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The Hurricane Maria Tag || fundraising campaign for Puerto Rico [CC]

The Hurricane Maria Tag || fundraising campaign for Puerto Rico [CC]

Hi, everyone! My name is Camille, and today
I’m doing the Hurricane Maria Tag to raise awareness for the current
situation that Puerto Rico is in, This tag was created by JD Estrada whose entire
family is in Puerto Rico, so as you can imagine he’s very distressed and
frustrated at the lack of media coverage that this whole devastating event is
getting. I will leave link to his original video in the description box
down below in addition to multiple organizations that hedeems trustworthy
for you to donate your money to help Puerto Rico. When I’ve done charity
videos in the past, I demonetize them because I didn’t want anyone to get on
my case for making money off of charity events, but for this video, I am leaving
monetization on specifically so that I can donate any proceeds that I get from
ad revenue to one of those organizations listed down below. For the entirety of
October, I will be taking all the ad revenue that I get on this video, and I
will round up and donate it to one of those organizations, so if you cannot
donate on your own, you can help me donate by sharing this video so that
more people see it, which will lead to more ad revenue, and if you skipped the ad
the first time that you watched it, then I encourage you to reload this video so
that you can watch the ad all the way through instead of skipping it, or if you
get a little ad banner down here, click on it because that way if you can’t
donate on your own, that will create money for me to donate! In addition to
raising awareness and giving me more ad revenue for me to donate, sharing this
video could also lead this video to being discovered by someone who can
donate, so please share, please click on and watch the ads, and if you can, please
donate with one of the trusted organizations listed in the description
box! I also want to add that this is not explicitly a book tag, even though it was
created by a booktuber, so you can use video games and movies
in this in addition to books, so let’s jump right into the questions and the
tag! The first question is Devastation: what setting has been the most
disturbing for you in terms of desolation? And for this I chose
Blindness by José Saramago. Basically, there’s an epidemic of blindness that
has taken over the whole world. The very first few cases of people have been
institutionalized, but once their guards and all the people outside also get this
epidemic of blindness, there’s no one there to feed them, and so the people
inside the institution have to break out. Not only is it very disturbing
inside the institution that they’re contained in, but once they break out and
get outside-oh my goodness–the world has gone into chaos! Since everyone is blind,
there is literally crap everywhere, and the world is just disgusting.
No one can see to clean, no one can see to take care of themselves! It’s just
devastating and gross and utterly disturbing. Not only is the state of the
world absolutely desolate and just devastating,
but the people are also turning on each other simply because everyone is so
vulnerable and helpless, no one can trust anyone. Number two, Home is Gone: what
ruins have absolutely torn you? And for this I chose the film Grave of the
Fireflies. This movie is so devastating T.T it’s about two children–brother and
sister–trying to survive in the aftermath of the atomic bombings of
Japan during World War II. Their parents have died, their extended family does not
have the means to take care of them nor do they want to, and there’s this one scene that
gets me every time where the older brother is feeding his little sister ice
chips off the ground because that’s the only thing that he can find, and she is
terribly sick. It’s a horribly devastating movie, and I can imagine it
is less than realistic of what actually happened during that time. I highly
recommend watching it if you haven’t already.
Number three is Loss: what story left you with the most profound sense of loss
within once you finished it? And for this I chose
Girl in Translation. This is about a mom and daughter who immigrated from China
to America. They don’t know any English! The mom goes to work in a factory, and
the daughter is put into a school where she can barely speak the language. There
is a lot of improvement and hope as you progress in the story, and then the
ending is just absolutely devastating, and of course, I’m not gonna spoil the
ending for you because I want you to read it, but I highly recommend this book.
It’s fantastic! Number four is Indifference: name some people that seemed cruelly
indifferent in the midst of others suffering. And for this I chose the video
game Contrast. Now, the story isn’t explicitly told, but what I got out of it
is, basically, it’s about this little girl and her imaginary friend–you play as the
imaginary friend–and that the little girl’s parents are not in a good place
in their relationship, and as a result, this child gets severely neglected and
has to cope through her imaginary friend. Number five is Desperation: who is a
character that is in a severely desperate situation? And for this I chose
Eleanor from Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. She is in a very very abusive
household with her father. She’s bullied at school because she’s
very eccentric, and this is about her making friends with Park and building up
the courage and confidence to get herself out of this bad situation with
her father. Number six is Cavalry: what rescue mission gave you hope that
victory was in the future? and for this I chose Villains by Necessity by Eve
Forward. This is a very interesting rescue mission where the world has to be
rescued [by] a group of ragtag villains! Basically, the entire world has been
brainwashed into being “good,” but by being good, they also give up their agency and
their ability to make choices, and so this group of villains are the only people
who can see that and who can see the importance of having individuality. The
character development and world building is fantastic, and you really want to root
for these villains to win. Number seven is Hello Again: discuss a scene where a
character comes back from the darkness to bring joy. I’m going to take
a metaphysical approach to this, and I choose The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo. I
just talked about this in my video that was posted yesterday with my autumn
recommendations. Basically, our protagonist is forced into a ghost
marriage, and she is sent into the spirit world, and she has to fight her way back
to the real world to get out of this marriage and fight for her own agency. If
you want to hear more about that, then you can check out my video that I posted
yesterday, but I’m just gonna move along since I’ve just talked about it!
Number eight is Reunion: what family reunion has made you cry the most? and
for this I chose a video game and not a blood family but a family in the sense
that they go through a lot together! I chose the gang of Tales of Symphonia.
Basically, this is a very long RPG game– I’ve spent 60 to 80 hours per various
playthroughs–and at the very end of the game, your entire party disappears! They
have either sacrificed themselves for your sake so that you can continue or
they have fallen into traps, and it’s a very devastating time! And then they do
reappear later, and I remember the first time I played this game, I was an
emotional wreck! I was freaking out losing all of my favorite players–
remember I had spent at least 60 hours getting to know these characters and
learning about their very well-developed backstories and learning to care for
them–and suddenly, they’re all gone! And I feel like I’m about to face the final
battle all by myself! But then they reappear to help you with the last
battle, and I cried! The first time I played this, the second time I played
this, I cried! It’s so good!! Number nine is Rebuild: what is a tale of rebuilding
that inspires you? And for this I chose another video game, and that is the
Last Tinker. This is about a little boy, I believe his name is Koru or
something like that, and he lives in the world of color, where basically
everything is defined by color! Races are defined by color–you have the red race
and the blue race and the yellow race and the green race, and then there’s the
central metropolis where all of the colors mix together, but there’s still
racism with the colors. Our protagonist Koru does a
bad thing and the entire world is being sucked of color–they’re being sucked of
their culture and their identity–and so is his job is to bring the color back! I’m
just gonna scooch the camera over to give the cat some privacy while she
cleans her self since she just appeared in the shot there–along with the color
comes rebuilding culture and identities and rebuilding old bridges that had been
burned down between them. And number ten is Care: tag someone, anyone, or everyone.
And I’m going to choose to tag everyone. I do feel like on most tags when you tag
anyone who wants to do it that just decreases the chance that anyone wants
to do it, but I hope that you can see the value in this tag and that anyone will
take on this challenge. Awareness is the first step to getting anything done. Once
again, even if you can’t donate, you can still share–that does not cost you
anything except the click of a button. But anything that you can donate even–
five dollars, even two dollars!–anything is helpful! Alright, everyone, that’s all I
have for today, Thank you all so so much for watching, and thank you for even
considering this cause! I hope that you all have a super wonderful day and don’t
forget that progress is more important than perfection

  • Thank you so much for doing this tag and of course you'll get a share. I had the questions for the tag for days and couldn't do it and Ben Sanders saw a tweet and was like and where's the vid. So washed the face and said, gonna do it. Working hard to get more info to keep helping people on and off the Island. On my front, I was finally able to get mom and my wife off the Island m. They are both shook up but was able to distract and take them to eat and give back some type of normalcy. Still so many people reeling and man… the pictures and videos… it's just intense because I've never seen damage like that from a hurricane. As for your pics, Blindness sounds intense to put it lightly. I've wanted to watch Grave of the Fireflies for a long time and although devastating this just makes me want to watch it more. Contrast sounds so intense as well. What platform is it for? Ghost Bride does sound amazing and the premise is old school brilliant (rings of Dante or Milton). I love games that get to us like your reaction to Tales of Symphonia. I cried during Journey so so much. Love the sound of the games I didn't know about. Once again, thank you for doing this and helping me spread awareness of the Island and the current situation. Much love and godbless

  • Please you don’t need to donate just share to help my family in Puerto Rico

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