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The Middle Class Is A Lie │ Means TV

The Middle Class Is A Lie │ Means TV

When people today think of class in the
United States, they typically envision a division based
on income levels. Lower class, middle class and upper class. However this
analysis is largely incorrect. Class is actually determined by a person’s
relationship to, or ownership of, the means of production. The means of production being a factory, a plantation, a skyscraper – something that generates money and requires workers. Most people – like ninety percent of us – are working-class and do not own the means of production. Damn! Instead, the vast majority of us have to find a buyer for the only commodity we have, which is our
ability to perform labor. This is the working class. The job they perform is irrelevant. The unifying factor is that they sell their time and skills to members of the ownership class in return for the wages they need to live. Viewing class in its proper context allows us to present the argument that the middle
class frequently alluded to in conventional media and politics is a
fiction that deliberately obscures the relationship and conflict between
workers and the owners of society. All members of the working class under
capitalism are subject to the same conditions to constantly produce more
for as little wage compensation as possible. It is these shared employment
conditions across industries that provide a unifying experience for all
workers that make them all working-class, and not lower or middle class. Take it from a roofer — you’re working-class, and we’re in this fight together. The idea that a large percentage of people live in some sort of “middle class” removed from the inherent conflict between workers and owners is a fiction. For generations, it has been used by the rich and the media as a wedge to keep large sections of the working class from identifying as workers. The fiction of the middle class has outlived its usefulness in American
political discourse, as workers the country begin to realize the
collective power they can wield as a unified working class.

  • America is controlled by big capital. Destroy labor. Police the poor. Profits for big industry up. Wages down. Drive prices in society to enormous levels. Extreme social unrest. Suppress dissident. Capitalist controlled media constantly lying to the the poor, down trodden and disenfranchised. These are the ways of 21st century world

  • Doesn't "justification" implies that all wealthy people stand under your judgment bro?

    I'm pretty sure we invented a 2nd amendment to deal with these kind of misunderstandings.

    … But I'm not sure, go confiscate Amazon & see what you get.

  • I fundamentally agree that the “middle class” is bullshit, but it’s not so much that it’s incorrect, it’s just that it’s not particularly descriptive. You do touch on that, so maybe that’s my being pedantic

  • This is bull, the middle class have a role in maintaining the status quo because they are comfortable with capitalism. They are a distinct class with regard to their ownership of property and investments as well as their cultural hegemony over privileged fields allowing them to perpetuate their wealth by passing it and their cultural status to their offspring.

  • I really appreciate this channel. I'm an illustrator and would be happy to provide graphics etc. if Means TV is looking for anyone! I can supply a portfolio and examples of graphic design, including motion graphics. I'd like to help if I can. In the spirit of Marxism!

  • Lol, my engine died at an intersection and as soon as I pushed it over to the parking lane two roofers showed up in a truck to give me a boost. Gotta love roofers.

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