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Top 5 Elegant Shoes For Fall

Top 5 Elegant Shoes For Fall

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to my channel. I am so thrilled to have
you here back with me, and once again we’re going
to discuss fashion, and actually fall fashion this time. For those of you who are new to my channel my name is Anna, and I run an online finishing school called
School of Affluence. That’s the place where I coach women on high society, how to become a lady, and achieve success in the elite circles. If you want to start this transformation you simply visit If you are new to my channel, by the way, please do subscribe
because I will be releasing plenty of videos on topics
like elegant fashion and high society.
But you might not be aware that I support classic and simple fashion, meaning I’m not here to talk about trends. I’m here to talk about
sustainable fashion, classic timeless pieces that
you can wear year after year. I’m simply here to guide
you and to educate you so that you can make
better fashion choices and improve your overall look. So my personal favorite
shoe, when it comes to fall and winter, and that I
use probably all the time and that is the over knee
boots, or the over knee shoe. I like to wear them usually without heel, but you can have really
nice ones with heels. If you decide to wear one with a heel, it’s important that you do not make the pretty woman mistake,
if you know what I mean. You want to always look chic,
and you wanna look elegant. But some girls, of course, do ask me, can you actually look elegant with the over knee boots? And I say of course you can. It’s a very elegant piece
if only styled correctly. But luckily, it’s not too hard to style. All you need to do is to just make sure do not wear it with very high heels and a dress and then you’re just safe. While wearing over knee boots
that are without a heel, or maybe a thicker heel or a wedge, then you can definitely pull off a very sophisticated and sometimes even edgy and cool look, or
just simple glamorous. It all depends how you style it. Now number two, we have my also favorite, riding boots, and that is because I’m very much into equestrian fashion. But riding boots is something
that everybody must have in their wardrobe because
it is without a heel, so you can definitely walk in it. It will last you for years and
you can really make yourself look very sophisticated
and with a very type of heritage wealth approach if you
just get a really nice pair. If you do not like the
riding boot approach but you have very long and slender legs, you can go for something more like biker boots or lace-up boots. But please be aware that these type of shoes,
they do not really work well on women who do not have
a model type body or frame. It can really easily make a
person look a little bit more bulky and masculine with
these type of shoes. So you really have to
take this into account, your body structure, your
body shape when you buy shoes so that you feel elegant in them, you feel feminine, and you
feel like they suit your style. In the winter and in fall, boots is usually what you really wear, regardless if it’s with heels, or without heels, or
what type of variations. So I definitely recommend to try and get different pairs
so you have options. Try and get, like I said, the riding boots without heel, maybe the over knee boots without heel, and maybe one with heel. Try and maybe see if you can get a pair of regular boots that are more for evening or more dressed up occasions that have a very nice and sleek heel. You can then wear them with nice skirts, or you can maybe wear the
with really nice trousers or even jeans, but still look
elegant and sophisticated. Also, take into account
that there are different heel types for boots,
in terms of high heels. You can have a very thin, like very provocative type of looking heel, you can have a thicker
heel, you can have a wedge, but you also have to understand that not every type of heel will look dressed up or will look casual. So depending what you will be using this type of boots for,
you need to really think about, okay, is this heel appropriate? Because I feel like that’s sometimes what women do mistakes of. They don’t take the heel into account when they dress themselves, so they arrive to a casual daytime gathering
in really high heels, or they go out at night with
some really chunky casual heel. But before I continue ladies,
I have created a cheat sheet called,
How To Look Expensive. And this cheat sheet is
really going to save you both time and headache for when you’re shopping and for when you’re dressing yourself, because this cheat sheet really helps you how to become more elegant
regardless of budget and shows you the secret
tips, and tricks, and hacks to what it is exactly that makes an outfit look more expensive than others. Make sure you get this free cheat sheet by visiting Now I have a little surprise for you, and you probably would
not expect me to put this one in this video today, Rain Boots, yes. Now how come? Well, first of all, if you live somewhere where you have fall and winter then most likely you’re
going to experience a bit of rain during that season. And what’s very chic and elegant is when you are dressed
according to weather conditions and dressed appropriately basically. If you have a pair of rain boots, that means you are dressed for the weather and you’re dressed appropriately. For instance, I’m not saying
you have to go to a meeting or to a fun gathering wearing rain boots, but I’m saying if you are casual days, if you’re in the country side, if you’re doing some errands and
it’s really pouring down with rain then wearing a very chic and stylish rain boots can
really elevate your look. And the good thing with rain boots is that because they are of
a very affordable material, they usually don’t cost too much. Just make sure you chose
a pair that are stylish. You don’t want a pair of rain boots that’s going to drag your appearance down. You want them to compliment you. And if you do afford buying
designer then you can buy a nice cute pair of
designer branded rain boots. Even if some people might think
that it’s a waste of money, but actually it can really add a little touch to you outfit
if the design is chic. So leaving the boots a little bit behind, I want to talk a little bit about the Victorian lace up shoes. I find them to be quite sophisticated. They are a little bit kind of Victorian, old fashion style, and
usually we associate them with a different era than ours. But I do think that the
shoe is very elegant, especially if you wear them
with some really nice skirt or a dress and you style them well. I know men really like
anything that’s lace up so this is a very classy way of adding a little bit of lace and spice to your outfit while still keeping you protected and warm in fall and winter. Now lastly, the Jodhpur, and again, I’m back to my equestrian fashion, because this is actually where
this shoe originated from. But a lot of women, and actually even men, wear this shoe as an
everyday type of shoe. And what I like about it is that it’s very stylish, it’s very sleek, and you have many brands like Hermes that cater for a more
sophisticated clientele that want to dress a little bit more low key but extremely well dressed. And I feel like the Jodhpur
just really does that to you. The only thing I would take into account is to only wear them with trousers. I wouldn’t wear them necessarily with a dress or a skirt, because they just don’t go together with that. But for casual occasions when you wear a trouser, not at night, the Jodhpur is definitely a
good walking shoe to invest in. Make sure to watch my other
video where I talk about elegant coats for this season. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Now I will see you in my next video.

  • Dear Anna,
    Thank you very much for imparting your knowledge. I have applied all you said, and although I have no desire to be in the jet-set crowd. Your applied advice gives me an edge in Real Estate where I work with affluent peoples. I would like to thank you for all your hard work , and for encouraging me to cultivate a more elevated consciousness.

  • I have zero interest in fashion, though I do know quite a thing about classic fashion and elegance (that's why Anna's channel attracted me, not because I'm chasing after affluent men ?), but I've still clicked on the new video ? Love the way Anna talks – slowly yet deeply… and the way she's groomed of course. Nice to look at and listen to!

  • Anna I love your videos. You are amazing. Could you please say some notes for girls who have to wear hijab please? Thank you so much.

  • The other day when I was at the DSW I saw a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes. they were $200 but because I’m 14 and cannot afford Ralph Lauren I went into the clearance section to take a peek and behold are Ralph Lauren riding boots in my size the. best day ever

  • I would love a video on what you wear when you are feeling lazy and will not be leaving the house. Do you ever just lay around the house in comfy, clothes and what do those clothes look like?
    Also what are thoughts on the “Capsule Wardrobe” trend? A video on this would be amazing. What to buy to have a basic elegant wardrobe with pieces that can be used interchangeably for variety of looks without having a ton of clothing.

  • Dehner a US company makes custom fitted riding boots that will last a lifetime. Also high end tack shops sell the same, frequently barely used. I acquired my favorite Hermès boots that way. Be certain to use boot shapers for long lasting proper shape. Wellington’s are great stylish rain boots. All the same info for riding boots also applies to jodhpurs.

  • THANKS ANNA!! it was good video,, bt wt about court shoes pumps or flats shoes??? can we wear tht as wel in winter or nt??

  • I love a good riding boot ?. What are your thoughts on hiking boots that lace up for snow type sports events such as skiing? In the US the ankle shoe you show are called Chelsea boots -not sure why. I can't a find a comfortable pair unfortunately or I would own some.

  • I need a rain boots, but i havent found a nice pair yet, but Im not keen to destroy mines that are good when it is raining dogs and cats, that trust me, it rains ramdomly but too much

  • Can you do a winter capsule wardrobe series?
    Also, I've found so many beautiful vintage silk scarfs and clothes at thrift stores .

  • I tend to wear my short riding boots frequently outside of the barn, but my tall boots tend to be a bit uncomfortable off my horse, so they stay in the closet.

  • Hi Anna, I just love your good taste. I work in science and in fact I have to deal with lots of chemicals that have damaged some of my nicest clothing pieces. Since that I decided to wear jeans everyday as they are comfortable and more resistant. I would adore if you could give us some advice in how styling jeans/denim into a classier outfit for work or even high profile conferences ?. Love from Washington DC ?

  • So about the editing (I should point out I'm very bad at editing actually… but anyway).
    0:50 It would have been better to use the same tone for this animation that the one in the rest of the videos
    I LOVED how you included each shoe and the pictures

    Unfortunately, my size is 42/43, so it's very difficult to find shoes… I LOVE Overknee boot, but I've yet to find one… I'm prioritising on buying a nice coat for now. I used to ride horses, and I really liked jodhpur shooes BUT only paired with half chaps. On its own, it's just meh. The boots are ok though

  • ❤️?❤️ Thank you so much for doing this would you please do a Zara haul. I love your style and Zara is a store that is accessible to so many of us and the price points can’t be beat please do think about it XO Tanya❤️❤️

  • You know this afternoon.. i was at the mall.. and at some point.. I was like fall is just the season where people just want avoiding others looking at their shoes.. because we have no idea what to put in fall.. too early for boots? Too late for sandales? Just go for sneakers and hope nobody notices you ? and them Boom you post this

  • Ana if you ever Visit Berlin Germany ?? please let me know it will mean the world to me.
    You inspired me more then you could ever imagine.
    I would really love to meet you in person.

  • I live in a country side and my Hunters are super useful and they do look very nice. Also a fan of equestrian and overknee boots.

  • For a good portion of my life I hated my long legs and height but I'm coming into my own and I'm starting to develop a love and appreciation for them. Also a special thanks to your videos and tips. Congratulations on the continued success of your channel!

  • A couple of suggestions: 1. Swap the positions of your desk lamp and flower vase to avoid blocking your mirror and a generally cluttered look. 2. Not ‘a trouser’ but ‘a pair of trousers’ or just ‘trousers’.

  • I love over the knee boots. I don't have any camel or tan boots yet but they're on the list for this year, at least grey if i can't find any. What do you think about a brighter toned thigh high boot, like dark red or dark blue?
    My boots don't have pointy toes, I'm hoping I still look elegant, I believe I do. Pointy toe'd shoes hurt my feet.

  • I notice that your face seems much more gray / blu than normal. There seems to be some lighting or makeup clash that is making your complexion seem too cool toned. If I may offer my criticism, I would suggest a warmer makeup pallette or different lighting. I love the location this time, but I think the light of the lamp does not illuminate your face well enough.

  • The over the knee boot is never elegant only trashy no matter how it is styled. Its trendy as well and not classic.

  • Hanna, is it possible for you to link some of the best pieces from regular stores vs high end? That would help us a lo. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Anna. I’m 52. In a world full of plastic trash and women that have make up like drag queens, it’s refreshing to see a lovely classy young lady like yourself giving fabulous advice. I have utterly cleared my wardrobe and minimised everything with your help and advice. Keep up the good work. Xx

  • Before even watching, I already know Horse rider boots have to make your list, even if you're not riding horses. ?

    I KNEW IT, #2…"Riding Boots "
    I became strangely obsessed with these yesterday on Pinterest and INSTANTLY thought of Anna!? I ended up creating a new board called "My Horse" because you can match outfits with beautiful horses! And looks so Ahhhh… Haha!

  • Ana, blessings ?
    I would love for you to make a video on how to decorate our homes, small or large, apartments, etc. and make it look elegant and expensive whether it’s a modern, antique, eclectic, colorful, etc. it’s nice for any guest to think how great taste we have and I’m good at it but I’m not there yet, still in the process…. ?

  • Those from the equestrian world find it really distasteful when people wear riding boots on the streets. You will likely not be perceived as classy, ladies, unless you're entering a dressage show or visiting a riding arena.

  • I totally totally enjoyed this presentation. I really loved and agreed with your suggestions and choices. Thanks a lot because I'm a boot monster!???.

  • I like this editing much more than the wild opening and loud swooshing titles that you had for a short time. Much less distracting and just highlighting the important points.

  • Hello could you do a fashion video for being an elegant plus sized lady? Size 16? I only see garage clothing and trash looks for my size. Your tips have upped my poise and elevated my marriage. Now I just need some encouragement to look at in my size. Keep theses Fantastic videos up❤️

  • Hello Anna, I just finished watching your video. Thank you for doing this kind of video regarding Fall foot wear. I had requested a video like this and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to make one. It was extremely well done, very informative and I now feel that I'm prepared with the adequate footwear for fall. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing another video regarding winter footwear. Especially for walking in the city.

  • Morning Anna, missing examples rain boot brand and picture black shoes with trousers.
    I love your channel, and the way you present yourself. Keep on going.

  • I didn't know how to call these jodphur boots before ?but I've been wearing them every single day since I bought them for work. I do pair them with tailored pants or jeans (it escalates the look of jeans tho) and I couldn't feel more confident with any other shoes ever. But I got mine with a bit higher heels than usual because I'm short and slightly curvy, too flat shoes can get me look a bit bulky.

  • Tips from a broke lady.
    Ladies, I know many of you guys on a budget. She is not saying to buy designer clothes. If you have money for it then great. If you don't then that is okay. Shop within your budget and shop strategically. Use these tips as you shop. Go to secondhand shops, discount store and so on. That is fine! You can find MANY pieces that suit your needs while trying be elegant. For example, I work in an office setting and have to walk ALOT so I invested in some good pair of flats and comfortable dress pants. Everything else was secondary. Many of my tops and blouses are from second hand shops. While shopping think about how you can maximize the styling of your clothes. How many outfits can your make of your clothes? Please don't be ashamed that you can't afford to buy designer. It is okay to shop with your budget. ?

  • Thank you so much for your channel. I have learnt so much from you. Like you I have a love for boots. I live in Barbados where we only have a summer climate. I think boots are classy. Can I where them in the evenings at least.

  • 5:23 Finally being practical is considered elegant. Because there is nothing dumber than a woman walking on stilettos in pouring rain or ice (maybe with exception of having naked ankle in – 20°C)

  • No matter how nice and elegant you style thigh high boots you always attract the wrong kind of attention in my experience.

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