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The Classy Long Haired Girl & I

The Classy Long Haired Girl & I

Hello, Mr. Ray has ran into some financial problems. So he can no longer afford the services of narrator Micro Soft Sam. I Gatta Lisps, I have offered my professional
services for your enjoyment. I Gatta Lisps. I will no longer narrate Mr. Ray’s crappy work.
Read it yourself !! His chapter number 3 of the book about his
stupid dumb life in the redneck German, Dutch settled swampland,
with only cow town sized villages and/or towns. (Van Wert is home of the first County Library in the USA! )
The story begins between Christmas 1970 and New Years day. It is entitled:
“The Long Haired Young Mysterious Lady and I”. The young lady with the long flowing hair walking out
of the County Library must have cast a spell on me. I was just a youth myself, a farm-boy hick just six months
out of high school. (I’m the baby.) I was working part time as a “delivery boy” at a
furniture store in town of our county seat. I was outside in front of the store for some odd reason,
when I saw her walk out of the County Library. I was and I am still very much an introvert. What possessed me
to make an effort to introduce myself to her? It was/is so much out of character
for me to do such a bold act. Luckily the library is set back at least two hundred feet
from the street. It sets on the western edge
of the downtown business district. As she strode towards Main Street, a simple plan
raced through my mind for my approach. The plan was somewhat flawed, hopefully she would
remain on the North side of Main Street and head west. I approached her as she was making
her turn west on Main Street. Luck was with me. The small town friendliness makes it
acceptable to greet a stranger as you pass on the street. So I greeted her with a “Hi”, and I proceeded to
comment on the cold temperature. I then inquired why she was walking
in such harsh weather conditions. She stated that she was just visiting relatives in town,
due to her Grandfather’s recent passing. She was bored and decided to check out the library
and was walking to her Grandfather’s house. Her cheeks were a flush red.
So I awkwardly offered to give her a ride. She looked straight ahead, sort of over concentrating
on where her next step was being placed. She stated that it was a short walk. I felt like the big
bad wolf in the story of Little Miss Riding Hood. Then she inquired
why I was walking in her direction. Fortunately a local girl had let me hanging
for our first date and I was to call her. I replied that I was walking towards the phone booth
at the YMCA, that it was a block beyond the Library. I sensed that she was very uncomfortable with my presence,
so I asked if she minded walking and talking with me. She kept her eyes fixed on the sidewalk
a few feet ahead of her. I was sort of bewildered when she sort of smiled
and replied that she did not mind. I made my telephone call. The mysterious young lady stood next
to the phone booth to block the wind, well within ear shot. Thankfully the local girl had come down with what sounded like a bad
head cold, and I didn’t have to ad-lib an excuse to break the date. The rest of the one mile walk was pretty
much the same as the first two blocks. I met her parents and relatives at her Grandfather’s house
and made a date with her for that evening. I have no idea what I told work about my absence
for this extended two mile walk. Snow and cold was in the forecast
for the evening. I was disappointed that her parents wouldn’t let
her go out to see the town. Snow and cold
was in the forecast for the evening. But, we had an enjoyable time playing pool
in her Grandfather’s basement. Her good looks and quiet demeanor stole my heart. I drove my old blue sixty-three and a half Ford the hundred miles
to Perrysburg at every opportunity that I could, to be with this
mysterious young lady for about two years. Communications between her and her parents
were sparse during my visits. After a few trips I began to suspect that she had
a little rebellious feeling towards her parents. I sensed that her parents really did not approve of me.
It seemed like she never wanted to leave her parents’ house,
it felt like she was using me to annoy her parents. Her parents invited me to accompany them on a two week trip
to Florida over the Christmas break of 1971. I declined
because I would miss a week of my education. By June 1972, it appeared that the long haired
girl wanted to let me down easily. Our schedules seem to be conspicuously
too incompatible to meet very often. In June 1972, I earned my Associate Degree in
Electronic Engineering Technology. The economy in the Rust Belt was not good.
Work in electronics was nearly nonexistent in the area. In mid August 1972, I signed a contract
with the Bendix Field Engineering Corporation
for a one year contract to cover the Skylab Mission
starting from the end of October 1972. The girl was about to start college. She became
more distant than her usual quiet self. She apparently wanted to ditch me, but I was determined
that she would have to verbalize this fact to me. Neither she or I were good at
expressing our feelings orally. I knew that I was very fond of her,
but I don’t remember telling her. I had never been in love before,
so I felt that I could never utter
those words to her. I was going to be gone for a year, so I did not want her to feel
committed and miss out on social events at college. I flew into Toledo after the Skylab Mission
was over in February 1974. She accompanied me to my parents
for a family get together. I was pleasantly surprised that she did not stand me up.
She seemed a little too distant at times,
but I figured this was because of the long separation. After Skylab, I transferred to the
Goldstone Tracking Station
in California. I explained that it was easier to obtain work while being employed.
I would look for work around the Toledo area
while being employed in California. I moved to California and wrote to her.
She replied once and never answered
my subsequent letters. I surmised that she
wanted nothing to do with me.
My pleas were many and they
probably became somewhat nasty. I never succeeded
to make her verbalize her wants.
I sadly began to moved
forward with my life. I would always think
of this long haired
young mysterious lady. I always hoped she was happy and doing fine. Mr. Lisp says, “Woo Wo …
well isn’t this just a sad sad little love story?” “But by golly folks,this Mr. Gatta Lisps almost
burst into tears, as I looked out of my apps window.” “I almost cried from
from absolute boredom from
reading this crap!!” “Ee … I woo wo wo …
woo woo woo wo
W O W O Group W
Westinghouse Station.” “Don’t you wish that he would have stayed working in Roanoke,” “Indiana, with the WOe-WOe radio station.” “Then perhaps, this story would not have been so sad”

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