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Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (arr. David Willcocks) [Octave Fundraising Concert]

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (arr. David Willcocks) [Octave Fundraising Concert]

Say hello to Romeo! He’s going to join us for our outro today. Hi everybody! Thank you so much for watching my performance with Octave. As of filming this, I’m not sure which song I will have shown you, but whichever song you just watched I really hope that you enjoyed it! I actually just got back from doing a Church Christmas carol service type thing with them, but I just wanted to film a quick outro to say thank you for watching and if you did enjoy it then I’m going to be posting a couple of other pieces that we sang on my Facebook page which I’m going to link in the description so if you are interested then you can check that out and the links will be below. Can you say hello to everybody watching? Shall we say thank you! Thank you! *purring* As usual, I’ve got lots more videos coming – stay tuned next week for a new kpop cover which I’m planning and in 2 videos’ time, it’s going to be my 50th video so I’m going to be sharing an original song with you! And then it’s Christmas stuff – and I’m actually feeling pretty organised at the moment. In other news, I passed my Grade 5 piano! I don’t know if I mentioned that I was taking it, but yeah, I got a distinction so I’m really, really happy! So I’m feeling quite celebratory today – and all Christmassy because of the jumper and stuff… And yeah, I hope that you guys are all having a lovely week! *Yes I know it’s only Monday…* So I’ll see you all very soon for a new video. This one was a bit different than usual but I thought it would be fun to share a different side of my voice and also this is what I’ve been focusing on this week because I had the concert yesterday, which was Saturday… I don’t know when you’ll be watching this, but yes. Um, okay. So I’m gonna go now – thank you so much for watching! Goodbye! πŸ™‚ *links to both of these videos and my social media are all in the description!*

  • Gosh, your voice is just amazing….Thanks for sharing this video… You did a great job! Will be waiting with anticipation your next kpop cover and the original song!!!
    P.S. Romeo is very very cute))

  • Omg! Romeo is adorable! I'm really looking forward to hear your original. And I really like these different kinds. It brings out the other side of your voice (Sorry for my English).
    Anyway, you have an AMAZING voice and I'm so proud I've been watching you since you had 70 subs. (I will have something to brag about when you become bigger) πŸ˜›

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