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The Good Partnership – done-for-you fundraising

The Good Partnership – done-for-you fundraising

(gentle music) – Hi, I’m Diane Walter,
the Executive Director of Margaret’s Housing and
Community Support Services, affectionately called Margaret’s. We’re relatively small, I would imagine, some may say small to
medium-sized organization and we didn’t have a dedicated fundraiser. So I was the one, and I’m
not a fundraising specialist, so it’s just finding the time
and having the expertise. After hiring The Good Partnership, I found that my life became
exponentially better, in that I had more time to spend on issues that required more dedicated time. We were able to intentionally sit down and strategize about where we’re going from a fundraising perspective
over a longer period of time. And it’s freed me up to think and do more. In the first year of hiring
The Good Partnership, we saw a growth in our
fundraising revenues of approximately 39 to
40%, or possibly even 45. Now we have quantifiable
data to not only share with the board, but I
can share with my team. And that’s something that we were lacking. Especially if you’re a small
to medium-sized organization and the challenge of having a dedicated
fundraising department, this is a really viable, not
only it’s a viable option, it’s also an option that I think
you will see the difference within a year, in terms of your
investment of your dollars. (gentle music)

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