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THE Crowdrising Presentation & Opportunity-We are team RISING POWER

THE Crowdrising Presentation & Opportunity-We are team RISING POWER

hello friend and welcome you are about
to witness the most exciting and quickest way to earn income for yourself
and your family of all time this simple yet ingenious peer-to-peer management
platform to improve net some of the highest dollars most could merely dream
of earning and does it on a passive basis as you watch listen then grasp the
magnitude of what this platform can do for you and your family any financial
capacity you may not even be able to sleep tonight welcome to your very own financial
awakening your personal rising above the crowd accompanied by the finest
teammates and leaders any program could ever wish for this is crowdrising this
platform is built simply to provide a method for its members to give and
receive donations to in from other members you become an active member by
donating which in turn allows you to receive donations as a member you make
donations to your upline to advance to higher levels in everybody below you
donates to you earn higher levels within easy free registration process at your
new back office and it went our donation made directly to your invite ur become
an active member who is able to receive donations from your downline members
your position is now level one now once you join is an active member you are
entitled to a total of $100 donated to you by your five wide level 1 members to
become active willing to donate $20 to your inviting up won just once a few
donations approved by invite you will automatically enter the platform as an
active level 1 now on an important note here the reason
for the approval time occurring within 24 hours is because you are relying on
your contact to approve you that person may be at their computer the moment that
you decide to come in they might be gone for half a day so it can take half a day
a full day maybe even a little bit longer for you to get approval just a
matter of when that person approaches their computer to get you involved the
crowd rising platform is built upon a forced five spillover matrix which means
that you’ll be seeking as many members as you’d like to join but the system
allows for the first five that you signed to fall in your level 1 thereby
filling that level enclosing a completely level to work the same way
these five people will get their five each which totals 25 people on your
second level at four dollars $1,000 that is the maximum level to that can be here
is a better perspective of how your levels one and two are coming into shape being a stepped-up level two members not
only allows you to receive $100 total from your first five automatically now qualifies you to
receive $40 from as many as 25 total second level members as they come into
your system this second level happens to close off at the 25 for an earnings
total of $1000 the beauty of this is that now things are going to start
growing uncontrollably fast you have spillover happening from above you your
first five members on the first level combined will have more than five
members each coming in and now you’re 25 members undoubtedly will spawn more than
five members each in some cases it’s a very exciting very fast at this point
this chart will actually show us how stepping up to level two works we just
mentioned how level two members would be sending you $40 each well you gotta make sure to qualify for
that the way you do that is you yourself would be sending $4 one-time chill your
level to apply down here at level 1 came in at $20 you qualified to run from
level one which is a total of $100 we’ve already discussed when you are donating
your $40 to your level to applying you now are going to be able to qualify to
receive 25 donations at $4 each from those level two members in your downline
same applies for level 3 you’re hovering at level 2 here and you decide you want
to go to level 3 in order to earn level 3 commissions you have to upgrade to
your level 3 up line which is a $60 one-time donation in this will now
qualify you for level 3 anytime you want to receive donations benefit from these
levels you must become these levels are looking at this chart here we’ve talked
about how you paid your initial $20 to your very first contact you eventually
realized that you wanted to go to your $40 second level certainly you’re gonna
want to go to 1600 it goes on and on your downline is actually going to be
chasing you and excitedly enough force you to always stay a step ahead of him
that is because you don’t want to have happen is the Rolla always want to be
able to stay at a higher level than that of your downlines here is a perfect
example of how that works say you stay too long at level 1 some
hot shots on your second third levels below step up to level two or three
hurry and they’re in the back office wanting to upgrade in there seeing their
second third level up lines are they want to send that money you want to make
sure that you are the person in question that they’re saying that their back
office in your not gonna be able to do that if you’re not the right level so
your level one they’re knocking on the door want to come in at level three
you’re going to get passed up on those commissions unless you yourself had
already beat them to the punch by stepping up into that said level 3
that’s how it works you always want to make sure to outrun
step in this case you’re dealing with all that down line coming from where
they come from three different arenas they come from spillover from
your upline we’ve already mentioned how this is a force 5 spillover matrix
you’re going to have people above you may be asking yourself and undoubtedly
people below you that are going to get more than five people there’s no
question about that and there’s nowhere for those five people to go down into
your up lines legs you or one of your up lines legs so you’re going to receive
spillover from that that’s where jordy card online is created especially in the
beginning when you first start you’re going to be getting your own referral
URL assigned to you at your new back office that you can promote friends
families etcetera promoting Facebook Twitter email campaigns YouTube anywhere
or you think that you can grow online off is where you want to be you have
your own ideas as to how to carry this through you can discuss with your upline
and online different strategies to get some very exciting when you realize that
you can bring in more than five people with this you could bring in 505 people
your upline might be going crazy spilling down into your downlines your
downline themselves are crazy as well you’re down below you can help you
expedite this thing real quick you will achieve some huge numbers from
that chart earlier in real quick fashion finally there’s an auto placement
feature occasionally I’ll have someone that runs across the crime rising dotnet
they don’t have any applied to speak of a moving into the site accidentally they
sign up and guess what the admin does the end up putting them down into the
matrix that won’t happen very often this way but it does happen and the platform
is there of course automated format to take care of it now it’s important here as this slide
demonstrates the crowd rising platform will allow a free registering to mosey
around in their own back office prior to getting involved but they only do that
for 48 hours if this person in question lingers for more than four hours without
actually becoming active in stepping up into level one by way of sending the $20
to you then the system will actually remove that person the last thing you want happening is for
your major clogged up with an active members so the system does replace them
after 48 hours should you decide you want this person gone before the four
hour time period very soon there will be an added feature in the back office that
will I do just that now on the other hand should the
three-member decide to stick around and become an active member now he’s gonna
end up wanting to send you $20 how does he do that well there are a million
different ways that someone can get paid online we have coordinated a few of them
here on this page for you take a look at you can set yourself up with PayPal many
of us already has PayPal accounts can set yourself up as a girl could apply
with payza and Neteller you can do Western Union there are many different
ways that you can get yourself paid from your member you can actually even work
with your member to have them send you funds directly to your house it all
depends on what you would like to have done any of these methods will be at
your back office as you see fit whether it’s one or all of them and that is how
we get paid from you don’t mind as it stands prior to making payment to your
upline you’re always going to ask yourself is this legal could it be a rip off its a very
important question and you really gotta look at the bigger picture here you were
not sending twenty dollars to a brand or corporation or some conglomerate it
really comes down to looking at your new applying contact your advisor if you
will someone who you might not even know the crowd sharing platform as a whole is
nothing more than that first person initially so you have to be able to
allow some latitude to this individual whether you know him or not to be able
to trust him in knowing that he is going to help you build in him credible income opportunity to the crowd
rising platform he is the crowd rising platform for all intensive purposes you
give him a little bit allowed to these going to show you something that is
going to change your family’s future for now and for decades to come you will be making a legacy by trusting
your fellow man with a $20 bill really comes down to you exploring your back office for free
contacting the person in question your new appliance and let her or him help
you be able to trust them to make the transaction once you do that all history
from there perhaps that $20 billion Center nephew last month for his
birthday was illegal of course it wasn’t I could call you right now to save you
$20 for no apparent reason whatsoever and no one would know the better no one would care there is no third
party means you’re watching your money as it says here on the slide you have
actually given received various donations throughout your entire life
with no complications already you’ve done it you think about it you certainly
don’t want to overthink this you want to learn as much as you can about it contact your upline if they’ve given me
the means to do so get yourself comfortable expand a little trust
towards your fellow man join his or her team and get started
with us right now the more you lost yesterday wait till tomorrow do it today we look
for the scene other side

  • Just started today I'm exited I think the way this program is built is really good. I'm in about 6 revshares 1 HYIP and have done 2 MLMs in the past and this must be the most unique thing I have seen, I hoped right up for the chance to be here before the boom happens because people are going to love this I can tell.

  • Hi – I'v just picked up your message over on my channel. I'll check out this video later when I have more time. Just wanted to respond to your message to me.

  • The person who told me about this on Saturday said there were only 4300 people on it. The next day, it was 4600. The next day, today, Monday June 06, there's 5000. It's doing right now what he told me a week ago that it would do… exploding in growth. He's helping me sign up tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm homeless right now, too sick to work for the last few years. I am bankrupt without a means to survive. As a missionary, I have had to stop doing mission work in November last year. In February I was sick on my back in a small room in Mexico. The church there sent me to four doctors and then they sent me back to the USA to get free care from the Veterans Administration hospital, while I stay at a homeless shelter. My phone was stolen my third day here by ruthless thieves. Once here, I got a lung infection and if not for the VA I'd be in really bad shape. But I'm still sick and weak and I want to return to mission work. After praying, a longtime friend, a politician and businessman, told me about this, saying, "Don't wait. Join now." I'll give an update when I have something to tell you.

  • Hi Jeff 😀
    Can I ask which is your level and how many members do you have in your downline? I'm intersted in this opportunity…

  • I am viewer #9860, today. So far, in three weeks, I have signed up three people on my level one, and one of those already has a level one referral of his own. I've made $60 off my $20 investment. When the my level two wants to move up to step up 2, he will send e $40. I will have made $100 at that point. When I fill my remaining level 1 spots that is another $40 for me, $140 total. Then when all my five level ones directly under me get their five under them, and those 25 move up to step up 2, I will receive $1,000 total from them. (25 people x $40 each) I will have to go to step up 3 myself long before that, or miss out on receiving donations at that level.

    So… it cost me $20 to join. Then it cost me $40 to get to step up 2. Then it costs $60 for me to go to step up 3, for a total cost of $120, of which, only $20 came directly out of my pocket. And my potential received donations at stage 3 are $7,500 (125 people x $60 per person, for a total donation receipt from the start, of $8,600. With $120 spent. Add $62,500 for Step up 4 and you're starting to get blessed. That's perfect world thinking… you're not going to get 100% of your people to move in unison from level to level like a flock of birds turning all at once. One of your level one referrals might be slow in producing, and you might have another who is truly gung ho. One might only get 4 people with few level 2 referrals and one may fill his or hers and manage it 5 levels deep. That's the group you'll profit from. I watched Crowdrising gain 1,000 on two separate days this week. I was #5058 to join 3 weeks and 4 days ago. I will report here once every 2 or 3 weeks with what is happening with my group. God Bless and best wishes.

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