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Tips to Build Your Employee Volunteerism Program from Scratch

I’m Sally Ehrenfried, Senior Manager for Philanthropy and Volunteer Engagement and I’m joined by Roger Hancock with CSAA Insurance and Gary Levante with Berkshire Bank. The three of us just finished presenting at the Points of Light Service Unites conference around achieving really astronomical results in your employee volunteerism programs. So Roger and Gary why don’t you give us a few tips and tricks for how to start an employee volunteer program? You know for starting a volunteer program and I’ve actually done this a couple times in my career for me you got to have a platform for volunteerism so you can kind of track where people are signing up… …have a calendar of events… …know where the volunteers are going… being able to assess how many hours and the things that they’ve done in the community. And also you got to have t-shirts. You need to be visible in the community with those t-shirts. So for me, it’s having a volunteer platform and having t-shirts to be visible. Yeah for me Sally, it’s all about empowering and engaging employees…I think identifying those local champions, those local change agents that can make volunteerism meaningful to that local audience. Whether that local audience is in California or Massachusetts or Spain! I think that really is the element that is always sometimes missing from volunteer programs. And I think I’ll add creating a culture of service and giving so that people know and are empowered that they can’t get out of volunteer and giving them the flexibility to volunteer…prescribing when or with whom or how really doesn’t work so well when it comes to driving participation, so I think that flexibility is the key point. So with that I’d like to thank you both for joining us today on the session. It was a great opportunity. We had a full room for those of you who weren’t with us… And I can’t wait for us to do it again next year. I hope so! Thank you

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