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The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Women like me aren’t supposed to run for office I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family Mother from Puerto Rico, dad from the South Bronx I was born in a place where your zip code determines your destiny My name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I’m an educator, an organizer, a working class New Yorker I’ve worked with expectant mothers, I’ve waited tables, and led classrooms and going into politics wasn’t in the plan But after 20 years of the same representation, we have to ask: who has New York been changing for? Every day gets harder for working families
like mine to get by The rent gets higher, health care covers less, and our income stays the same It’s clear that these changes haven’t been for us and we deserve a champion It’s time to fight for a New York that working families can afford That’s why I’m running for Congress This race is about people vs. money We’ve got people, they’ve got money It’s time we acknowledge that not all Democrats are the same That a Democrat who takes corporate money, profits off foreclosure, doesn’t live here doesn’t send his kids to our schools,
doesn’t drink our water or breathe our air cannot possibly represent us What the Bronx and Queens needs is Medicare-for-all,
tuition-free public college a federal jobs guarantee, and criminal justice reform We can do it now It doesn’t take a hundred years to do this It takes political courage A New York for the many is possible It’s time for one of us Vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on June 26 My name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and I approved this message.

  • Stupid bitch . Can send death threats to an 8 year old and her family just for making parody videos wtf the left are sick .

  • This communist want to be is one of the reason why my grandparents in the 1980s escaped Cuba and its communist ways. She will run this country down!!! Trump 2020

  • Me:This is garbage.throw it in the garbage disposal..

    Aoc: WHAT THE HELLL is a garbage disposal???

  • Stop the madness …
    Drain the Swamp……
    Tell the truth ………
    Get a clue ….
    Grow up …..
    MAGA ??

  • Yeah… people at the southern border are being forced to drink out of toilets….
    If anyone has ever been in such a facility, you would see that it is not uncommon for the toilet tank to be incorporated into the sink which is mounted well above the bowl, so that it will accept waste water from the sink. So, technically, yes. They are drinking out of toilets. It would be highly beneficial to utilize such a device in facilities as part of your Green Deal thing to reduce water consumption.

    The arrogance….

  • You talk about money…yet you want a raise? You’re such a hypocrite, a liar, you spread fake news and lie to the people you supposedly “care for”. All you care about is thumbs ups and money. Socialist cow.

  • I want to ask you a question why you haven’t condemned those who dox a 8year old who was imitating you, and proved that you’re dumb, you should be ashamed to be a Puerto Rican and a socialist why you’re afraid and acuse people of cat calling, want to challenge you to debate I guess you don’t want to proof to people how dumb you really are, I don’t know much about politics but I challenge you to debate…..I don’t want to subscribe to you’re channel because you’re a terrible and offensive person God Bless you!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait…WTF…Hey Now !!!
    What happened to the Mini-AOC Channel ?????!

    I did a search for Mini-AOC & all I get is this DING DONGS channel.

    So like the Mini-AOC was DEFINITELY more interesting, intelligent, eloquent, entertaining & just soooooooo much DAMN BETTER !!

    Big AOC is just such an inadequate amateur, always quite pathetic, immensely incompetent & quite frankly HUGELY unqualified to be a member of congress.

    I know, I know…words too big for AOC & her ESTUPIDO supporters.

    I'll say it in words hopefully AOC can
    C O M P R E H E N D !!

    BIATCH IS A DUMMY !! ????

  • AOC you suck soooooo bad. You unAmerican POS. You are a joke you immoral and ungrateful POS. Go Ffffff yourself.

  • Tell that to mini AOC! You know the one that you and all your supporters sent death threats to!!! Go over to Mexico and run there for office see what happens to you!!! You’re a joke and so is your whole Democrat Party!! Dead fish in the water!!!

  • I love your video it should say the race to get the most stupid Democrats in office!! You would take first place in that!! Loser

  • Who are the friggin idiots that voted this idiot into office! She’s just an “Anti-American Socialist Scumbag”! You “Corrupt Democrats” are the worst thing that ever happened to this Country! Everyone of you should be herded onto leaking ships and cast out to sea!

  • OMG, the ignorance contained in this thread is overwhelming. The ignorance within the brain housing group sitting on top of that split tails neck is unbelievable.

  • I’m just chilling in Europe and checking from time to time if America has become gone Venezuela yet because with politicians like this in charge America will fall into madness.

  • Piss on Cortez. She's a socialist pos. Any of you pussies threatening mini AOC why don't you come on down to Alabama and see me instead. Oh yeah that's right last year when you were all busy sending me death threats none of you chicken shits showed up. F' off!!! ??????

  • New Zealander here, please be the Jacinda Ardern of America! I have only found out about you recently and when I did I have hope for america again.
    Can't vote for you, but I'm behind you!

  • How about having the courage to go back to school and actually, I don't know, LEARN about the law and how the government works because you don't seem to know what you're talking about since your ass just got schooled from a guy from DHS.

  • This is the stupidest woman do you ever seen get into Congress she is ruined her and her whole career she's a complete moron top it all off she has no clue at what's going on ALC if you get this I think you're a complete moron you trying to destroy the country destroy them way of America you don't want freedom obviously you don't the sad thing is in your District you and not even going to be voted back in you do not do anything for your District you are nothing but a piece of s*** the sad thing is all these idiots follow you a complete morons just like you you think we're all stupid what we don't you think we don't know what's going on on the border you are f**** moron we do not trust the Democrats they are destroying this country they are not for the future of our children she is not for the future of our children she is not for the future of our flag or our national anthem she is a scumbag and infiltrator somebody to destroy this country from within that's all she has is a piece of crap whoever watches her pays attention to his AB is nothing but an idiot

  • I am glad you ran for office. You have provided the world with many hours of entertainment. Your feud with Pelosi was your best move yet. You always keep us guessing on what you're going to do next…perhaps win the election for the Republicans

  • Hey Girlfriend….SUE…..SUE that bitch boy defamation of character I'm sure that will stand up in court I hope I got that right let me know if it works charging $1 for the thought. LOL keep rocking progresses on TYT! TYT!

  • Worthless fucking cunt! Anti-American piece of shit! We don't want your socialism here! I can't believe you have 18,000 stupid subscribers! If only your mom could have took your sorry load in her ass we wouldn't have to put up with your shit today!

  • There once was a community organizer, people of color catapulted him to the white house for eight years as president of the United States now people of color are back in the days of almost slavery again, of rampant killings and increased insulting of women children, elderly people of color and the fomer community organizer is about the business of making speeches to the elite and saying how he gave a medical care bill that passed and worked for some but not all. Obama was elected by a black population that thought their lives would be better in the land of the free ,it only got better for Obama so again don't be fooled by these politicians that promises the moon.your vote is your ticket to real freedom, use it wisely.

  • Um yeah you for open borders so with unlimited immigrants coming here finding a job will be hard. Not to mention you trashed amazon who give good pay and benefits not to mention you block amazon from New York so thousands could have had jobs and benefits if you would’ve kept your mouth shut because amazon needs warehouses and the bronx is full of them which also messes with the kids because if their parents don’t have jobs they are poor . You have absolutely no idea why you’re doing. Trump2020

  • Did she live up to these lofty ideals?

    She's fucking killing it in Washington!

    Trump hates her. [CHECK!]
    Nancy Pelosi hates her. [CHECK!]

    And now, she's a member of the greatest, most just, team of political superheroes in history .
    "The Squad"

    Every time she asks questions of scumbags from Big Pharma – or Big Defence … the toilet cleaner gets a call on his radio to clean up Congress.

    Alexandria made a BIG DEFENCE contractor pay the government back $16 million … after a 5 minute questioning.

     I don't think she has magic Jedi powers … she simply did the unthinkable, and called him out.
    He coughed up like he suffered from chronic hay fever.

  • AOC, feel free to use this quote in a tweet: Mr. President, Feel lucky I am not old enough to run for President, but if you find a way to rescind that age requirement, I would kick your @$$. Throw down, Donald. Double Dog Dare

  • Alex 'Stinky' Cortez's stupidity is on full display. And just like the rest of party, she supports law breakers.

  • A bitch I wish she and the other 3girls were never in that white house Muslims we hate here in the u ited stated they took Bible's out of schools out of hospitals and can't stand our God well that's to bad we will ways love our God and our Jesus they took Halloween partys out of our grade schools they don't run this country if they don't like our belief I. Christians they know where the door is don't let it hit your ass same with demo rats and media they are all socialist and makes we the people sick of them all pelosi makes us sick why aren't their ass all in prison we the people would be a d Muslims are no better you all were blaming Trump on every thang you could thank of to get him onpeached but it's all of you your the worse bums we have ever had.we love our president and first lady they are sweet people and your all pissed off .

  • Ms. Cortez, this wasn’t wrote to you but it applies to you.
    As far as I’m concerned AOC for president!! ??. Don’t take this personal. Just take the meat out of it lol.

    He’s not for US PEOPLE!!
    As a supposed “constitutional lawyer” he has to be aware that if we change our government it voids OUR constitution and gives BOTH PARTIES SOLE CONTROL OF US “THE REAL AMERICANS” AND OUR GOVERNMENT.
    He has to be aware that under a communist government, with our “electoral college” and the huge possibility that our elections could be swayed again by communist Russia that republicans could permanently take control of our government. If were communist socialist drumpf would be our permanent dictator. You’d think.. that’d be the last thing “one of us” would freakin want.
    As a supposed “constitutional lawyer” he knows that republicans and democrats are the same exact thing: Representatives of us people to our democracy. The sole reason democrat and republican exists is to represent “WE THE PEOPLE”. How are they “Representing” our democracy if they’re manipulating us into changing our government to a communist socialist government?
    Racism pizzes me off but how dare you, being an immigrants son who’s parents escaped to America for the better life IN OUR DEMOCRACY, even think of suggesting that we change our government that you have thrived in.. your a ungrateful communist. I’m not being racist. Bernie has banked at least millions as a “career democrat” representative of us American people, somehow.. but Bernie has the balls to to manipulate us into believing our democracy is the reason our government is furked up when it’s solely because of heartless politicians like Bernie and this dude. Y’all can leave. I’d recommend “socialist” governments like Russia, saudi, North Korea, BRITAIN (we’ve historically said no to socialism already) etc.
    If you honestly considered yourself one of “WE THE PEOPLE”, being a constitutional lawyer, you would be pushing a direct democracy ticket which would give “WE THE PEOPLE” total power over our government. WE would have the power to impeach and hold our government ? % accountable to your oaths to uphold and protect our constitution and laws. So why are you trying to steer WE THE PEOPLE in the opposite direction of a direct democracy?
    He knows that EVERYTHING he is claiming can “only” be fixed with socialism is limited but a non political 3rd party under a direct democracy, HAS ABSOLUTELY NO LIMITS to what we could accomplish in ONE term.. ie a non political president could work on: global warming, immigration policy, the wall (if we decided to), global warming, foreign relations, ETC. It seems like alot but since a direct democracy isn’t political our government could function in normal capacity without the political pizzin contests that have rendered our democracy useless.

    We need Americans, not communists

  • Trump is planning on sending ICE agents to Area 51. I say that you should go there before it’s too late.

  • She should go back to Puerto Rico , absolute lying piece of dirtbag scum, should drop them In Somalia with that other shit stain omar

  • I have never been so in love with a political candidate I as I am with you. And I don't mean that in a sexual way. I need that in a political way. I love you and you have moved me to have my country so much more. I watch you take on these huge corporations and these big political giants and I am amazed at your tenacity. You are a breath of fresh air you are exactly what the people need of this country.

    If you ever run for president one day you will have my vote Guaranteed 150%

  • You are the dumbest human being I’ve ever encountered. You’re knowledge of economics is next to nothing. Your green new deal would ruin this country. Good riddance.

  • “Women like me aren’t suppose to run for office.”

    Socrates literally said anyone, be it man or woman, has the capability to be a leader. I hate it when people play the victim card like this opening statement seemingly does.

  • Your first words in this clip were the only genuine thing you ever said! You and your race card playing, vapid. deluded, manipulative pals will be seen historically as the idiots who virtue signalled the downfall of the Democrats !

  • I have a big idea miss if you can read this is a way to also help with green new deal to eliminate all drive thruwindows nation wide!!!!!!!

  • Ocasio-Cortez, the Twitter queen of the Democratic party and reigning star of the Democratic Congressional caucus, has been on a rampage in her opposition to Donald Trump, and most particularly in her opposition to his attempted responses to the crisis at the U.S. southern border, which has been deluged by a record number of undocumented immigrants from Central America. This is the border crisis that Ocasio-Cortez, and many of her exemplary colleagues, plus her trumpeters in the press, (a) denied up until a month ago was a crisis and (b) claimed that the idea that it was a crisis was just a trumped-up (pun absolutely deliberate) false alarm by America’s would-be-tyrant president.


  • Hey any music/ soundtrack whizz over here? Can you inform me the various soundtracks/ instrumentals used to produce the varying mixture of background music? I would appreviate it cos im doinv an analysis for this video but i have no clue about music. Thx

  • Alexandria I wish you all the best you are so intelligent, your views are fresh and very well put. And in my opinion you are extremely gorgeous. I have to admit that was the first thing that draw me to you. But then I saw how intelligent you are. But again your physical beauty blows me away. My God, "que linda estas"… God bless you

  • Fucking moron. If you can’t tell the difference between a tax break and a subsidy with an economics degree and lose billions in actual economic growth, then and your pathetic followers truly are morons. If the US goes down this route than the West will also. And we’ll end up like the Maoist China my family had to flee
    Edit: nice try with the emotional production here. All emotions no facts logic and reality, you and all your supporters are.
    Stick too Dancing on rooftops and doing patronizing voice impressions. Before you ruin the West that has given you so much and you hate so irrationally

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