silage a cab with amble me there quite a
significant heart defect where the blood going to he’s lanthanide going to his body will protest say his body as
she wasn’t getting adequate oxygen I’ve got vital factor singer setting is
obeying coming back and forth I’ve had over forty three operations and I’ve had I ever a hundred plane trips
and over 200 flats say this is little add a kid’s wing its Kristen on a meal ain’t as you
can see it it is quite feet and he certainly got
more wings down here we’ve had to put jiang drains into John Paul’s chased I’m to
drain fluid at around these lines mishap and that will
be something that he will way we didn’t reply he should actually be quite proud Abaxis
problem thank you john we actually the largest provider and
pediatric allergy and immunology services in New South files we have a huge number of patients that
we trade in managed what we want to do is to be able to
prevent very disorders that we trading them for but today moving to STATS and his
seventy make celts and he spent 12 them in hospital Anne
had technically three hot bypass it changed all children seriously that in the state
they come here treatment as well as that we see
probably a thousand new thence cases every year which is
probably twenty children the week with new beds we just
call my second hind me Amy for 30 years off and on we would have about 50
to 100 new kids with inborn errors of
metabolism being diagnosed each year and quite a number of them will be
picked up through newborn screening so every baby in New South Wales it’s
about a hundred thousand births a year I has newborn screening and a
proportionate at those kids will be picked up as having one of these
disorders that ends up coming to our clinic at for ongoing management the well I think you had a good look at a
little thing like these to realize that kids are at each and and this is where we need help really need
help to get these it 19 to help the kids and the hospital
itself I think it’s difficult for anyone to
look at little by the light taken anything anything other than that he’s
very deserving and everything that we can do people here and they’ve located in cheese have anything
with them but they certainly very brave and courageous in how they get to read a real nice site
anything that we can do to help them is where hit this little man’s got a long future
ahead of him and he did that to head with that and we’ve been able to do that form your
now in table tennis holes and say mecp2 next trip 28 2009 really heat and Mon how important by
seizing much really do need to splice she’s
amazing week we don’t know when we play missus just time set tremendous child we own law thing
right from national here with the Children’s
Hospital at Westmead when lucky enough to have hundreds a
world-class clinicians and researchers all working toward one goal providing
the best possible care for our sick as children so they can look bored to a healthy

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