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Top 5 CLASSY & ELEGANT Handbags

Top 5 CLASSY & ELEGANT Handbags

Hello Everyone and welcome back to my
channel! In today’s video we’re going to be talking Elegant Handbags. If you new
to my channel welcome my name is Carla and on this channel I share ideas on
fashion beauty and lifestyle, if these kinds of things interest you then please
subscribe down below. Ok so these bags I’m going to be sharing I consider them
to be elegant bags because they’re more structured simple pieces. I’m going to be
sharing with you small medium and large handbags in case you’re looking for a
handbag for different occasions. Also with a couple of these bags I will share
a more affordable version. The first bag I want to share with you guys is the
Celine Belt Bag. This bag, as you can see, it’s very simple yet elegant. I would
consider this bag on the medium size of the bags. You can wear this bag out
shopping or to a more casual outing. I would not recommend that you wear this
bag out to a more elegant elegant outing. Maybe something like an elegant dinner
or something that’s very very elegant. I would not recommend this bag because
this bag gives off a more casual elegant vibe. A more affordable version to this
Celine Belt Bag would be the Senreve Maestra Bag. The Senreve bag along with the
Celine Belt Bag do come in different sizes the Senreve Maestra bag comes in
the Mini, Midi, and the Maestra bag. The Mini is the smaller version the MIDI is
the medium version and the Maestra is the larger size bag and they range from $695
dollars to $895 dollars.The second elegant bag that I
want to share with you guys is the Chanel Jumbo. This bag is not only very
elegant it’s very classic I love how versatile this bag is. You can
wear it with a pair of jeans, you can wear it with a dress, you can wear it
with a full-on business suit and just look so sophisticated and so elegant. I
cannot say enough about this piece Yes it is very pricey ,however, if you can
afford it I would definitely recommend that you get it for yourself. The next
bag I want to share with you guys is the Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag. This bag I will
put out there has been discontinued however you can find it in the pre-loved
market. I chose this bag due to how beautiful, how simple, how sophisticated
tasteful and just beautiful it looks Like all you have here is this gold LV
closure. You can use this bag top handle, you can use it on your shoulder, you can
use this bag crossbody which doesn’t really give it an elegant look this is
more like if you get tired of holding it top handle things like that but it’s
still a very elegant bag. Like I mentioned, it is discontinued so I wanted
to give you another option. This bag, the Hermes Constance bag, gives off the same
vibe as the Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag. However, like the Vivienne bag, this bag is also
hard to get your hands on meaning just Hermes, the brand as a
whole is hard to get a hold of their handbags. The next bag I want to share
with you guys is so versatile and it’s the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag. Now
this bag definitely screams elegant woman coming through. like look at her!
She’s structured! She’s top handled! She comes with a strap in case you get tired
of holding her. Like what more do you want from an elegant bag?! This is for
your elegant businesswoman who means business.
So the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour retails for $2890 dollars.A more affordable version to this bag would be the Kate
Spade Cameron Street satchel. This bag to me is very similar to the Saint Laurent
bag. It has a very similar structure, it has the strap the same way, and it also
has the handle. I did find this bag on Amazon priced anywhere from $182 dollars to $328 dollars. The fifth and
final elegant bag that I want to share with you guys is the Givenchy Antigona bag. This is another bag that’s definitely elegant due to its simplicity
and the structure of this bag. I love that you can fit so much in this bag
which definitely helps allow you to use this bag as a work bag. The Givenchy Antigona bag also comes in a smaller size which helps you to use it as an everyday
bag. Out of all of these bags, I would definitely definitely recommend if you
had to choose one out of the five, I would recommend the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag due to its versatility, how you can wear it to work. You can wear it
out to a dinner, you can use it top handle pair it with a nice all-black
outfit. It just mean business. I love this bag it just screams elegance to me and
it’s something that I feel like you would definitely get your money’s worth.
Hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and
comment down below. Please remember to be kind to one
another as you never know what anyone else is going through. Walk in Peace and
Joy. Until next time

  • I do want to put out there that you can ALWAYS purchase a #Dupe to these handbags as I do understand that these handbags can be pricey. I wanted to emphasize that it’s the structure of these bags that make them look so ELEGANT! Hope you enjoyed and found this video helpful!

  • Senreve is good quality
    The Chanel is gorge for sure, but everyone complains it's too heavy. I have the reissue 226 which is in between the size if the jumbo & Med. It is the perfect size. I had the Sac de Jour on my wishlist but I'm not too sure, I think it's beautiful. Now the Antigona is an amazing bag I have the oxblood color 🀩.

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