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The DNC Announces Official Matchups For First 2020 Debates | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The DNC Announces Official Matchups For First 2020 Debates | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  • I have no suggestions on how to improve this, but each night just has TOO many candidates. However, splitting them all up over 4-5 nights would just make it "luck of the draw" for who each candidate in these smaller groups appears together with.

    Oh, well. I don't think these "debates" make that much difference anyway.

  • Americans = 1st debate – "Who's this Yang guy? Waste of a vote." 2nd debate – "Theres no way Andrew gets anywhere." 3rd debate "How the heck is Yang still here?" 4th debate – "Hmm, he makes some sense…"

  • Somewhere in this debate lineup is the next president of the United States of America. ๐Ÿ’™ If trump has not called you a name please sit down.

  • We're not a capitalist country, we're a corporate socialism country. And if corporations are considered people, then why canโ€™t human people have the same benefits? That's all we're saying here, don't make us second class citizens, Trump.

  • The DNC is trying to trip up Warren but she is moving past their interference.

    Booker and Beto are just political preachers. They preach POLITICS like evagelicals preach their fake god.

  • Just a public announcement for the candidates remember we are a team when differences of policy acure thou shall not speak ill of fellow democrats ! Attack Republicans Policy ! And their policy of disassembly of our Institutions and truth itself ! STAND STRONG AND UNITED

  • Liz vs Beto promise to be an interesting matchup. Night 2 should be polite dog pile in Joe. If Joe can avoid a serious gaff, I'll be surprised. The real debate on night 2 will be Kamala vs Bernie vs Pete. RESIST!!

  • Ah, always makes me smile seeing those three stooges on Faux and friends when his highness is burbling his usual nonsense

  • For now in over alll dems. Pelosi is WEAKkkkkkkkkkkk! I never thought i would call her a sell out skank . I'm done and turned offf. Really tha freaking creature Dump in our face alll day every day and have turned our country into Russia a corrupt racist dictatorship n the dems are doing nothing. Please I'm done. Not 1 dollar of my money for contribution to my party due to weakness.

  • How can this stupid make believe station still put Brennan on after all the lies he told the people about the fake Russian story?

  • Remember, we have only begun to uncover the extent of the Republican scandal under the Trump administration. McConnell et all have embezzled millions of our tax dollars. Any Democratic patriot will be a welcome relief from from this robbery orchestrated by a foreign leader. We need someone who knows the words to the Pledge of Allegiance and America, the Beautiful. Vote Blue.

  • My prediction for what it's worth.. Whoever AOC endorses will win the nomination…
    The GOP are terrified of her not so much for 2020, but 2024 and beyond when she is eligible to be on the ticket. They know with their base ageing, and shrinking, hers is becoming larger and more vocal, that they could be destroyed from 2024 onwards. That's why they are so determined to get as many judges confirmed, and gerrymandering as much as possibly before 2020..

  • Here we go again, Warrants opposing fraudulently-represented as "Officially Qualified"..Warranted Exam at www.PRLog.Org/10439874..

  • Basic Economic education and how minimum wages don't work as socialist think. Thinking that raising a minimum wage increase living standards is completely false_! What it does is the opposite it decreases job growth causes rescission causes strong inflation decreases standard of living for middle-class families and poor people. Those with fixed incomes can only buy less anyone with a 401 k fund and mutual funds now get a 201 k fund and a decreased value fund prices of insurance go up cost of manufacturing food raw materials services all increased in manners that can't be quantified because all the costs going higher take a few years to work it through the economy. Small business owners and new BUSINESS opportunities are gone since they need at least twice as much to do the same thing along with big business. Giving a huge advantage to every country on earth because the cost of U.S. based products cost more and Canadian European goods are cheaper for business to import. more imports less exports. All the stuff that they socialist think there going to fix they end up breaking.

  • Basic Economic policies are the best and are the one's that socialist don't understand because they think like worker's not owner's. The owners are the one's who foot all the costs bills and responsibilities of having the money to pay for the dreams of workers! When those same socialist need to think of how to make better worker's higher educated more valuable employees that are worth more to any employer how to make it easier to start a business how to make it cheaper to keep a larg workforce of totally unskilled workers who are lucky enough to even have a job! How to make doing business easier so new businesses can grow to be big BUSINESS. Everything that socialist don't understand. Their only goal should be more business more working. This creates a larger market and more jobs more choices for new work more demand for highly skilled workers with more money to spend on stuff so others are needed to make the stuff transport the stuff stock the stuff sell the stuff again and again and again creating more demand for more people to make more stuff… That's how everyone is able to get more stuff for less, How more people can get a chance to get their own stuff! Not by trying to take other people's stuff!

  • Basic Economic education and prosperity policies. When socialist look at BUSINESS thay always focus on Vale or wealth of the business not on the reality of what the real value is. A corporation is a private business with lots of owners. So any worker can be a owner. Next the business Value or net value could be in the millions or billions of dollars but that's devided by all the owners. So after paying all the bill's paying all the workers while having enough money to do it again and again and again they pay a dividend yield or a check each year from a few pennies a share to a dollar a share the rest is just the value of the company like Bill gates he's worth "x" dollars because that's what the stock is worth it goes up and down every day. If a owner wants money they have to sell something or get a loan till they can pay it back because they just have stuff not cash. looking in those terms then they could understand that just getting more money for workers isn't easy. Unless the company has to pay less in some areas then it's impossible but if the workers buy stocks then that's how they can get a piece of the pie. Then they can get more money by working hard Because they now are share holders. Then if they own large shares and demand more money than go out of business they lose all their money Like every other owner.

  • Say no to career politicians! They're in it all for themselves, not for the people. American people should not trust literally any career politician who is running for president. They are all corrupted in different ways various degrees with the interwined special interest! With Bernie being a rare exception i should say. YangGang will prevail! Andrew yang for real Americans! Please visit yang2020. Com to learn more about over 100 policies and proposals Andrew Yang had articulated.


  • A video of Biden, in his own words, declaring his position on abortion
    along the side of the far right republicans!

  • A video of Biden, in his own words, declaring his position on abortion
    along the side of the far right republicans!

  • Logical Thinker I can't believe people are dumb enough to watch these liars who for 3 years looked them in eye and knowingly lied to them for 3 years straight about Russian Collusion , JAPAN, RUSSIA, CHINA, and the entire middle east are literally Laughing in Your faces About > GLOBAL WARMING which they know is just Marxist propaganda, 100 year RECORD FREEZING, RECORD RAINFALL and still people are dumb enough to believe propaganda of Global warming DONT YOU WATCH THE NEWS IN OTHER COUNTRIES ? Because if you did you would know all mainstream news is full of lies and propaganda run by 6 corporations

  • Group soliciting campaign donations for Senate Democratic candidates called today. We told them that no Democratic candidate will EVER get another dime from us unless they impeach Trump in the House. No impeach, no money.

  • Now I know whoโ€™s in, whoโ€™s out, who might break out, who might slip. Wow! Not a lick of substance. So glad DNC – MSNBC running this show, not the independent League of Women Voters!

  • pray for a Hijacked fully fueled cargo plane straight in to that event… what a glorious dream that would be…

  • Mental capacity? From the guy who's tiny ah-brain did't have the capacity to hold the two words "origins" and "oranges" at the same time.

  • How much does the DNC have ready for the next 16 months…$0.00 they are in the negative. Get ready for MAGA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโœ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ž ๐Ÿ’ž 2020 Trump

  • Wtf is with women on Fox news, they all follow a strict dress code of single color barbie dresses. I mean the network is a parody of itself.

  • I think Mayor Pete is likely the sharpest. Warren would be great b/c she's smart and to have trump defeated by a women would crush him and be righteous.

  • Warren definitely has the best opportunity here to truly shine. She will be able to field probably the majority of the questions on her night and will have the primary focus. Night 2 will be the Bernie and Biden show unfortunately for Kamala and Pete

  • I believe the DNC does not want to see a Black Women in office. Havenโ€™t they learned Black Women are the deciding vote for the Democratic Party. #wearetakenforgranted

  • andrew Lang? this guy is supposedly a political commentator. shouldn't he know all of their names by now? and they wonder why people don't like their network.

  • Brian just said Andrew Lang. Clueless.
    Yang may well be our next president, but msm won't see it until literally the moment it happens. And then they'll tell us (who aren't shocked) what a shocking development it is.

  • At least 24 America-hating Losers …. and yes, we want to hear ALL their insane positions on American economic/foreign/domestic policy haaa ha ha

  • These democrats are pathetic, no energy, no ethics, no capabilities. The economy would go to the trash can with these bunch of communists.

  • Who is the Asian man that wants to give everyone $1,000 a month? There is no other than the man himself! Andrew Yang!

  • How they should have done it: 3 tiers of debates. Top tier- 4. Second tier- 6. Third tier- whatever is left, might total more than 20. For a solid week leading up to the debates, play and replay long form interviews of at least one hour with the less well known candidates. Begin coverage with 2 hours of the undercard, them get tier 2 going for prime time. Second day of coverage, begin again with the undercard. Finish up with the tier 1 debate.

    Following all of this, we argue endlessly about who should be promoted and relegated between tiers, who needs to drop out, and how much the numbers at each tier should change. I would expand the top tier by 1 in a later debate, and the midcard a bit after that.

    ~But hey, this is ~good too.~

  • Why is no one saying anything to denounce the racial comments from Trump towards Elizabeth Warren?? How does he get away in 2019 with comments like that!!! The media NEEDS to say something to him!!

  • Cant wait to see these racist morons speak. Will ROBERT odork be apologizing for being white? Such goofballs these liars are

  • Castro appears determined, poised, well rounded and I feel that his voice should be heard. I will certainly keep my ears open and listen to everything that he has to say. He will make a great president.

  • A women can't be DRAFTED for war. Voluntarily serving country is good, but it is not mandatory. A woman does not have the right to be commander and chief over the US military. Only men who register for draft can be president. We will never have a Madame president that spews open borders,gun control and climate change hoax created by globalists to control resources.

  • Every one of the Democrat Presidential Candidates just want high taxes that will cripple the economy, open borders, tax paid abortions, & Socialism/Communism. No thank you!

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