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The Secret To Passing A New Assault Weapons Ban | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

The Secret To Passing A New Assault Weapons Ban | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • You don't need a marines machine gun to go huntin n fishn and to go to the gun range, its not about the recreational needs of country people its about public safety

  • Could someone answer this question? Is anyone trying to pass legislation to completely do away with people's rights to own guns ,or isn't it just to make it safer,

  • Just wanted to thank you all for your help with my decision to just go all out on my shopping list today. 2 AKs, an AR 10, the most beautiful AR 15 pistol you could ever see. And 1000 rounds per gun. I can't thank you enough. 😁

  • You are right. EVERY shooting is political. The ONLY appropriate response to a shooting is to talk how to stop the next one. The way to do it is to change the guard in Washington and at every level of our government.


  • Meanwhile, this one flew under the radar. Just a couple of days after El Paso and Dayton:

  • 5:23 Alex Jones, which had previously claimed that the murders were a "false flag" attack perpetrated by the government, made a new conspiracy claim that "no one died" at Sandy Hook Elementary School because the Uniform Crime Reports showed no murders in Newtown for 2012, and that the victims were "child actors."

    "Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down," Trump told Alex Jones during a Wednesday afternoon appearance on the proprietor's show.

    Jones shared the love, telling Trump that "my audience, 90% of them, they support you."

    Not to mention all the millions paid to the GOP from the NRA and Russian connections.

    Yet, millions of Americans still support Trump, and his GOP after all this because the think its "fake news".

    Kim Jong Un stands amazed that Americans can be that foolish.

    In one year, more Americans have been killed by guns, excluding suicides, than ALL the terrorist attacks *worldwide from 1995 to 2017*.
    It took only one terrorist trying to light his shoe bomb on a plane to cause all air travelers having to remove their shoes at airport security.

  • I dont know about cherry picking Bernies words next to that hannity but a very good clip on gun control either way.

  • I don't understand why they need selling weapons in-country? so where is security life when in-country selling the guns

  • The federal assault weapons ban was totally ineffective according to the FBI and according to the fact that the number of gun massacres were slightly higher during the ban. Columbine as everyone knows still occurred regardless.

  • lol, putting in a piece of Bernie together with all those hypocrits who still stand by that commentand even out of context and from 2016 on gun violence…classic MSNBC. Watch the whole clip of that 2016 statement…Bernie has an "F" rating by the NRA, because of his views on gun regulations.
    MSNBC again at its deceptive best. But than again, shows how desperately they want to discredit Bernie. Sadly, the average MSNBC viewer falls for it. The next one that calls MSNBC a "left wing" media outlet needs to take their meds regularely. Corporate media through and through.

  • Why waste time having the debate about gun control? Just take Machine Gun to the NRA and blow a few NRA personals and than go after those Republicans. Moscow Mitch & Leningrad Lindsey should be the first in the list. Next go after those morons in Fox News.

  • 4:35 headline at the bottom "9 dead in shooting at black church in Charleston, S.C."
    why was that headline chosen over a headline about the Sutherland springs church shooting? the Sutherland springs church shooting was the worst church shooting in US history that left 26 dead and 20 wounded.

  • The last gun control law was enacted only when Reagan got shot by tiny teeny weeny handgun, so even the assault weapon was banned for 10 years. Ohio GOP Congressman changed his mind only when his own daughter was near the massacre. She did not die or hurt from it. so the bottom line is if GOP politicians do not see the gunshot wounds size of BIG Grapefruit themselves or their own family members, they are only interested in taking blood-soaked money from NRA. IF Moscow Mitch got paper cuts, He will ban not only assault rifle, handgun, BB Gun, Toy Gun, Glue Gun.

  • Moscow Mitch loves Putin's and NRA's money SOOOOOO MUUUUUUUCH, he also loves playing Russian Roulettes on the Lives of American People.
    Moscow Mitch proudly proclaimed that he is the real "GRIM RIPPER." in the flesh.

  • the constitution was talking about militias . get rid of the 2nd amend. it doesnt pertain to this day and time …..time to rewrite it anyway , its over 200 yrs old. out of date .

  • Toddlers that play with a dangerous toy lose the toy, no matter how they rant or rave . Adults that rant & rave about their beloved dangerous toys get elected in government

  • Nahh the government wants to ban assault rifles because i dont need them but they are going to keep theirs because they need them to use on me. I dont see the logic in that, are they going to war? If so, who are they going to point those at? Yeah thats why we need the second amendment.

  • MONEY that's the reason nothing will get done , also when is the time to talk about gun laws is it after 30000000 shootings has past NO ITS NOW BEFORE THERE IS ANYMORE

  • Do you want to solve this., Make weapons more expensive. Make the bullets more expensive. $ 100,000 for weapons, $ 200,000 per bullet

  • "Anti-gunners, you can have my answer now if you like. My offer is this: Nothing. Not even a 'conversation' about 'common sense' gun control, which I would appreciate you eliminate from the fake news channels yourselves."

    since your intelligence level is below a toddlers shoe size,i'll give you some free Canadian advice. in the wake of your countries multiple mass shootings, its time for a discussion on background checks on people buying violent video games, or pretty soon the mighty americans will put a ban on, PS4, X-BOX, & NINTENDO GAMING SYSTEMS, I mean since your history shows your all clearly responsible with weapons,

  • Hey why do you not get your hypocrite Hollywood weirdos like Jamie Curtis – who has made ?$$$$ on GUN VIOLENCE MOVIES to give all that $$$$$ To The victims of all gun violence crimes. Let go of all security personnel from this moment forward. Move out of their high money neighborhoods onto a Mexico border ranch. With not one single self defense weapon. THEN MAYBE JUST MAYBE- if alive this time next year? We might listen. 18,000 violent homicides in Mexico so far this year just over that UNPROTECTED BORDER! Just keep pushing the $$$ Communist paid for propaganda propaganda propaganda

  • There is no proof or correlation between the 1994 ban and a decline in mass shootings and gun deaths. In fact the ban said if there is no probable correlation after 10 years the ban must be repealed. Hm, then it got repealed. Because there was no correlation. Gun control has never saved a single life. Ever. 94% of mass shootings happened in gun free zones. California still has mass shootings. None of it works. You cannot create a law to fix everything. And mass shootings make up the smallest number of gun deaths per year. 65% of gun deaths are suicides. THAT is an epidemic.

  • Lies. THAT is why you leftest authoritarians are loosing. The majority of "gun owners" DO NOT support more useless laws. Oh, and where in the 2A does it say anything about hinting!? These "military assault weapons" are EXACTLY the arms it was designed to protect. Fools.

  • "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    – Benjamin Franklin

  • If you think 30 people being killed is horrific, just look at what governments have done after banning firearms


  • ohh 1994 isn't that when bloods and crips were on the so called rise, and in 2018/2019 you mean to tell me it was more killings by white supremacy then it was that. 🤔 So we as black people were the so called killers. Yea makes perfect since

  • Name me a law that would have prevented these mass shootings. We already have background checks. There is no ‘gun show’ loophole. Almost all of these mass shootings were done by mentally disturbed people on pychotropic drugs.

  • "Hitler and Gun Control
    In a speech, sometimes said to have been delivered in 1935, Hitler is supposed to have exclaimed: "This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!"
    This quote has been popular with Americans who defend the constitutional right to "keep and bear arms." It's cited to discredit those who support restrictions on firearms ownership and use. It's also cited to support the often-made charge that Hitler and his government curtailed gun ownership in Germany, and confiscated weapons held by private citizens.
    The truth is rather different. When Hitler and his National Socialist Party took power in early 1933, they inherited a somewhat restrictive firearms law that the liberal-democratic "Weimar" government had enacted five years earlier. In 1938 Hitler's government revised the earlier law by loosening those restrictions, thereby enhancing the rights of Germans to own weapons. The most thorough confiscation of firearms ever imposed on Germans was carried out at the end of the Second World War by the occupation forces of the United States and other victorious Allied powers.
    Hitler on 'Law and Order'
    Hitler is supposed to have said during a speech in 1932, shortly before he became Chancellor:
    "The streets of our cities are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might and the Republic is in danger. Yes, danger from within and without. We need law and order! Yes, without law and order our nation cannot survive … Elect us and we shall restore law and order. We shall, by law and order, be respected among the nations of the world. Without law and order our Republic shall fail."
    This quotation, which is meant to embarrass and discredit those who support "law and order," was especially popular with younger Americans during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It appeared on posters and in the 1971 movie "Billy Jack."
    In his many election campaign speeches in 1932 Hitler stressed the themes of justice, freedom, jobs and national unity — not "law and order." German universities in 1932 were not "filled with students rebelling and rioting." In fact, German students were among the most fervent supporters of Hitler and his National Socialist movement

  • This is WHY we must expunge all corporate presence and money from American politics.
    Please support progressive candidates!

  • The rise is mass shootings is in direct correlation to the decline in religion and morals in America.

    The left hates religion, morals, …and America. 🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • It's nice that you asked Congress to come back. But guess what burning even though you're an independent and the Democrats if you guys really believed in solving this gun issue. You would have shut down the government not approved any budget not approved any legislation not approved any judges not approved anything until there was action regarding the Second Amendment and gun issues. Guess what I guarantee if the Republicans believed and solving this gun issue or whatever it is they would shut down the government until they got what they wanted regardless of whether they were in the majority or minority. So don't act all helpless and don't act like you can't do anything you could have done something but it's business as usual for you and you just have fake outrage. By the way guess what any of these laws it would be disproportionately used against black people and Conner and all these other School shooters would still go around and be killing people with the guns like they normally do. Just like the marijuana laws all the marijuana laws of the same but everyone knows that the laws were used against black people for the same issue 80% more than white citizens. So why wouldn't it be the same for any red flag red flag law or any other law regarding gun control.?

  • Forget the attack ads — they didn’t work for Clinton. How about going door to door to talk with the people — wherever you can find them. Make your case with them. They know something needs to be done. And they’ll vote the Republicans out if it’s the only way to do it.

  • When you continue to scream BAN, Arms manufacturers sell a ton more to the people who FEAR and panic that it's all real this time and their rights are finally going to be taken away. This is never going to happen of course because of the mass cash flow it creates, but it shakes the gun goofballs cages like its meant to.
    Its a great way to make money for the NRA and the gun industry by spooking the 2nd amendment crowd.

  • Trump is a liar. He can't be trusted to tell the truth. Also, he will try and tie something stupid to any bill like his stupid wall. Republicans will not bring anything up claiming the democrats will benefit. The system is broken nothing will pass until we remove them all and start a new government.

  • Don't forget that trump and the repubs, the 1st law they enacted was to strike down President Obama's law to Not sell guns to mentally challenged peopke. So he gad that law changed, now being the up right person he is, he is going to make into law that u can't sell a gun to a mentally challenged person. Flip flop much. This sure didnt do anything to stop these massacres in El Paso or Ohio. Plus his rhetoric, about the black and brown people INVADING the USA. He is the problem, maybe if u get rid of the crook in the WH there will be less mass murders.

  • Young Men age out of violence by early to mid 30's, Make 35 yrs old the legal age to buy a gun for men, 18 for women.
    Over half of the murders in the USA are done by 1% of the black population (14% of the US)
    373 people died from mass shootings in 2018, ~40,000 firearm deaths( including suicides)
    Stop young men from becoming murderers.

  • Congress and New Media: why isn't there talk/investigations re the gun makers and the profits they are making with these guns. stockbrokers gettting richer, NRA, and Mitch McConnell.

  • Instead of Giving Money to Greedy Politicians the NRA Should be Required to give Money to the Survivors of Mass Gun Violence, Because they are responsible for keeping new gun laws from being written!!!!!!!

  • Please bring back the 94 assault weapons ban because we'll all be safer if our rifles dont have a bayonet lug, flash suppressor, and heat sheilds! LOL!

  • God bless the 2nd Ammendment, God Bless The NRA. The right of the people to keep and Bare Arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED!

  • Conservatives present people whose lives were affected by illegal immigrants, and whine and complain when Democrats present people whose lives were affected by guns. One of these groups outnumbers the other.

  • The Russians, the Chinese, Abrahamic religious nutcases and all our other enemies would be so pleased at you for trying to make the country weaker and more vulnerable to attack, you're basically destroying the country for them.

  • This is not the law. The Supreme Court has held these are defensive weapons. Any ban will leave women defenses against criminals that don't follow laws. It's DOA. This will help the drug cartels because Americans will be defenses. Socialist Democrats want to import MS13 gang members and leave Americans defenses against them.

  • these weapons that the libs want to ban are not assult weapons, the national firearms act of 1934 banned the private ownership of real assult weapons. The definition of assult weapon as defined the by the U.S. Army is as follows: short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges." … It must be capable of selective fire.. anyone who challenges this definition would only need look to the statements regurgitated by the libs such as military style weapon or weapons of war! And who would know what best defines a weapon of war better than the U.S. military

  • that 8,932 is probably mostly suicide, accidental discharge, and cops and civilians jusified self defense shootings

  • So, they dropped Russia. Trump has never said The Russians did this…Not 1 of you( you have the power, we are nothing) has forced him to say it.Have you gone to one of his talls where he takes Questions and asked him. So, you daydream that Mueller exhonorated you, do you plan on doing anything about Russia attacking. blah, blah,

  • No, they Question was “ after having Muellers report read to you and seen all the Evidence. What do you think about the Mans examplary work and What are you going to do to Russia?Blah, blah, Hillary Obama epstein stone ..So, you ate talking about severe sanctions, am I Right.Have you told Putin, to stock up for the Winter

  • Not 1 of you has made an attempt to make anything stick to Trump.Answer this question, are you afraid of Trump?——Humiliating you, he will do it, no matter what you say, his Channel will hit you hard, CNN confused will be hitting you and MSNBC will go from Background Checks to Assault Weapons Bans. Stupid, thank you for getting nothing

  • That would have killed.Somebody is helping him, a CEO, a Boss, a board..I remember the Discussion. The group of House wives and Husbands Transgenderd…gather for tea at 6:00 and one long conversation would go on, blah, blah, You talked but it meant nothing. Everything Trump said has meant something, he is A casino boss,

  • He can lie himself into oblivion. Remember this: We must not normalize Trump as President- Gone!
    We must not Normalize this behaviour. We do it now, I do it to myself! You are supposed to be at least 100x smarter than me.You talk like you are, but I have predicted a d tracked everything, It is simple take responsibility and admit

  • Admit you lost?Why did you not have the Report before Barr?Why did you not know Mueller was playing and not going to bust Trump?It was debated, argued, screamed about the Whole Time and you did not think about Asking Mueller.He was silent, if you walked up and pulled him aside” I just got 1 Question for you, this DoJ policy arr you..

  • Were you silenced by higher ups, that would be excusable, no not on this! You have had over 100 losses! 1 win Pelosi and the Wall- that was a given anyway, everybody new it would not happen.If you had stopped at years later”948-exaggeration”- a whistle blower in the WH, even the RW went bananas Trump lined his workers up like a

  • In a Firing Squad, there was a rage, everybody dug up and presented a related piece, Trump ripped off his father, he threw out black people( each time the 500 -not exaggeration-things he had done since birth were dragged out( I am not sure what happened, he may have done something to big for this to mean anything( He trotted out I

  • He did bigger things and he took advantage of whatever was happening. 2 slaughters( of course they are horrible) but you even had me believing you were about to Impeach him( I could tell you were not going to let McConnel touch it, get the evidence take it to NY amd they would indict. I have not heard 1 word about it.

  • I forgot( the 007, Massad, S.Africa.reject(yes he flew to every place on a hunch and they all made him wait, 007 for sure..Israel and South Africa hunche- nothing, a stupid sociopath- hard to find flopped everytime. Please dont have Mueller subpoenad, You should honor him with an Award( tell me he did not deserve it – You are “Fake” you know what he did

  • Mass shooting happen every weekend in Chicago .Where is the crying and fear when this happens. When kids in urban areas are killed where are the crying white people.

  • 15-20 million assault weapons in America. How are you going to get those? LoL!! You can’t steal their property. You can try to buy them back, but you can’t force them to sell. Anytime the government would try to buy back guns, they are using your money to do it, even if you don’t agree with it. The 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere. You will have Civil War if this Amendment is unlawfully overturned!

  • Dems will release hordes from prison, decriminalize drugs, main stream mentally ill adults and kids into our schools, our place of work and so on and then blame what criminals, drug addicts and the mentally ill do with guns… See a problem here.

  • The Democratic party are nothing more than disgusting racist morons, if we cannot stop illegal drugs from coming into the United States with the drug laws and enforcement that we have now, how in the world will we stop the illegal guns from coming into the United States when they do reinstate and strengthen the 1994 ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines or pass new gun laws. What morons and why has it taking so long for them to jump on this issue.

  • Why do people believe banning assault weapons will have that much effect in lowering homicides? I researched various statistics on firearm related deaths in America and assault weapons account for less than 1% of all homicides by firearms. People forget that handguns are involved with over 85 % of all firearm related homicides. What I discovered over ten years ago was this.
    1. Two-thirds of all firearm related deaths in America are actually suicides and the choice of weapon usually is a handgun.
    2. Of the firearm related homicides ( suicides not included in this) assault weapons account for less than 1 %.
    3. There are more handgun related deaths everyday than the number of people killed in both the El Paso and Dayton shootings yet for some reason politicians are presenting the elimination of assault weapons as the solution.

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