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The Importance of Engaging Your Congregation on Digital Platforms

The Importance of Engaging Your Congregation on Digital Platforms

(upbeat music) – Hey Peter, thank you
so much for joining us. – Absolutely. – We’re at bbcon 2019 this year here in Nashville, Tennessee. You just wrapped up your session. Let the people know a little bit more about what you talked about. – Yeah. – Little more about Crowd Hub. – Yeah. – And that fun stuff. – So you know we really talked about when it comes to your community of people, how are you engaging them digitally? You know we believe that engaging your people in person
is vitally important. But engaging them
consistently in a digital way is really important,
because we know people are on their phones for three
to four hours a day, on social media and they’re
checking their email. So are you engaging them in that space? So we talked about that and
then we got to really talk to some of the people
that were in the session and ask them, what are you doing? Let’s learn from each other. Let’s grow. And then we talked about
some of our strategies that we use where we really look at, looking at our users in
three different capacities of are they a skimmer? And they’re just coming in
and scraping surface level. Are they a swimmer and
they’re actually starting to get involved in our organization? Or are they a diver? Like they’re all in and
they’re a brand champion. And they’re all for us and they’re really a part of us accomplishing
our mission and vision. So that’s what we talked about man. – That’s so great. I love y’all strategy. We’ve actually stolen it here
at Blackbaud [inaudible]. – Steal it. Put your name on it. – Let people know a little
bit more about Crowd Hub. What do y’all do? What are you guys looking to do to serve your customers? – At Crowd Hub, we’re all
about supporting the mission and vision of our partners
through digital solutions. So every organization is different. When they come to us, these are our community
members, these are our problems, and then we come back with solutions. We say hey you may need a better website. You may need a mobile app. You may not need either of those things. You may just need us to consult
and give you some strategy and maybe make some tweaks
to what you already have. But at the end of the day
our mission is to elevate your mission and vision through
those digital solutions. And we get to do it with a lot of really fun and cool
organizations, so yeah. Love it man. – Awesome, thanks for being here with us. – Absolutely. – And uh, see you next year. (upbeat music)

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